B.J. Novak

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Benjamin Joseph Manaly Novak
  • Birth Place: Newton, Massachusetts, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Writer, Comedian
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B.J. Novak Stole Someone's Identity When He Was 14
03:44 — As a teenager, B.J. Novak wanted a fake I.D. As an adult, he's confident the statute of limitations has expired.
B.J. Novak's career beyond an "Office" job
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Arguing for the legal right to die
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Ted Cruz Could Go Further To The Right
03:12 — Ted Cruz's parking job conveys a certain d-bag sais quoi... and reminds Stephen of that first time he did a thing that's now legal in Colorado.
May 11th: Don't Do Drugs, Do Be Sad
07:12 — Both Trump and Nickelback are still popular and kids are getting high on Imodium... but good news, it's okay to be sad again.
Stephen Tries Out B.J. Novak's li.st App
02:04 — B.J. Novak is 1) a writer, 2) an actor, 3) a producer, and 4) creator of The List App, which Stephen has now joined. Check it out at http://li.st!
Liz Gets A Meeting, Sort Of (Part 4)
00:45 — Liz finally gets Stephen to answer a simple question. Or does she?
Kate Beckinsale Doesn't Always Dress Like A Vampire
01:21 — You can't go around wearing skin-tight leather trousers all the time, as Kate Beckinsale explains.
Trump's Chief Nickname Strategist Makes Stephen Cry
05:50 — Donald Trump is the king -- maybe even the president -- of schoolyard bullying tactics, and his chief strategist stops by to give Stephen a taste.
How best to conduct America's war on terror?
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Almanac: The first burglar alarm
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Japan's snow monkeys basking in hot springs
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Calendar: Week of February 22
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How To Get Fired with Charlamagne Tha God
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Unknown Jane Austen Novels With Kate Beckinsale
02:35 — Kate Beckinsale's new film "Love and Friendship" is based on a Jane Austen novel, but there are so many more she could have chosen from.
Kate Beckinsale Travels With A Horse Costume
02:24 — Everyone has their security blanket. Or if you're Kate Beckinsale, security animal disguise.
Arthur Season 19
Arthur is a daily animated series aimed at the 4- to 8-year old viewer based on the children's books by Marc Brown. It's a show about growing up, expl (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Benjamin Joseph Manaly Novak
  • Birth Place: Newton, Massachusetts, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Writer, Comedian