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Let's Talk The Office! Will the Internet Drive Dwight Insane?

No office party is complete without swans carved in ice. Angela Kinsey and Ed Helms by Justin Lubin/NBC.

Apparently Michael goes to the corporate party in NYC while the rest of the gang is left with a much less impressive bash back in Scranton. One wonders: was Michael invited or is he crashing the festivities? Is Jan coming along as his date? And will someone - most likely Meredith, if she's fully recovered - get loaded and embarass themselves? Post your thoughts on who will kill the party buzz and check back after the episode for my recap. read more

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Michael, refusing to let his old clients go, tries to woo them back with gift baskets. Rainn Wilson and Steve Carell by Ron Tom/NBC

Episode Recap: Dunder Mifflin InfinityMy favorite thing about this episode was the sly parallel that connects the three love stories (well, two of them are technically deeply dysfunctional break-up stories, but you get what I mean) and Michael’s obsession with sticking to his old methods rather than learning to change and embrace technology: in both cases, everyone in the office would rather go crawling back to whatever or whoever makes them feel comfortable, rather than move on after it’s over. This episode really reminds me how The Office works not only as a comedy, but also as a drama as well. I mean, it’s not exactly Tony Soprano strangling a guy in the witness protection program while he’s touring colleges with his daughter, but this show isn’t afraid to add plenty of moral ambiguity until we’re not sure how much we like some of these characters.Case in point: Ryan, who’s let his new sense of power go way to his head. He’s clearly embarra... read more

Let's Talk The Office! Are Dwight and Angela finished?

Ryan's all-black wardrobe continues. B.J. Novak and Jenna Fischer by Ron Tom/NBC

According to the promos Angela is still grieving over the loss of her beloved Sprinkles, which definitely doesn't bode well for the future of her relationship with Dwight. And how will Michael adjust to taking orders from his new boss, the intern he used to make fetch his coffee? And will Ryan ever stop dressing like he's the frontman for a Weezer cover band? (I promise to retire these jokes soon...) Post your thoughts and be sure to check back after the show for my brilliant, insightful* commentary.*Not a guarantee. Sometimes I'm tired and just slum it. read more

Joining Together in the Fight to Cure Rabies!

The Dunder Mifflin crew does its part to fight rabies. Angela Kinsey, Bobby Ray Shafer, Phyllis Smith and Steve Carell by Mitch Haddad/NBC

Episode Recap: "Fun Run" How’s that for starting the episode with a shock: Michael leaves his apartment for another day at work (one of the rare moments in the series where we’re allowed to venture beyond the office and see the characters’ personal lives), gets caught up in talking to the camera, and hits Meredith with his car. Always ready to go into damage control mode rather than act responsibly, Michael tells his coworkers that she was injured and that he took her to the hospital, before finally adding, “I was able to get on the scene so quickly because I was in the car that hit her.” Way to build up your heroics beforehand.I thought this was one of the funniest episodes of The Office in a while, not to mention one of the most satisfying. After three seasons of flirting, Jim and Pam finally get together, although they’re both insisting that they’re only good friends and single by choice at first. Not that anyone in the office is buying it thoug... read more

Episode 10: A Benihana Christmas

Season's greetings from Kate Flannery! The Office presents its new, one-hour Christmas episode this week!Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming! The Office Christmas episode is twice as nice! No, I am not referring to my boobs. (It was last season's "Christmas Party" episode when the drunken Meredith went topless in Michael's office.) No, no, it's twice as nice because it's a full hourlong episode. I can't count how many fans have written me on MySpace or commented here at TVGuide.com and said the words, "I wish The Office was an hour." Well? Let me quote Dwight K. Schrute by saying, "It's a Christmas miracle!" This is the deal: It was a fake goose. No goose was hit by Dwight K. Schrute. No birds were killed. Get this: The Office starts at 8 pm/ET instead of 8:30 this week! Set your TiVo or DVR or DVD-burner or VCR or your Greg Brady-style tape recorder (a method I used as a child in the '70s when there was no alternative, except maybe writing it all down as fast as humanly possib... read more

Episode 6: "Diwali"

Happy belated Halloween. I understand that instead of Halloween office parties, this year there were Office Halloween parties. Get the difference? The word got out that this year there were a lot of Office-inspired Halloween costumes. It's true. Office-inspired Halloween costumes! We have officially arrived. How bizarre. How cool, but how bizarre. Let's hope those women, and in some cases men, who dressed like Meredith look good in a one-size-fits-all denim skirt. There are some fun Office Halloween-party photos up on OfficeTally.com, and I got sent a few photos on MySpace.com/kateflan. Imitation is the highest form of Flannery.... I mean flattery. Thank you. Thanks to all for playing my Office Trivial trivia last week. That was fun. Some of you readers actually admitted that you were stumped! Pretty cool. I generally think of the Office fans as remembering more than I do. (And I'm in the episode!) No, I am not sucking up to the Office fans. I actually find them a little intimidati... read more

The Office Goes for the Gold Again

Little does The Office's Jim realize, he'll soon have a drunk Pam to deal with in "The Dundies."

Tonight's episode of The Office [9:30 pm/ET on NBC] is a rerun of one of my favorites of the season — "The Dundies." I get a lot of letters about the Dundies. It's a big episode for Pam. In this episode, Michael hosts the annual Dunder-Mifflin Awards, affectionately referred to as "the Dundies." Michael makes up awards for each person in the office and then stages a huge presentation at a local Chili's. He serves as the master of ceremonies, which is really an opportunity for him to tell bad jokes and sing songs. Dwight is his DJ and sound-effects specialist. After Pam gets in a huge fight with Roy just before the awards begin, she joins Jim inside and gets drunk. I got to do a lot of physical comedy in this episode. I fall down. I give read more

The Office Relives a Classic "Day"

The Office's Steve Carell, John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer

It's an oldie but goodie on The Office tonight [9:30 pm/ET on NBC]. We are rerunning an episode from Season 1 called "Diversity Day." Michael is subjected to a day of diversity training after complaints are made to corporate about his behavior. He hijacks the meeting and teaches his own brand of sensitivity. If you are new to The Office, this will be a treat. "Diversity Day" is an often-quoted fan favorite. It is also a favorite of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the creators of the original British version of read more

The Office I've got a bone to...

The Office I've got a bone to pick with you, B.J. Novak. In the future, I'd appreciate it if you'd preface the episodes you've written with a warning label — something along the lines of "Laughter While Eating May Be Dangerous to Your Health; Viewer Snackage Is Not Advised." Because I very nearly choked to death on a Milk Dud. I hope you're proud of yourself. This week turns out to be the stellar female half of the cast's turn to shine, thanks to Jan Levinson-Gould's "Women in the Workplace" seminar. Phyllis loves girl talk; Meredith's an alcoho — good at supplier relations; Kelly reveals herself to be a bigger troublemaker than we might have suspected (nice wink at the camera, you vixen!); and Angela shrewdly deduces that "apparently, judging from her outfit, Jan aspires to be a read more

The Office Presents: "Boys and Girls"

Pam's fiancé spends some QT with Jim.

When we have downtime on The Office [Thursdays at 9:30 pm/ET on NBC], we do more than just sit and watch the boys play video-game football. Angela [Kinsey, Angela] and I like our girl time, too. We like to scrapbook and look at fashion magazines. Or sometimes we have "picnics" where we gather food and drinks from the snack table, go into Angela's trailer, light candles, and gossip. It was during one of our "picnics" that Angela and I had the idea for tonight's episode, "Boys and Girls." We took our brainchild to Greg Daniels, the executive producer of the show. "What if Jan came into the office and did a 'Women in the Workplace' seminar, and Michael read more

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