Bitty Schram

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Elizabeth Natalie Schram
  • Birth Place: Mountainside, New Jersey, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Sun Feb 18 3:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Foreign Man(Season 8, Episode 2) WE

Monk connects with a visiting African widower (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) who's investigating his wife's death. Meanwhile, Monk works on a high-profile case in which a maid's killer tended to her wounds.

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Sun Feb 18 4:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the UFO(Season 8, Episode 3) WE

Monk investigates a girl's disappearance, which seems to be linked to a UFO sighting in a small town. Daniel Stern guest stars.

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Sun Feb 18 5:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Is Someone Else(Season 8, Episode 4) WE

Monk poses as a hit man to prevent an assassination.

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Sun Feb 18 6:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Takes the Stand(Season 8, Episode 5) WE

A defense attorney (Jay Mohr) questions Monk's unusual investigative methods in a big murder case.

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Sun Feb 18 7:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Critic(Season 8, Episode 6) WE

Natalie suspects that a critic (Dylan Baker) committed a murder after he condemns Julie's performance in a play, which was staged on the same night as the murder.

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Sun Feb 18 8:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Voodoo Curse(Season 8, Episode 7) WE

Area residents receive unmarked dolls that seem to predict a series of strange deaths, leading many to suspect a voodoo curse is at play. The mystery hits close to home when Natalie becomes involved. Meat Loaf guest stars.

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Sun Feb 18 9:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Goes to Group Therapy(Season 8, Episode 8) WE

An insurance snag leads Monk to join Dr. Bell's therapy group, which appears to have a murderer in its ranks who's targeting fellow patients.

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Sun Feb 18 10:00pm
MonkHappy Birthday, Mr. Monk(Season 8, Episode 9) WE

Natalie plans a surprise birthday party for Monk, who's busy investigating a maintenance worker's strange death. Virginia Madsen and John Carroll Lynch guest star.

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Sun Feb 18 11:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and Sharona(Season 8, Episode 10) WE

Sharona (Bitty Schram) returns to San Francisco to sort out legal red tape following her uncle's death. Monk suspects foul play, however, and gets a taste of working with Sharona and Natalie simultaneously. Jack Wagner guest stars.

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Mon Feb 19 12:00am
MonkMr. Monk and the Dog(Season 8, Episode 11) WE

Monk hesitantly takes in a dog whose owner has vanished, a mystery that Monk sets out to solve.

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Fri Feb 23 10:00am
MonkMr. Monk Meets the Godfather(Season 3, Episode 5) WE

The head of the West Coast mob asks if Monk can take the case when a barbershop is the scene of a shooting. The Feds convince the reluctant P.I. to tackle the job in hopes that he can bring down the entire organization.

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Fri Feb 23 11:00am
MonkMr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf(Season 3, Episode 6) WE

Sharona leaves Monk in the care of an abrasive nurse after repeated encounters with an eeire blood-soaked man cause her to question her sanity. Concerned for Sharona---and fed up with her substitute---Monk tries to unravel the mystery behind his friend's t (more…)

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Fri Feb 23 12:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Employee of the Month(Season 3, Episode 7) WE

The suspicious death of a model employee at a suburban retail store reunites Monk with his ex-partner (Enrico Colantoni), a disgraced cop who works as the store's security chief. Jennie: Alanna Ubach. Mr. Donovan: Patrick Thomas O'Brien. Ronnie: Kyle Davis (more…)

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Fri Feb 23 1:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Game Show(Season 3, Episode 8) WE

Monk becomes a reluctant contestant on a popular game show after the program's executive producer---the father of his late wife Trudy---persuades him the contest is fixed.

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Fri Feb 23 2:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Takes His Medicine(Season 3, Episode 9) WE

Monk's mood stabilizes but his detective work suffers as a result of medication prescribed for his obsessive-compulsive disorder, which he begins taking after allowing a suspect to escape Stottlemeyer. Trudy: Melora Hardin. Lester Highsmith: Ken Marino. Sc (more…)

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Fri Feb 23 3:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Red Herring(Season 3, Episode 10) WE

While screening applicants to fill Sharona's position, Monk meets Natalie Teeger (Traylor Howard), a thirtysomething widow and mother who hires him to investigate a break-in at her house, where she lives with daughter, Julie (Emmy Clarke).

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Fri Feb 23 4:00pm
MonkMr. Monk vs. The Cobra(Season 3, Episode 11) WE

Monk investigates the brutal murder of a late kung-fu star's biographer (Harry Groener), whose scandalous book has left the icon's fans kicking and screaming; Natalie wages a battle of attrition to force Monk to pay her expenses. Master Z: Mako.

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Sun Feb 25 10:00am
MonkMr. Monk Goes Camping(Season 8, Episode 12) WE

Monk and Disher go on a camping trip in order to land in the good graces of a reinstatement-committee member and his mischievous son. The trip turns perilous, however, when the group discover that nature isn't the only threat they're facing. Alex Wolff and (more…)

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Sun Feb 25 11:00am
MonkMr. Monk Is the Best Man(Season 8, Episode 13) WE

Monk is on the hunt for someone who's trying to sabotage the wedding of someone close to him. Teri Polo and Carol Kane guest star.

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Sun Feb 25 12:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Badge(Season 8, Episode 14) WE

After rejoining the force, Monk hunts for a serial killer, a case he finds more challenging than he anticipated. Brooke Adams (star Tony Shalhoub's wife) guest stars.

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Sun Feb 25 1:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the End(Season 8, Episode 15) WE

Part 1 of 2. Monk returns to the place where he first heard about Trudy's murder and kicks off an investigation of great significance. Casper Van Dien guest stars.

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Sun Feb 25 2:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the End(Season 8, Episode 16) WE

Conclusion. In the series finale, Monk hunts down Trudy's killer.

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Sun Feb 25 3:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Candidate(Season 1, Episode 1) WE

Part 1 of 2. Obsessive-compulsive ex-cop Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) comes out of a forced retirement to investigate the murder of a politician's bodyguard.

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Sun Feb 25 4:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Candidate(Season 1, Episode 2) WE

Conclusion. Obsessive-compulsive ex-cop Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) comes out of a forced retirement to investigate the murder of a politician's bodyguard.

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  • Birth Name: Elizabeth Natalie Schram
  • Birth Place: Mountainside, New Jersey, United States
  • Profession: Actor