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Wed Aug 31 1:00pm
BaywatchLet the Games BeginNew(Season 7, Episode 8) POP

Newman and Neely (Gena Lee Nolin) bond while training for a competition between "Team Baywatch" and an Australian lifeguard squad. The Aussies also involve Mitch (David Hasselhoff) and the gang in a series of pranks. Cody: David Chokachi. Caroline: Yasmine (more…)

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Wed Aug 31 2:00pm
BaywatchBuriedNew(Season 7, Episode 9) POP

Mitch and his staff are shocked when Donna (Donna D'Errico) appears in Playboy. Later, they contend with the aftershocks of an earthquake, which traps Manny and the junior lifeguards in a tunnel. Sam: Nancy Valen. Cody: David Chokachi. Mitch: David Hasselh (more…)

Wed Aug 31 3:00pm
BaywatchSearch & RescueNew(Season 7, Episode 10) POP

A raging fire tests the mettle of a search-and-rescue squad made up of lifeguards and L.A. firefighters. Meanwhile, Cody (David Chokachi) considers leaving Baywatch, and Mitch tries to explain his strange new night job. Huntington: Erik Estrada. Sam: Nancy (more…)

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Thu Sep 1 1:00pm
BaywatchHeal the BayNew(Season 7, Episode 11) POP

Mitch's Ironman training becomes dangerous when he swims into a toxic spill, sending C.J., Cody (David Chokachi) and Neely on a race to save his life and stop the pollution. Jordan and Donna, meanwhile, pose for Inside Sports to raise funds for an environm (more…)

Thu Sep 1 2:00pm
BaywatchBachelor of the MonthNew(Season 7, Episode 12) POP

After much ado, Caroline (Yasmine Bleeth) agrees to help Tom and Stephanie plan a beachfront wedding, while Mitch gets caught up in a battle with a deadly fish preying on swimmers. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul. Logan: Jaason Simmons. Cody: David Chokachi.

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Thu Sep 1 3:00pm
BaywatchChance of a LifetimeNew(Season 7, Episode 13) POP

A school-at-sea expedition helmed by Mitch, Stephanie (Alexandra Paul) and Neely runs into a fierce storm, which claims the life of one of Baywatch's own. Mitch: David Hasselhoff. Cody: David Chokachi. Caroline: Yasmine Bleeth. C.J.: Pamela Lee.

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Fri Sep 2 1:00pm
BaywatchTalk ShowNew(Season 7, Episode 14) POP

Mitch's appearance on a talk show turns him into a national hero after he saves fellow guest Jay Leno (who appears as himself) from choking. C.J., meanwhile, feels that the stray dog she and Caroline have taken in may be sent from above. Cody: David Chokac (more…)

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Fri Sep 2 2:00pm
BaywatchLife-GuardianNew(Season 7, Episode 15) POP

Caroline (Yasmine Bleeth) puts her heart on the line when she teams with a mysterious boy to help three inner-city kids. Neely, meanwhile, is visited by her ex-husband. Mitch: David Hasselhoff. Cody: David Chokachi. Neely: Gena Lee Nolin. Sam: Nancy Valen (more…)

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Fri Sep 2 3:00pm
BaywatchMatters of the HeartNew(Season 7, Episode 16) POP

Mitch (David Hasselhoff) and Sam find it hard to keep their affair a secret. Meanwhile, Manny turns to his mom (Vikki Carr) to help out a friend from the barrio. Neely: Gena Lee Nolin. Sam: Nancy Valen. Manny: Jose Solano. Cody: David Chokachi.

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Sun Sep 4 11:00am
BaywatchRiver of No Return, Part I(Season 3, Episode 1) POP

The death of Mitch's uncle leads Mitch and the gang to northern California, where they become involved in a hunt for buried treasure; Baywatch holds lifeguard tryouts. Part 1 of two. Lonny: Mickey Jones. Drew: Bill McKinney. Walker: Race Nelson. Mitch: Dav (more…)

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Sun Sep 4 12:00pm
BaywatchRiver of No Return, Part II(Season 3, Episode 2) POP

Conclusion. The gang travels in search of the clues on the map, unaware that they are being followed by Drew and Lonny (Bill McKinney, Mickey Jones); Matt rescues Summer and Jackie from Jackie's former boyfriend. Mitch: David Hasselhoff.

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Tue Sep 6 1:00pm
BaywatchRendezvousNew(Season 7, Episode 17) POP

Mitch (David Hasselhoff) intercedes when young lovers elect a possibly fatal last resort to get back at their parents, who are trying to keep them away from each other. Cody, meanwhile, has a close encounter under the sea. Caroline: Yasmine Bleeth. Donna: (more…)

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Tue Sep 6 2:00pm
BaywatchHot WaterNew(Season 7, Episode 18) POP

While testing a high-tech diving suit, Neely, Caroline and Sam (Nancy Valen) jump into action after an Air Force jet carrying a virus sample crashes into the Pacific. But the rescue is jeopardized when the pilot's actual intent is discovered. Jordan: Traci (more…)

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Tue Sep 6 3:00pm
BaywatchTrial by FireNew(Season 7, Episode 19) POP

Caroline's memories of a young man's drowning resurface when the victim's mother sues Baywatch for negligence. Meanwhile, Cody and C.J. disagree on a maternity matter. Caroline: Yasmine Bleeth. Cody: David Chokachi. Sam: Nancy Valen. C.J.: Pamela Anderson (more…)

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Wed Sep 7 1:00pm
BaywatchBaywatch at SeaworldNew(Season 7, Episode 20) POP

As Sam organizes a Baywatch stunt show at Sea World, C.J. and Cody (David Chokachi) help the park's medical staff nurse a wounded sea lion back to health. Meanwhile, Mitch and Jordan hunt down the men who injured the animal. Sam: Nancy Valen. C.J.: Pamela (more…)

Wed Sep 7 2:00pm
BaywatchGolden GirlsNew(Season 7, Episode 21) POP

Neely's family history helps her and Cody save a manic-depressive athlete (Shay Todd); Sam gets a blast from the past when she's reunited with an old flame; and Newman enlists Manny's help in wooing the woman of his dreams. Cody: David Chokachi.

Wed Sep 7 3:00pm
BaywatchNevermoreNew(Season 7, Episode 22) POP

Reports of a "phantom lifeguard" intrigue C.J. (Pamela Lee), who begins receiving gifts from a secret admirer. This fails to upset boyfriend Cody---until C.J. lands in danger. Cody: David Chokachi. Nick: Sky Rumph. Aidan: Robert Cuccioli. Rick: Chris Wiley (more…)

Thu Sep 8 1:00pm
BaywatchRookie SummerNew(Season 8, Episode 1) POP

A new batch of rookies hit the beach, including one (Carmen Electra) who's fleeing an abusive lover. Meanwhile, Mitch considers his future at Baywatch. Chief: Erin Gray. April: Kelly Packard. Skylar: Marliece Andrada. Hobie: Jeremy Jackson.

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Thu Sep 8 2:00pm
BaywatchNext GenerationNew(Season 8, Episode 2) POP

As the rookies struggle to make the squad, an injured April (Kelly Packard) almost loses her slot. Meanwhile, memories help Mitch make a choice about his career; and Manny is canned because of a disability. Betsy: Sonia Satra. Lani: Carmen Electra.

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Thu Sep 8 3:00pm
BaywatchThe ChoiceNew(Season 8, Episode 3) POP

Mitch is torn when he must choose between a qualified newcomer and a former Baywatcher (Michael Bergin) with a tragic past to be his new lieutenant. Skylar: Marliece Andrada. Newmie: Michael Newman. Manny: Jose Solano. April: Kelly Packard.

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Fri Sep 9 1:00pm
BaywatchMemorial DayNew(Season 8, Episode 4) POP

Memorial Day finds Mitch, April and Skylar helping two old Navy chums (Dick Martin, Howard Morris) honor a fallen friend. Meanwhile, Lani considers leaving Baywatch, and Hobie pulls rank over his surfing buds. Lani: Carmen Electra. Mitch: David Hasselhoff (more…)

Fri Sep 9 2:00pm
BaywatchCharlieNew(Season 8, Episode 5) POP

In an episode inspired by actual events, April's brother (Michael Cuccioni) takes part in a medical study researching the genetic causes of a cancer that strikes children. Taylor: Angelica Bridges. April: Kelly Packard. JD: Michael Bergin. Cody: David Chok (more…)

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Fri Sep 9 3:00pm
BaywatchLifeguard ConfidentialNew(Season 8, Episode 6) POP

A sleazy reporter (Shadoe Stevens) starts dishing the dirt about the private lives of Baywatchers on his show, including some juicy scoops about Cody, Caroline, JD, and Lani (Carmen Electra). Caroline: Yasmine Bleeth. Donna: Donna D'errico. Newman: Michael (more…)

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Sun Sep 11 11:00am
BaywatchTequila Bay(Season 3, Episode 3) POP

Mitch has mixed feelings when former lover Stephanie Holden (Alexandra Paul) is appointed Supervising Lieutenant of Baywatch headquarters; Matt and a competitive surfer run afoul of a surf gang. Toke: Richard Stay. Mitch: David Hasselhoff.

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