Fri Jul 10 3:00pm
Filthy RichesRevenge & Redemption(Season 2, Episode 5) NGC

Chris and Levena receive a large order for mushrooms; the Cajuns deal with a bait thief; and Jim and Andy seek revenge.

Fri Jul 10 4:00pm
Filthy RichesSmoke 'Em(Season 2, Episode 6) NGC

Ray's smoker breaks halting his operations; the Cajuns chase down a giant gator; Jim and Andy go on their last dive for urchins; and Jim searches for a large buckeye.

Fri Jul 10 5:00pm
Filthy RichesTurf Wars(Season 2, Episode 7) NGC

Jim and Andy dig in a dangerous cove; Chris and Levena face their biggest fears; and Ray deals with an issue at the shop.

Fri Jul 10 6:00pm
Filthy RichesWinter Warriors(Season 2, Episode 8) NGC

Jim and Andy face bitter temperatures in Maine; Ray's weir is nearly shut down due to the weather in New York; Cliff delivers 60 burls in California; and the Cajuns get some extra tags for gator hunting.