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Fri Feb 19 3:00am
Filthy RichesHungry for Money(Season 1, Episode 2) NGC

Ray runs into a severe storm on the Delaware River; Greg and Albert labor with the removal of a large burl on a steep hillside; Jim and Andy face off against rival bloodworm diggers; and Chris and Levena forage for mushrooms in the forests of Michigan.

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Fri Feb 19 4:00am
Filthy RichesNo Guts, No Glory(Season 1, Episode 7) NGC

Albert travels to California to collect several burls; Ray races to catch 50 pounds of eels in a day; Jim and Andy scout for new worm-digging territories; and Billy needs help fulfilling a large ginseng order.

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Fri Feb 19 5:00am
Filthy RichesBloodworms, Eels and Gators(Season 2, Episode 1) NGC

Ray works on building his biggest fishing weir to date in the second season opener. Also, alligator season has begun for David LaGrange, Keith Major and Keith's son while Jim and Andy are eager to get back to digging for worms.

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