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Any House news?

Question: Any House news?

Answer: The House-Stacy story is going to move to the forefront during November/December, building to Sela Ward's departure in January. Take it away, David Shore: "We have a fun episode coming up where House is going to have to kill a rat in her home, but House ends up curing the rat instead of trapping it. He deduces at some point that the rat's actually sick. But as a result of this, we throw House and Stacy into a domestic situation together. And in the episode right before that, House is going to find out through — I'd have to say — illegal means, how Stacy feels about him. He's going to do something incredibly unethical and inappropriate and learn something about her feelings toward him."

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What is the scoop, er, poop ...

Question: What is the scoop, er, poop on the possible relationship between Dr. Chase and Dr. Cameron this season on House? I have been seeing a lot of different spoilers floating around — one-night stand, nothing at all, etc.

Answer: According to exec producer David Shore, their hookup comes out of a crisis. "Cameron deals with a patient who's made very different lifestyle choices than she's made, and she starts to wonder whether she's made the right life choices," he says. "So, for a moment, she decides to embrace life and, specifically, Chase." And how does she feel the morning after? "In many ways, she regrets it right away," he says. "But on the other hand, it was good."

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Today's column was written by Matt Webb Mitovich.


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