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Connor's Behavior
00:35 — Michaela and Asher want to know why Connor is acting strange.
Connor Went to Annalise's House
00:55 — Oliver determines Connor went to Annalise's house the night Wes died.
Laurel Uncovers New Information
01:44 — Laurel finds new information that may prove the Mahoney family killed Wes.
Frank Files a Subpeona
02:52 — Frank asks the judge for a subpoena of Rene Atwood's records.
Annalise Speaks to Frank
01:20 — Frank tries to reach Bonnie from the prison.
Episode 13 Sneak Peek: Laurel Can't Wait
01:19 — Annalise calls everyone over to discuss everything that's happened.
What's On Annalise's Phone?
01:12 — Connor wants Oliver to find out what is on Annalise's phone.
Annalise's Mom Wants to Protect Her
02:20 — Annalise's mom wants to take the fall for her daughter.
Laurel Wants to See Wes' Body
01:32 — Laurel asks for Nate's help in order to see Wes' body.
Nate Is Being Framed
01:11 — Someone used Nate's signature to transfer Wes' body.
Oliver Passes His First Police Interrogation
02:28 — Everyone helps Oliver prepare for the police interrogation.
Annalise's Parents Visit the Jail
00:53 — Annalise's Parents want to do everything in their power to help her.
Episode 12 Sneak Peek: Wes' Memorial
00:28 — Laurel walks through the aisle at Wes' memorial.
Michaela Needs Oliver's Help
01:29 — Michaela needs to talk to Oliver after Connor told him about Sam Keating.
Annalise Wants an Immunity Deal
01:44 — Annalise loses her chance of getting an immunity deal.
Laurel Speaks to the Police
01:30 — Laurel submits her account of what happened the night of the fire.
Annalise's Trust
00:29 — Bonnie assures Annalise that she'll be out of jail after Frank is arrested.
Ballad of Billy Brown
In honor of Billy's birthday, the family sets up a series of surprises and celebrations. A visit from old childhood friends inspires Billy, Ami and th (more…)
Browntown or Bust
As the Browns ready to return home from the Lower 48, we look back on what they miss the most about Alaska. And in never before seen footage we get a (more…)
Growing the Wolfpack
The family of nine takes advantage of an early spring to make progress on unfinished business. But a visitor from Billy's distant past brings potentia (more…)
Sin of Omission
Dexter uses lessons he learned from Brother Sam to follow up on some new leads in the Doomsday investigation. Debra butts heads with Captain LaGuerta (more…)
It's All Her Fault
Annalise takes on a new client, Max St. Vincent, an eccentric millionaire who is the key suspect in his wife's brutal murder. All the clues point to S (more…)
When Lights is threatened with criminal charges, he's forced to make a special delivery that could have unexpected consequences.
It's All My Fault
Wes, Connor, Michaela and Laurel may have dug themselves in too deep a hole for Annalise to save them, and the shocking truth about Lila's murder is f (more…)
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