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Dominic Monaghan on Wild Things' "More Dangerous" Second Season

Dominic Monaghan

Welcome to the jungle! On the second season of BBC America's Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan, the Lost vet once again crisscrosses the globe in search of nature's most treacherous critters.

TV Guide Magazine: How has the show changed in Season 2?
Dominic Monaghan
We needed to be more ambitious with some of the animals we were looking for. It's just a little bit more... read more

LOTR Prankster Gets His

Talk about a stretch! Everyone loved Pippin, the brave, innocent hobbit played by Billy Boyd in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. So what did the Scottish actor choose for his next role? A voice-over gig as a sexually confused killer doll in the gory slasher comedy Seed of Chucky. His follow-up to that one is On a Clear Day, a heart-warmer about a couple of guys who try swimming the English Channel (due out next year). Meanwhile, since Return of the King's special extended DVD is out this week, TV Guide Online decided to ring up Boyd back in his hometown of Glasgow and reminisce about those infamous high jinks on the Shire set. TV Guide Online: The LOTR set sounds a lot like a boys' boarding school, what with all the pranks and horsing around.Billy Boyd: It was all of that and more — just the most fun place to be. There were stages we went through. We played video games in someone's trailer all the time, then it was read more

Rings Star's DVD Scoop!

Lord of the Rings star Billy Boyd exchanged his hobbit feet for sea legs when he climbed aboard Peter Weir's high-seas epic, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, which arrives on DVD April 20. While the Scottish actor wasn't initially enamored of the ocean, by the time filming ended, he discovered that a sailor's life might just be for him.

TV Guide Online: Did you realize that between Master and Commander and The Lord of the Rings, you were up for 21 Oscars this year?
Billy Boyd:
Yeah, I like to say that I won 13 Oscars that night — I'm sure that breaks some record. (Laughs) It was a very special night, although the more awards that Return of the King won, the more I got kind of jumpy about it. I didn't want everyone else to win and then find out that Peter Jackson had been passed over. Any other year but this one and Master and Commander would have done amazingly well. I actua read more

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