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Angelina Jolie And Ex-Husband Billy Bob Thornton "Check In On Each Other All The Time"
Angelina Jolie once admitted that she has just a 'few' girlfriends € but that doesn't mean she's lonely. In fact, Brad Pitt's fianc e is reporte (more…)
Friday Night Lights - Trailer
A high school football team and their coach (Billy Bob Thornton) inspire a small town with their attempt to win the state championship.
Billy Bob Thornton: Hey Browns Fans, Stop Complaining!
They're still in the playoff race (technically), so Cleveland Browns fans need to QUIT THEIR BITCHIN' about the QB situation ... so says Billy Bob Tho (more…)
Bad Santa Trailer Encode (Sneak Peek for 10/13)
Trailer for the movie Bad Santa. Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) is an ornery, unlikeable guy who gets a job as a mall Santa. Against his initial instinct (more…)
The Ice Harvest - Trailer No. 1
A lawyer (John Cusack) steals two million dollars from a mobster (Randy Quaid) in this Christmas comedy also starring Billy Bob Thornton and Connie Ni (more…)
Film Clip: 'Our Brand Is Crisis'
Watch a film clip from 'Our Brand Is Crisis,' starring Sandra Bullock, Billy Bob Thornton and Anthony Mackie. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures
Faster Stars Get Physical
Dwayne Johnson dishes on returning to action flicks, how he teamed up with Billy Bob Thornton and more.
Allison Tolman Talks TV's 'Fargo'
Actress Allison Tolman discusses the small screen adaptation of 'Fargo.' The dark comedy airing Tuesdays on FX features new characters, deadly mischie (more…)
Billy Bob Thornton Explains How Marriage Turns Him Into A 'Caged Lion'
Billy Bob Thornton joins Ricky to reveal why marriage made him feel like a 'caged lion'.
Billy Bob Thornton Didn't Send Angelina Jolie a Wedding Gift
Billy Bob Thornton is still on good terms with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie but that doesn't mean he went out of his way to get her and Brad Pitt a wedd (more…)
Mr. Woodcock - Trailer 01
Billy Bob Thornton stars as Mr. Woodcock, a high school gym teacher who terrorizes generations of out of shape kids. One of those kids became a succes (more…)
Love Actually Trailer Encode
This mMovie trailer for the 2003 Christmas film Love Actually features highlights from the directorial career of Richard Curtis, including Notting Hil (more…)
Billy Bob Thornton Will Have Two Birthday Cakes Today, Fargo Star Turns 59!
Billy Bob Thornton is keeping his birthday simple. Fargo actor turns 59 today. Thorton said, 'My family lives up in northern California, so we're goin (more…)
Billy Bob Thornton: The 'Bad Santa' Set Was 'Very Dark And Crazy'
Billy Bob Thornton joins Ricky to reveal what life was like on the set of 'Bad Santa'.
The Astronaut Farmer - Trailer 01
Billy Bob Thornton stars as a man with a dream of launching himself into space from his own backyard.
Angelina's Adoption Plans Destroyed Her Marriage To Billy Bob Thornton
Many people would argue that Angelina split from Billy Bob Thornton because, let € s face it, she € s Angelina Jolie and he € s Bill Bo (more…)
Angelina Jolie Writes Foreword For Billy Bob Thornton'sTell-All Book
Remember when Angelina Jolie used to be that crazy bad-girl, in a bizarre marriage to Billy Bob Thornton, complete with vials of blood around their ne (more…)
Billy Bob Thornton Discusses Blood Vials He Shared With Angelina Jolie
Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie's marriage may best be remembered due to their shared blood vials. Now, Billy Bob is giving details that reveal (more…)
Thornton Kept Marriage Secret Even from Friends
Billy Bob Thornton married longtime girlfriend Connie Angland last October, but kept it a secret even from friends. He reveals his reasons while promo (more…)
Angelina Jolie Revealed Back Up Plan To Acting
Angelina Jolie Revealed Back Up Plan To Acting Actress Angelina Jolie has done pretty well with her career in Hollywood. But believe it or not, this (more…)
Billy Bob Thornton Talks 'Vial of Blood' at LAX
We caught up to Billy Bob Thornton at LAX and asked him about the vial of blood that doesn't seem to go away.
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