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A Brokeback Breakup, and More Love Notes

Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger by Kevin Mazur/

Aussie hunk Heath Ledger and Dawson's Creek alumna Michelle Williams, who met on the set of Brokeback Mountain in 2005, "quietly and amicably split a few weeks ago," a source tells Us. "The relationship had been rocky recently. They tried very hard to make it work but... they just grew apart." The couple have a 23-month-old daughter, Matilda.... Donald Trump's first Apprentice, Bill Rancic, exchanged vows with E! News anchor Giuliana DePandi on Saturday.... Usher and Tameka Foster followed up their Aug. 3 civil wedding ceremony with a Sept. 1 wedding in Atlanta.Related: Private Practice's Kate Walsh Ties the Knot read more

Love Notes: Apprentice Bill to Wed E! Newswoman

Apprentice champ Bill Rancic popped the question to E! News anchor Giuliana DePandi on Friday, and now the couple plans to wed in late 2007, in the south of Italy, where DePandi grew up.... Also per People: Jeffrey Tambor and his wife, Kasia, welcomed a daughter, Eve Julia, on Dec. 10.... Skating with Celebrities alum Jillian Barberie is pregnant with her and actor-husband Grant Reynolds' first child, due July 7. read more

Apprentice's Andrea Voted Off the Island

Andrea Lake, The Apprentice

Actually, she was boated off the island (Ellis Island, that is). Or you could say that her "torch was snuffed", unlike Lady Liberty's. Whatever Survivor-like way you want to put it, NBC's The Apprentice (Mondays at 9 pm/ET) bid Andrea Lake adieu last week when Synergy churned out an Ellis Island brochure that was tired, poor and just shy of being wretched refuse. But why did the San Diego resident take the bullet for the bungling? In a chat with, Andrea revealed the real reason her teammates loathed her so. I've been doing these Apprentice interviews for years, and you're definitely the first sticker-company owner I've talked to.
Andrea Lake:
Well, look at that! I actually ow read more

The Apprentice Not long ago, the...

The ApprenticeNot long ago, the Onion ran a hilarious piece titled "F--- Everything, We're Doing Five Blades," mocking the inanity of razor marketing. Well, meet the Gillette Fusion "shaving system" featuring — wait for it — five blades. Is there an expression for when real life can't keep up with satire? The 17 remaining Donald wannabes (Donnabes?) are tasked with creating a text-message marketing campaign for the Fusion. But first, Trump takes a quick break from product placement to engage in corporate America's other favorite pastime: nepotism. Donald's daughter, Ivanka, will be playing the role of Carolyn in tonight's episode, while old-school Apprentice Bill Rancic fills in for George. Team S read more

Adam Stinks Up Apprentice Task

Adam Israelov on The Apprentice

Twenty-two-year-old Adam Israelov fell just short of The Apprentice's Final Four when his performance as project manager on last week's Shania Twain fragrance task left him smelling not like a rose but like someone who's been fired. Was Donald Trump's decision all a bunch of carriage-horse poop? chatted with Adam about that, his turn as a Jedi knight and, yes, s-e-x. Of course no one likes to be fired, but you really seemed to be shocked when Trump Cobra'd you.
Adam Israelov:
I loved that facial expression, by the way. [Laughs] I have to be quite honest, I was not expecting to be fired as I felt that I added a great deal of value on this task. I was probably one of the strongest players on read more

Apprentice Winner: Where's Bill Now?

The dashing cigar-business owner with the big, toothy grin has come to the end of his $250,000 year as Donald Trump's first Apprentice. And Bill Rancic, 33, wanted TV Guide to be the first to know what he plans to do next.
TV Guide: We hear you have big news for us.
Bill Rancic:
After weeks of negotiations, I've signed on for one more year with Trump.

TV Guide: What will you be doing?
I'll continue to work on the Trump International Hotel & Tower project in Chicago and I'll also be working on other projects, like Donald's new golf club development in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

TV Guide: So you'll spend one more year as a sponge.
Without a doubt. For me, it's about learning. Watching Donald work has been great.

TV Guide: So how did you talk your way into a second year with The Donald?
It was tough. I mean I had to read more

Apprentice Champ Tells All!

Roughly 28 million people watched Donald Trump hire Bill Rancic over Kwame Jackson on Thursday night's finale of NBC's The Apprentice. In addition to a $250,000-a-year job overseeing a skyscraper project in his native Chicago, the 32-year-old cigar entrepreneur won a shiny new Chrysler Crossfire and, if the past few weeks are any indication, a lifetime of tabloid headlines. Just hours after his boardroom rout, Rancic sat down with TV Guide Online to dish about his big win, those romance rumors and the scheming saboteur who led him to victory. TV Guide Online: Congratulations.Bill Rancic: Thank you, thank you. TVGO: Did you get any sleep last night?Bill: About 45 minutes. Somehow, I don't think I'll be getting much more in the next couple of days. TVGO: So, did you give Omarosa a big hug and kiss for leading you to victory?Bill: (Chuckles) She certainly was a factor, but I don't know if that was the read more

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