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Trump's twitter activity draws rebuke from foreign nations
02:00 — Katy Tur and Bill Kristol on Trump's recent Twitter activity.
From Moore to Trump: What is the Impact on Women?
11:44 — Demos’ Heather McGhee and Bill Kristol discuss the Alabama Senate race, harassment allegations in politics and in popular culture, how to improve the (more…)
Kristol: Trump Should Not Be Commander-in-chief
06:09 — The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to share why he will not be voting for Donald Trump, despite his true conservative beli (more…)
Bill Kristol: Trump Has Peaked, Won't Win Iowa
08:39 — Bill Kristol, Dorian Warren, Mike Lupica and Hallie Jackson join Morning Joe for a discussion on the Republican presidential field, the candidate's la (more…)
Is 'Dump Trump' for Real?
13:39 — Donald Trump's racial attacks on a federal judge fuels talk of a mutiny against the presumptive GOP nominee. Former RNC Chair and Mississippi Governor (more…)
Kristol: Many Undecided Voters Still in Play
09:36 — The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol explains that, with a large chunk of undecided voters still remaining, “it’s not safe” for Clinton or Trump to be s (more…)
Trump Would Be a Terrible President: Kristol
08:09 — The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol joins Morning Joe to strongly assert his stance on why Donald Trump would be a terrible president and shouldn't win (more…)
Bill Kristol Responds to Trump’s ‘Loser’ Insult
04:53 — Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol says Donald Trump’s “lightweight” and “loser” attacks on him indicate the presumptive GOP nominee may be “a little (more…)
Kristol: Where Was 'liberty' in 2016 Election?
06:39 — Bill Kristol says there was little room for a party of liberty in the 2016 election, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss what could be ahead in Trump' (more…)
Kristol: Donald Trump Will Eventually Go Down
05:02 — The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol joins Morning Joe to discuss the state of the 2016 presidential race and why Donald Trump will eventually drop from (more…)
Trump Chips Away at Clinton’s Lead
05:42 — Brand new poll numbers show Donald Trump narrowing the gap with Hillary Clinton. Editor of the Weekly Standard and part of the “Never Trump” movement, (more…)
Trump On U.N.: 'Things Will Be Different' Under Me
06:36 — Bill Kristol, editor at large of the Weekly Standard discusses the viability of a Israel-Palestine two-state solution under a Trump presidency.
Heilemann to Bill Kristol: You Are Trolling
07:47 — The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol took to Twitter on Tuesday to share some thoughts on the Confederate flag. Kristol joins Morning Joe to discuss the (more…)
Kristol: I Will Bet Anyone Trump Won't Be Nominee
08:58 — The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol guarantees Donald Trump won't be the GOP nominee, and he's willing to make a bet on it. Barney Frank also discusses (more…)
Kristol: Trump Won't Withdraw, Has to Be Defeated
03:12 — Must-Reads Op-Eds: The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol writes that, in essence, Obama's presidency helped give rise to an interest in Trump and why Tru (more…)
Mika: Madeleine Albright's Line Has to Stop
07:06 — Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Bill Kristol discuss former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's remarks about supporting women.
Will an Independent Candidate Enter the Fray?
09:14 — Top Talkers: Over the weekend, Bill Kristol tweeted an independent candidate was set to enter the 2016 race. Who would that candidate be and what impa (more…)
If Not Paul Ryan, Then Who Else?
08:33 — If the Republican 2016 race heads to a contested convention without Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, who would emerge as the nominee? Bill Kristol, who is fi (more…)
Kristol: Cruz Has About 1 in 3 Chance of a Win
11:33 — The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol joins Morning Joe to discuss the Republican race and why his money is still on Ted Cruz despite Donald Trump's poll (more…)
Kristol: an Independent Candidate Could Succeed
10:11 — Conservative writer Bill Kristol says there is a path forward for an Independent candidate to enter 2016 and why that candidate could be Mitt Romney.
Kristol: Here's the Big Headline From the Debate
06:52 — Bill Kristol joins a debate about Wednesday's presidential debate and why Trump's remarks about the election outcome are the big headline.
Kristol: My Gut Instinct Is Hillary, But Who Knows
06:48 — Bill Kristol joins a continued conversation about the state of the 2016 race ahead of the November 8 election.
Kristol: More Hidden Voters for Clinton Than Trump
06:37 — Bill Kristol believes there will be more hidden voters for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump, and Kasie Hunt admits there could be an enthusiasm gap o (more…)
How Much Will Trump Listen to Bannon?
04:11 — Bill Kristol, the editor of the Weekly Standard, joins NBC's Andrea Mitchell to discuss Donald Trump's transition and what his administration will loo (more…)
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