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Bill Gates: Re-Inventing the Toilet
Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates launches a campaign to redesign the toilet.
Around the Net: Bill Gates Jumps Over Chair
Around the Net's Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey present the top viral videos around the internet, including Brad Pitt getting hit by a million cars (more…)
Penn. DA Investigates Racist Text
Toure fails geography; Pennsylvania investigating racist texts sent on school phones; Bill Clinton and Bill Gates takes awkward but adorable selfie to (more…)
Satya Nadella: Microsoft Still "Very Relevant"
Microsoft Corp named 22-year company veteran Satya Nadella as its next chief executive officer on Tuesday (February 4), and said co-founder Bill Gates (more…)
Why Is Bill Gates Drinking Water Made From Poop?
Janicki Bioenergy, backed by the Gates Foundation, has created a processing plant that turns human waste into clean water and electricity.
Ben And Bill On Capitol Hill
Ben Affleck and Bill Gates speak to a congressional panel to make the case for including foreign aid in the new budget.
Bill Gates Bashes Capitalism
Bill Gates is renewing his criticism of capitalism, joining a long line of anti-capitalist billionaires. Speaking at the Royal Academy of Engineering' (more…)
Bill Gates Making Textbooks Fun. Fun?
The Almanac of American Politics, In-depth profiles and photographs of every governor and member of SNOOOZE...we can't even get through the tagline wi (more…)
World's Largest Secret Santa Event Includes High Rollers
The world € s largest Secret Santa event includes everyone from billionaires to sports players. But the questions becomes, what do you buy for s (more…)
Satya Nadella: Microsoft Still "Very Relevant"
Microsoft Corp named 22-year company veteran Satya Nadella as its next chief executive officer on Tuesday (February 4), and said co-founder Bill Gates (more…)
Bill Gates Talks Africa with the BBC
Bill Gates calls for an improved audit of international aid in Africa, to ensure it achieves its aims.
Bill Gates Tries Out Machine That Turns Feces Into Drinking Water
As part of his humanitarian work, Bill Gates has shown off a machine that turns human waste - yes, that means poop - into potable drinking water- and (more…)
Bill Gates Dancing
Watch Bill Gates Dance.
Penn. Man Credited $92 Quadrillion on PayPal Account
That's more than 1,300 times the GDP of the entire planet, making Bill Gates' more-than-$70-billion fortune look like chump change.
Stephanie Tanner and More Scene-Stealing TV Middle Kids!
What do Julia Roberts, Madonna, Bill Gates, and more than half of all the US presidents ever have in common? They € re all middle children. But e (more…)
Man Finds Money In Walmart Cookie Box
Caroline discusses the top trending stories including an unemployed man's Walmart find, a fish fossil with a face, Bill Gates' mistake, a handbag vend (more…)
Bill Gates: Progress 'Doesn't Depend On Washington'
Bill Gates, the world's richest man, claimed not to be worried about the dysfunction junction that is Washington.
Bill Gates Is Paying Scientists to Invent a Better Condom
The Gates Foundation is funding research into a gel-based condom that will feel better than current latex rubber condoms.
Bill Gates Supports Meat Consumption
In a recent post on his blog, Bill Gates discusses his support for worldwide meat consumption and hopes future innovations can alleviate some of the s (more…)
Today in History for October 28th
The Statue of Liberty is dedicated in New York; Benito Mussolini takes control of the Italian government; The Cuban Missile Crisis ends; Microsoft co- (more…)
Bill Gates Blames Control-Alt-Delete on IBM, Calls It a 'Mistake'
During a Q&A session at Harvard University, Microsoft founder Bill Gates says the Control-Alt-Delete combination to log into a PC was a mistake, and b (more…)
Bill Gates: Edward Snowden Is No Hero
Among computer types, you'll find many admirers of National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden. But Bill Gates is not one of them.
The Fine Print
HuffPost editorial director & seasoned political reporter, Howard Fineman, joins Josh to discuss the role of government in science and innovation. Is (more…)
The World's Deadliest Animal
Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, recently posted an infographic on his blog showing the world's deadliest animal. According to the data, except d (more…)
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