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Bill Gates on Education Reform
01:13 — Bill Gates spoke with Katie Couric on Obama's push for reform in the U.S. education system.
Youngest self-made female billionaire takes high-tech approach to blood testing
05:52 — Elizabeth Holmes is being compared to visionaries like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Holmes founded a biotech company called Theranos in 2003, and her mi (more…)
HTC dishes out Vive date and price
02:51 — HTC's Vive gets a date and price, Bill Gates clarifies his FBI/Apple comments and 5G wireless data testing commences.
Guantanamo Bay in 1972: “Strangely tranquil"
13:02 — Mike Wallace’s trip to the “strangely tranquilâ€? U.S. naval base known as Gitmo, 30 years before it housed accused 9/11 terrorists and al Qaeda f (more…)
First chance at the Met
00:48 — Bob Simon talks with opera singer Robert Pomakov about his main stage debut at the Metropolitan Opera.
Forbes list - Gates on top, Zuckerberg gains big
00:31 — Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates tops Forbes' list of the richest Americans for the 18th straight year and Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is the bigg (more…)
How Bill Gates inspired the book, "Outliers"
01:48 — Author Malcolm Gladwell says a conversation with Bill Gates is what shaped his ideas for his best-selling book, "Outliers"
Al Qaeda Magazine: Assassinations Target Bill Gates, Warren Buffet
01:15 — The Al Qaeda online magazine Inspire has named U.S. billionaires like Microsoft founder Bill Gates, financier Warren Buffet and Michael Bloomberg.
Preview: Making a Difference
01:45 — On a special edition of "60 Minutes Presents," the news magazine takes a look at Americans from all walks of life who are making a difference. The bro (more…)
Bill Gates calls artificial intelligence "the holy grail"
00:58 — Calling artificial intelligence "the holy grail," Bill Gates says he expects robots to do jobs for humans within the next 20 years. Mashable chief cor (more…)
Ludacris Finds Hunger in Atlanta
03:15 — Ludacris visits an Atlanta elementary school to learn more about the lives of children in need - and what Red Nose Day is doing to help.
Scott and Craig Give You a Reason to Give
02:29 — A $4 donation to Red Nose Day buys a mosquito net to prevent malaria. Find out how you can give to Red Nose Day to help children around the world.
Minnie Driver Introduces Monica from Bangladesh
02:21 — You can put a child in school for only $27 - Minnie Driver tells you how you can make a difference in a child's life.
Jack Black Takes You to Uganda
04:24 — Find out how Red Nose Day made a difference in the life of Felix, a young boy from Uganda.
Key and Peele Get Kind
03:34 — It's all about the kids! Key and Peele get competitive when it comes to giving all they've got.
Margot Robbie Takes a Red Nose Bath
00:54 — From her bathtub, Margot Robbie tells you how Red Nose Day works.
Julia Roberts Introduces You to Anthony
03:18 — Julia Roberts shows you how the money you donate on Red Nose Day goes to help improve the lives of America's kids.
Win a Date With Tony Hale!
02:12 — Craig Ferguson, host of The Red Nose Day Special, auctions off a date with Tony Hale for a really good cause!
Special Messages from Jay Pharoah's Friends
02:25 — Jay Pharoah delivers Red Nose Day messages from his friends Kanye, Dave and more.
The Walking Dead Red Nose Day Special
03:04 — Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln and the cast of The Walking Dead get silly for Red Nose Day.
Sarah Silverman's Red Nose Day Pitches
03:12 — Sarah Silverman has several questionable ideas for her contribution to Red Nose Day.
Craig Ferguson Kicks Off Red Nose Day
03:05 — Host Craig Ferguson and bandleader Paul Shaffer kick off The Red Nose Day Special.
Craig Ferguson Gets Ready to Host the Red Nose Day Special
02:27 — Jay Leno and Matt Lauer help Craig Ferguson get ready to host The Red Nose Day Special.
A Heartfelt Plea for Red Nose Day!
01:54 — Kobe Bryant, Ellen DeGeneres, Will Ferrell, Lena Dunham, Tracy Morgan, Liam Neeson and so many, many more have a message for you about Red Nose Day. W (more…)
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