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Keck's Exclusives: How I Met Your Mother's Burning Questions

Josh Radnor, Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders

On Jan. 27, CBS's How I Met Your Mother airs its 200th episode, titled "How Your Mother Met Me," which promises to fill in several details involving the titular parent. "Various claims we've made about the mother over the years — like her making breakfast and singing show tunes — will be paid off," promises cocreator Craig Thomas.

But while some of the mysteries surrounding Ted's wife may get solved, the cast members have some questions about their own characters, as well as storyline wish lists, that they're anxious to have addressed before the series wraps this spring. Thomas and cocreator Carter Bays respond to the queries... read more

How I Met Your Mother Boss: There Are More Twists and Turns for Robin

Cobie Smulders

Be warned, How I Met Your Mother fans: You may want to have some Kleenex nearby for Monday's episode. "I think it's fair to say that the episode is different than anyone had imagined coming into it," co-creator/co-executive producer Craig Thomas tells "It's one of those where while we're shooting it and editing it that you see people tearing up. It's very funny, but it's very emotional too. The very end of the episode seems like it's made a lot of people cry, but it's a good cry." The episode picks up moments after Robin (Cobie Smulders) told Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) that she's pregnant and it is chock-full of more surprises, Thomas says — including, as the logline teases, some "bad news" for Robin. What could that be? Read on to see Thomas' hints about this revelation, why he and Carter Bays wrote the pregnancy, and what's next for the rest of the season.
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How I Met Your Mother's Nazanin Boniadi: I'm Torn Over Who Barney Should End Up With

Nazanin Boniadi, Neil Patrick Harris

Who was Nazanin Boniadi's childhood crush? None other than Neil Patrick Harris.

"I've loved him since I was little. I'm not even joking! I've had a crush on him forever," she tells "So to be playing his girlfriend now is surreal."

How I Met Your Mother boss: Can Barney and Robin ignore their chemistry?

When Boniadi landed the part of Nora on How I Met Your Mother last year, little did she know that it would lead to a recurring gig with no end in sight for now — she has "no clue" how many episodes she'll be in this season — never mind the fact that Nora, and not Robin (Cobie Smulders), would be the one to force Barney (Harris) to reevaluate his womanizing lifestyle.

"In real life, too, women love to be that girl who tames the bad boy," Boniadi says. "It's always fun to play that character, especially with Barney Stinson, who's so beloved. You get to act opposite Neil. He's phenomenal. He raises everybody's game. To work opposite him, you have to be at your best and you become better and better as you work with him."

The General Hospital alum got a crash course in slapstick acting — a Harris forte — on Monday's episode when Barney and Nora's planned ...
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