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What did George W. Bush say to put Jenna Bush Hager in tears?
01:16 — In an interview with Bloomberg, former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton discussed their greatest accomplishments. Watch TODAY’s Jenna Bush H (more…)
Bill Clinton inaugural address: Jan. 20, 1993
14:30 — William Jefferson Clinton's first inauguration in 1993 served up a line that would rank among the notable inauguration quotes: "There is nothing wrong (more…)
2022 World Cup Goes to Qatar
00:45 — CBS News RAW: Despite lobbying efforts from President Obama and former President Bill Clinton, the U.S. failed to secure the 2022 World Cup.
Rep. Cleaver: Clinton can get the attention of independents
02:32 — In an interview with Byron Pitts, Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver discusses Bill Clinton's ability to reach independent voters and says that the (more…)
Can Trump's New Chief of Staff John Kelly Stop The Tweetstorms?
04:52 — Former Chief of Staff for Pres. Bill Clinton, Mack McLarty, discusses the job facing Pres. Trump's new Chief of Staff John Kelly.
THE Dish: Alain Allegretti's cod
05:06 — Chef Alain Allegretti has cooked for not one, but two U.S. presidents - Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. He stopped by "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to (more…)
Panetta: Trump Has to Be Willing to Back up John Kelly
08:37 — Leon Panetta, Bill Clinton’s former White House chief of staff, joins MTP Daily to discuss how the role of the chief of staff should work in the Trump (more…)
Cohen: Trump Needs to Be More Than 'TV Tough' On N. Korea
07:03 — William Cohen, Defense Secretary under Bill Clinton, discusses the latest North Korea ballistic missile launch and says Trump needs to be more than 'T (more…)
Kevin Spacey Nails Bill Clinton Impression
01:10 — While on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, the actor proved he’s a master of celebrity impressions, imitating Johnny Carson, Christopher Walken an (more…)
Cary Elwes: Bill Clinton Saw "Princess Bride" 200 Times
05:05 — The actor joins TODAY to talk about his memoir, “As You Wish,” in which he shares tales from behind the scenes of classic film “The Princess Bride.” H (more…)
Dick Morris Blames Hillary's ''Nixonian' Quality' for His Fallout With the Clintons
01:10 — Former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris opens up to Larry King about why he soured on Hillary Clinton, while she was First Lady, and why he's still on (more…)
Bill Clinton Makes Odd ‘House of Cards’ Joke
00:50 — While appearing on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, the former president chatted about watching “House of Cards.” Referring to Kevin Spacey’s presidential chara (more…)
Bill Clinton: Cigars and Golf!
01:03 — We got photos of Bill Clinton looking really, really happy golfing and smoking a cigar.
Why did Bill Clinton meet with Attorney General?
04:40 — A private meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch is being called "inappropriate." CBS News' Paula Reid explains how this coul (more…)
Donald Trump Sends Heckler Out in the Cold Without a Coat During Rally
01:22 — Donald Trump showed protesters no mercy during a rally in Vermont. He called for one to be ejected into the freezing cold without a coat. Supporters r (more…)
Trump Reacts To Report That Bill Clinton's Charity Gave $2M To Friend's Company
01:39 — Donald Trump has called Friday's New York Post cover story "a bombshell" that may cause a big headache for former President Bill Clinton. The post rep (more…)
Donald Trump goes after Bill Clinton in Twitter feud
04:30 — President-elect Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton had a war of words on Twitter about Trump's intelligence and campaign strategy. CBS New (more…)
One-time-rival Clinton to speak for Obama
03:05 — Four years ago, former President Bill Clinton was a reluctant supporter of President Obama. Bill Plante reports on how their relationship has evolved (more…)
Will Bill Clinton stump for Hillary?
06:36 — CBS News political director John Dickerson and New York Times political reporter Amy Chozick discuss Bill Clinton’s likely role in Hillary’s possi (more…)
Bill Clinton Handles Hillary's Phone Call During His Speech Like a Pro
01:01 — With the Iowa caucuses just three weeks away, Bill Clinton is busy rallying support for his presidentially-hopeful wife. The former president was in t (more…)
Lynch won't have final say on Clinton probe
06:59 — "Face The Nation" host John Dickerson weighs in on the controversy surrounding Attorney General Loretta Lynch after her brief meeting with former Pres (more…)
Bill Clinton: "It is time to stop complaining"
03:18 — At a rally commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, former President Bill Clinton urged the audience to forsake complaints for a (more…)
AG won't make final decisions in Clinton email probe
02:50 — Attorney General Loretta Lynch has decided not to make the final decisions in the investigation of Hillary Clinton's email server, following Lynch's c (more…)
Why didn't AG step out of Clinton email probe entirely?
02:37 — Attorney General Loretta Lynch will not decide if charges will be filed over Hillary Clinton's private email server. The Justice Department now says c (more…)
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