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Resistance in WH legal team to clear Trump for Mueller interview
06:19 — President Donald Trump may shake-up his legal team and add a lawyer from former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings.
Monica Lewinsky speaks out on MeToo movement, Clinton scandal
02:58 — In an essay she wrote for Vanity Fair, Monica Lewinsky, who admitted to an affair with then-President Bill Clinton in 1998, says she still suffers fro (more…)
Does the president have an Edwards/Clinton problem?
08:36 — Law professor Jonathan Turley and author Sophia Nelson discuss if President Trump has a John Edwards/Bill Clinton problem and where does Mueller go ne (more…)
Defense funds can end up adding to troubles
02:23 — Rachel Maddow reminds viewers of the time Bill Clinton had to give back hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to his legal defense fund when connec (more…)
Bill Clinton Staff Secy: 'Kelly had to have known' about Porter
03:51 — Former Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) says "there was not a day that went by that I did not have a stack of red folders on my desk marked 'Top-Secre (more…)
Crashing the Party
With the very survival of the Democratic Party on the line after the three worst presidential landslides in American history, a then-little-known Gove (more…)
Trump Is Hiding the Truth About Russia Probe
04:01 — Fmr. Adviser to President Bill Clinton, Lanny Davis, joins Ari Melber to talk about Trump’s scandals.
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JFK: One PM Central Standard Time
00:30 — JFK: One PM Central Standard Time
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Trump brags about SOTU viewership, gets numbers wrong
01:18 — Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama all delivered State of the Union speeches with higher viewership.
Great Expectations
Great Expectations
What the US can learn from Clinton-Gingrich years
08:00 — Fmr. Rep. Zach Wamp, R-Tenn., the space for an Independent candidate in coming elections and the 'glory years' of D.C. under Bill Clinton and Newt Gin (more…)
America's First Ladies' Man: Bill Clinton
02:42 — If Hillary Clinton is elected president, her husband's laid-back dadditude could be exactly what the White House needs.
Bill Clinton Explains Why Sanders & Trump Are Doing So Well
02:36 — Former President Bill Clinton has been called "the great explainer," so Stephen asks him to explain a few things about the 2016 election.
Bradley Cooper & President Bill Clinton's Night in Thailand
03:13 — After James asks Bradley Cooper about the press surrounding his trip to the Democratic National Convention, Bradley and Todd Phillips recall hanging o (more…)
Soothing Bedtime Meditations With Billy Eichner
01:06 — Having trouble sleeping? Let the star of "Billy On The Street" and "Difficult People" lull you into dreamland.
Billy Eichner Adds Another Letter To LGBTQ
02:13 — Now that Billy Eichner lives in LA, he realizes there's a letter missing from the LGBTQ community.
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