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Where Does Trump Stand With Women?
05:53 — Linda Chavez, chairwoman of the Center for Equal Opportunity analyzes Trump’s standing with women, and reactions to allegations of sexual assault agai (more…)
Handwritten Inauguration Day letter George H.W. Bush sent to Bill Clinton in 1993 goes viral
01:07 — A letter George H.W. Bush left for Bill Clinton after losing the 1992 election is resurfacing after Wednesday night's presidential debate.
George H.W. Bush's letter to Bill Clinton goes viral
00:49 — Bill Clinton found a letter from his predecessor, George H.W. Bush, on his first day in the Oval Office. In light of Donald Trump's comments about pos (more…)
The Note George H. W. Bush Left Bill Clinton
04:43 — Presidential historian Michael Beschloss discusses America's history of peaceful transition of power between presidents.
Dickerson's debate history: George Bush caught in the cutaway in 1992
03:17 — John Dickerson examines the 1992 town hall debate between George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ross Perot, including Clinton's gift for personally conn (more…)
Nightline 10/10/16: Second Presidential Debate Behind the Scenes
18:16 — Hillary Clinton Confronted With Allegations Against President Bill Clinton; The Internet Thinks Undecided Voter Ken Bone Is the Debate's Real Winner
In Defense of Their Husbands
04:51 — Politico's Julia Ioffe joins MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle to discuss Melania's role in the presidential election, and whether she has humanized Donald Trum (more…)
Is Hillary Clinton's Circle Concerned About Bill's Alleged Affair With Neighbor?
02:01 — As Donald Trump faces numerous allegations of inappropriate behavior, the Clinton campaign has been stymied by accusations that Bill Clinton had an af (more…)
Mike Pence: Bill Clinton ‘Admitted’ to Sexual Misconduct, Trump Categorically Denies It
10:12 — Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence tells TODAY that the GOP nominee has publically and privately denied allegations of sexual assault, and that he (more…)
The Female Perspective on Donald Trump's Sexual Assault Scandal
01:31 — Desi Lydic explains how Donald Trump is using Bill Clinton's past sex scandals to attack Hillary Clinton.
Should We Discuss Clinton's Treatment of Women?
08:03 — Bob Ehrlich joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss why he’s still defending Donald Trump and why he believes it’s “relevant” to draw attention to Hillary Cl (more…)
GOP Struggles to Handle Trump Fallout
03:25 — Newt Gingrich and other Republican members advised Donald Trump to not push away Paul Ryan and to stop attacking Bill Clinton, but Trump won’t listen. (more…)
Bill Clinton Says Trump Base 'rednecks'
01:35 — While on the stump in Florida, Bill Clinton refers to Trump's base as 'what I grew up in...your standard redneck.'
2016 Reaches New Lows As Accusers Come Forward
19:53 — Top Talkers: More women are coming forward to accuse Donald Trump of unwanted advances. Meanwhile, Trump is vowing to step up attacks on Bill Clinton (more…)
Team Trump Promises Scorched-earth Campaign
06:56 — Just how nasty will the 2016 race get in the final days? Trump's campaign is reportedly planning to try to turn Bill Clinton 'into Bill Cosby.' MSNBC' (more…)
Trump Ramping up Bill Clinton Attacks
06:24 — Former Apprentice contestant, Tara Dowdell, joins MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts to discuss Donald Trump’s new strategy, his attempt to suppress the Hillary C (more…)
Where Did These ‘rape Hecklers’ Come from?
05:29 — People have been interrupting Bill Clinton and President Obama’s rallies, calling out on Clinton’s alleged rape case. But who is responsible for the a (more…)
Mika: Clinton Has to Speak up Before November
14:57 — The New York Times' Robert Draper reports on how Bill Clinton's 1980 loss for re-election as Arkansas governor had an impact on her. Anand Giridharada (more…)
Trump invokes Bill Clinton's past with women at Pennsylvania rally
47:21 — Donald Trump went after Bill Clinton at a Pennsylvania rally Monday, calling the former president a predator who assaulted women. See Trump's full rem (more…)
Paula Jones: Bill Clinton Was Worse Than Trump, Actions Are Louder Than Words
02:00 — After video was leaked of Donald Trump having a lewd conversation about women with Billy Bush on Friday, the campaign came up with a strategy for Sund (more…)
Clinton campaign manager: "Disappointed" by Trump's pre-debate "stunt"
03:26 — Right before the second presidential debate, Donald Trump held a news conference with women who said Bill Clinton assaulted them. Trump had been fendi (more…)
Trump campaign manager on debate, Republicans pulling endorsements
05:26 — Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's campaign manager, joins "CBS This Morning" from Trump Tower in New York to discuss the second presidential debate, th (more…)
Vivica A. Fox On Donald Trump Hot Mic Tape: 'Karma Is A B***'
02:10 — After a lewd conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush was released on Friday, actress Vivica A. Fox has come out saying that it's "karma." At (more…)
Davis: Clinton Handled Assault Questions Well
03:46 — Former State Senator Wendy Davis, D-Texas, discusses how Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton handled allegations of sexual abuse leveled a (more…)
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