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Dennis Quaid On Golfing With Presidents & a Dog’s Purpose Controversy
03:02 — Dennis recalls having golfed with both President Bill Clinton and now current President Donald Trump and he talks about the controversial behind the s (more…)
Trump: 'Bill Clinton Was Abusive to Women'
01:25 — Donald Trump criticizes Bill Clinton's actions towards women and criticizes Hillary Clinton's treatment of his accusers.
Debate: Campaign Aides Say Clinton “Prepared for Anything” Trump Throws at Her
01:57 — According to reports, the Trump tape will be a focus early on in the debate, potentially sparking a response aimed at Bill Clinton's marital infidelit (more…)
Trump and the Women: Will the Lewd Tape and Clinton Attacks Help or Hurt the GOP?
04:02 — Donald Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape and bringing up Bill Clinton’s accusers are shedding new light on his trouble luring women voters who could dec (more…)
Pelosi Believes Public Option Would Fix Bill Clinton's Criticism
01:30 — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says the public option health care plan she advocates for would solve former President Bill Clinton's critique of t (more…)
Davis: Clinton Handled Assault Questions Well
03:46 — Former State Senator Wendy Davis, D-Texas, discusses how Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton handled allegations of sexual abuse leveled a (more…)
Clinton Campaign Manager On Debate Prep
07:23 — Donald Trump signaled a possible debate strategy, tweeting a link to a story about one of Bill Clinton's past scandals.
Giuliani Downplays Trump Comments, Pivots to Bill Clinton
05:57 — When asked about Donald Trump's comments on women, Rudy Giuliani pivots the conversation back to Bill Clinton.
After Vulgar Comments, Trump Puts Spotlight On Bill Clinton's Accusers
02:32 — In a surprise before Sunday’s debate, Donald Trump featured four women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual violations. He continued his attacks on the (more…)
Trump Campaign Manager On ‘locker Room Talk,’ How Second Debate Was Good ‘for Democracy’
03:59 — Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway says Trump bringing up former President Bill Clinton’s past with women has nothing to do with Bill: “ (more…)
Bill Clinton inaugural address: Jan. 20, 1993
14:30 — William Jefferson Clinton's first inauguration in 1993 served up a line that would rank among the notable inauguration quotes: "There is nothing wrong (more…)
Bill Clinton inaugural address: Jan. 20, 1997
22:46 — Clinton used his inaugural speech to review the century, and continued pledges to make government smaller and more efficient.
Monica Lewinsky Miniseries in Development by Makers of ‘People V. O.J.’
02:11 — FX has confirmed they’re considering the Monica Lewinsky scandal for a TV miniseries. In the wake of the popularity of “The People v. O.J. Simpson,” t (more…)
The Clintons Hit the Town in NYC
01:42 — Hillary and Bill Clinton stepped out in NYC to have dinner with Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen and even though she's mum through all the paps questio (more…)
C-SPAN: Buddy's Memorial Service Cold Open
06:46 — At a memorial service for Bill Clinton's dog Buddy, the former President gives an emotional eulogy and shares his fondest memories of Buddy.
Billionares Fight for the Airwaves Cold Open
03:47 — President Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch and a re-run of Men Behaving Badly fight for control of the airwaves.
Ghana's New Plagiarizing President
01:57 — New Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo lifts portions of his inauguration speech from both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.
Bill Clinton on foreign donations: "I think it's a good thing"
03:29 — Former President Bill Clinton defended his foundation's practice of receiving contributions from foreign governments at a Clinton Global Initiative ev (more…)
Pickering: Putin ‘is Playing the Trump Card’
06:50 — Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia under President Bill Clinton, Thomas Pickering, joins MSNBC’s Chris Jansing to discuss Russia response to the U.S. sa (more…)
Bill Clinton Honors James Taylor At The Kennedy Center Honors
01:33 — The former U.S. president paid tribute to multiple Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter James Taylor during the annual event held in Washington, D.C (more…)
President Obama's agenda for 2014
10:00 — As President Obama prepares to begin his sixth year in office, which issues will he pursue and which will prove to be the biggest legislative challeng (more…)
Donald Trump goes after Bill Clinton in Twitter feud
04:30 — President-elect Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton had a war of words on Twitter about Trump's intelligence and campaign strategy. CBS New (more…)
Trump and Bill Clinton: Politicians for Their Times
15:05 — Donald Trump and Bill Clinton went back and forth on Twitter this week, and the Morning Joe panel compares and contrasts their styles and their moment (more…)
Bill Clinton, Trump Clash Over Election Aftermath
05:15 — Bill Clinton has broken his silence about why he believes his wife lost the 2016 election, sparking a feud with President-elect Trump. Howard Dean and (more…)
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