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Obama urges Bill Clinton to hurry up boarding the plane
01:01 — "Bill! Let's go! I gotta get home!" the president yelled from Air Force One in Israel.
The Difficult Task of Defending Donald Trump
04:51 — In defense of Donald Trump’s recent attacks on the former Miss Universe, surrogates are now focusing on attacking Hillary Clinton’s treatment of the w (more…)
Tim Daly: Bill Clinton Wants to Do ‘some of That Spy Stuff’ from ‘Madam Secretary’
04:51 — Actor Tim Daly says the writers of “Madam Secretary” seem to have a crystal ball because they write scripts that sometimes end up happening in real-li (more…)
Trump Surrogates Play up Bill Clinton's Past
06:18 — Top Talkers: Donald Trump seems to be leaving it up to his surrogates to bring up Bill Clinton's past scandals with women while in office.
Trump Threatens to Bring up Monica Lewinsky
02:15 — With Donald Trump on the defensive when it comes to his treatment of women, his campaign has launched a risky offensive: going after Hillary Clinton f (more…)
Trump Campaign Talking Points Obtained by NBC News
07:00 — The talking points details the Trump's campaign's take on Bill Clinton's sex scandals. Campaign surrogate Steve Cortes joins to discuss.
When Will Campaign Attacks Go Too Far?
03:46 — Former Obama Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton discusses the Trump campaign's attacks on Bill Clinton's sex scandals.
Donald Trump Jr. Thinks Dad 'Showed A Lot of Restraint' During The Debate
01:03 — The presidential candidate's families were front-and-center for the debate showdown on Monday. Melania Trump wore an off-the-shoulder black gown by de (more…)
Secret Audio from Bill Clinton Greeting Melania Trump
00:33 — The most interesting moment at the debate between a Clinton and a Trump had nothing to do with Donald or Hillary.
Clinton, Allies Hit Campaign Trail to Claim a Post-Debate Victory Lap
01:39 — Both Hillary Clinton and her high-profile surrogates — including former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden — quickly return to the tr (more…)
Lior Suchard Talks About President Bill Clinton’s Suggestion for His Talents
00:31 — Mentalist Lior Suchard tells Larry King about how President Bill Clinton suggested that he be used as a mental weapon against Iran.
Arsenio Hall On How Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton Changed Politics
01:23 — Talk show host Arsenio Hall tells Larry how Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama changed how politicians campaign and reach the electorate.
Pence: Flowers Will Not Attend the Debate
09:56 — Less than 24 hours after Donald Trump offered a debate invitation to Gennifer Flowers, the woman Bill Clinton allegedly had an affair with, his surrog (more…)
Bill Clinton Gave a Speech at the DNC
00:31 — Bill Clinton gave a speech today at the Democratic National Convention.
Former President George H.W. Bush Could Be Voting for Hillary Clinton
00:34 — Former President George H.W. Bush, who lost a second term to Bill Clinton in 1992, will be voting for the wife of his former bitter rival, according t (more…)
Bill Clinton's Role in Hillary's Campaign
08:24 — Joe Conason has covered Bill and Hillary Clinton for 20 years. He joins Joy Reid to discuss his new book "Man of the World: The Further Endeavors of B (more…)
Why You Can’t Actually Function On Less Sleep, Despite What You Think
01:30 — Some people like Bill Clinton say they can function on just a few hours of sleep, but scientists say: Don’t kid yourself. Anything under seven hours a (more…)
Bill Clinton: Hillary Clinton and the Changing Political Landscape
09:17 — Former President Bill Clinton weighs in on the divisive rhetoric used in the Donald Trump campaign and talks about stumping for his wife, Hillary Clin (more…)
Bill Clinton: Coming Together for the Clinton Global Initiative
05:37 — Former President Bill Clinton talks about Hillary Clinton's bout with pneumonia and describes the philanthropic mission of the Clinton Global Initiati (more…)
Joyful Disaster Relief in Japan
01:31 — While surveying Typhoon Lionrock's damage in Japan, a government official hitches a ride on his assistant to cross a flood zone.
Danielle Weisberg & Carly Zakin: Rocking the Vote With TheSkimm
05:11 — Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, founders of theSkimm, explain how they built their daily newsletter service and talk about their Skimm the Vote cam (more…)
Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem Protest
08:44 — San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick comes under fire for kneeling during the national anthem as a way to protest police brutality against (more…)
Outrage Court: Patriotism vs. Protest
04:09 — The Best F#@king News Team tries to determine whether NFL player Colin Kaepernick's is unpatriotic for using the national anthem to protest racism.
Maureen Dowd: Trump in Own Alternative Universe
09:03 — New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd discusses Hillary and Bill Clinton and why Donald Trump is a 'huckster selling in the moment.
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