Beverly Todd



April 24, 2007: House Training

I think it's safe to say that tonight's show was a bit of a downer. If the unnecessary death of Lupe (Monique Gabriela Curnen), a young, economically depressed woman, doesn't convince you of that, then maybe the presence of Foreman's Alzheimer-stricken mother (Beverly Todd) will. Lupe entered the hospital exhibiting all sorts of worrisome symptoms that baffled the doctors. At Foreman's insistence they treated her to a dosage of full-body radiation to kill the suspected cancer. But only after destroying her auto-immune system did they realize that the source of her distress was an infection. Their treatment effectively killed her. So this time it was Foreman sitting at a dying patient's bedside. (Remember that Cameron is now emotionally unavailable for such things.) The situation provided for some fine moments from a wrecked Foreman who was already struggling with the effects of his visiting mother's dementia. Meanwhile, House struggled to identify the true nature of Wilson and Cudd... read more

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