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Top Chef: Foo Fighters Thanksgiving Trailer
01:03 — The band and the chefs meet in Rochester.
Top Chef: Down On The Farm Trailer
01:34 — The chefs cook for Dan Barber at Blue Hill farm.
Rolling with It
02:15 — The chefs roll the dice for their Quickfire Challenge but can they roll with the punches?
Coming to a Boil
01:29 — Things get really tense as Ashley and Preeti argue over water.
Michael V. Vs. Robin
01:01 — The kitchen gets intense when Robin and Michael get into it with each other.
TV Dinners
01:49 — The chefs scramble to create a TV dinner based on a TV show.
Marcel Vs. Everyone
02:02 — According to Stefan, Marcel is living up to his reputation of being a son of a bitch.
In New Orleans
02:59 — The final four are in New Orleans!
Do or Die
03:09 — The final three chefs mentally prepare to take it all.
Campfire Chaos
01:50 — The chefs head out to the desert and must cook over an open flame.
Breakfast in Bed
01:41 — with Nigella Lawson and Padma Lakshmi
Not All Will Move On
00:47 — This is the opportunity to impress the judges. Who will move on?
Mike Is Not Pleased
01:02 — Mike is livid with having to work with Robin and his ingredients don't help much either.
No Finale Without a Twist
01:04 — It woudn't be a Top Chef finale without a twist. Who will prevail?
Fan Favorite
01:11 — It's time to find out which chef is this season's "Fan Favorite."
Gotta Be Really Effin' Hungry
01:22 — Daniel Boulud joins Tom for this slimy Quickfire challenge.
Not a Family Affair
01:12 — Just so there's no confusion, Robin is not Eli's mother.
An Angry Dinner
02:04 — The chefs come together for a nice meal but it quickly turns sour.
Hope You Do Your Best Today
01:23 — But I want to beat you.
Las Vegas' Dynamic Duo
01:36 — Penn and Teller join in on the culinary fun.
Expect Twists and Turns
01:39 — Padma gives fair warning to all the chefs as they compete to be top chef.
More Pressure
01:51 — The pressure is on for the chefs as they cook for Thomas Keller.
The Biggest Season Ever
01:35 — 29 talented chefs come to Texas to compete in America's most prestigious, toughest culinary competitoin.
The Competition Immediately Heats up
02:01 — Everything is bigger in Texas, including this competition so a record 29 talented chefs will compete for the title of Top Chef.
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