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Sneak Peek: Is Zelena Blinded by Hades?
01:30 — She came to tell everyone Hades has changed.
Walking Tall
Walking Tall
Walking Tall
Operation Cobra, Part 2
01:10 — Henry agrees to help Emma.
Belle Gives up On Gold
01:30 — There's too much broken trust.
Hook Kills Merlin
01:33 — He ruins his happy ending.
Fergus Gives Merida a Pep Talk
01:51 — He tells her his secret to inspiring his soldiers.
Merida's Heartbreaking Reunion
02:06 — I wish you were still here.
Merida Meets Mulan
02:15 — She doesn't need a man to teach her to fight.
Emma Takes Excalibur
02:20 — She ignores Merlin's warnings and joins the others.
The Birth of the First Dark One
02:41 — Nimue lets the darkness take over her.
Emma and Nimue Face Off
03:23 — You have no choice. You have to kill them.
Hook Gives Emma a Ring
01:38 — Hook gives Emma a ring for protection before her journey.
Lancelot Warns Mary Margaret
00:55 — Camelot is not what it seems.
Emma Wants Gold to Be the Hero
00:54 — She can make him the last thing he thought he could be.
Hook's Date With the Dark Swan
01:20 — Hook arrives at Emma's house bringing lunch. She appears out of nowhere and he gets upset, but Emma tells him she just wants to have lunch like old ti (more…)
Emma Rips Out Merida's Heart
03:14 — Merida takes the wisp and Dark Swan emerges.
The Heroes Turn to Zelena
01:32 — Zelena might be the only way to help Emma.
King Arthur Meets the Heroes
01:24 — Merlin predicted the Saviour was coming.
Hook's Kiss Doesn't Work
02:30 — True love's kiss doesn't change anything.
Emma Meets Merida
02:06 — Merida initiates a fair fight with Emma.
Rumplestiltskin Haunts Emma
02:06 — Apparition Rumple helps Emma transform into the Dark One.
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