Betty Lynn Celebrity Watchlist

Jaw-Dropping Adele Cover of 'Hello'
Artist Betty Lynn flawlessly covers Adele's new hit song 'Hello' in this breathtaking music video. Do you like this version of the song? Let us know i (more…)
Bringing Thelma Lou Back to Life in 'Mayberry'
Barney Fife is long gone but Thelma Lou is back in Mayberry. Actress Betty Lynn now lives in Mount Airy, N.C., Andy Griffith € s hometown and ins (more…)
'Thelma Lou' Transforms From 'Mayberry' Local to Legend
When actress Betty Lynn first moved to Andy Griffith's quaint hometown and inspiration for the eponymous show, she couldn't go to the grocery store wi (more…)
Sitting Pretty - Official Trailer
02:37 — As part of his research for a book on suburban life, self-described genius Mr. Belvedere takes a job as a babysitter for three hard-to-handle children (more…)
Meet Me In Las Vegas - Official Trailer
03:42 — Lady Luck is in the building. Ever since rancher Chuck Rodman (Dan Dailey) grabbed the hand of a passing ballerina, he can't lose. Hold her hand at th (more…)
Gun For A Coward
02:23 — Fred MacMurray stars as a ranch herder Will Keough who wants nothing more than to tend to his cattle and live in peace in Gun for a Coward. His two yo (more…)
Andy Griffith Show Season 6
One of television's most beloved fathers returns for a sixth season, with sheriff and widower Andy Taylor spending his time dispensing homespun advice (more…)
The Pickle Scheme – The Andy Griffith Show – Video Clip | TV Land
01:12 — Andy and Barney scheme to dispose of Aunt Bee's pickles.
Church in the Wildwood – The Andy Griffith Show – Video Clip | TV Land
00:53 — A businessman trapped in Mayberry joins Andy in singing on the porch.
The Lonesome Road – The Andy Griffith Show – Video Clip | TV Land
00:46 — Andy accompanies Rafe Hollister (guest star Jack Prince II) as he sings "The Lonesome Road."
Ernest T. Bass's Uniform – The Andy Griffith Show – Video Clip | TV Land
01:17 — Ernest T. Bass needs a uniform to get girls. But where can Andy find one in such a small size?
A costar's crush: Andy Griffith dies
01:56 — Actress Betty Lynn, who played Thelma Lou on 'The Andy Griffith Show' remembers her longtime costar and one time crush.