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Alice Escapes from Rhys
02:09 — Alice turns the tables on Rhys after she pulls a gun out of her purse.
Ben's Real Marriage Proposal
00:51 — Ben genuinely asks Alice to marry him.
Meredith Really Likes Riggs
00:52 — ...But so does Maggie
April & Jackson's Beautiful Baby Girl
01:19 — Thanks to Ben, April and the baby are alive and healthy.
Meredith Tells Riggs About Her Wedding
01:46 — Riggs and Meredith bond over losing the people they loved.
Jo Reveals the Dark Secret from Her Past
01:56 — Alex can't protect her from this.
Alice Takes Shots at Margot
02:04 — After finding Margot's true identity, Alice takes some shots during therapy
Meredith's Wedding Day Advice for Amelia
01:04 — "Who am I to say we only get one great love in our life?"
Arizona Shares Custody With Callie
00:59 — "Sofia deserves to have two happy moms. I'm saying, let's all be happy."
April's Terrifying C-Section
02:38 — Ben has to open April up without anesthesia.
Season Finale Sneak Peek: April's in Labor!
01:13 — Preview Episode 24: April's going to have her baby on Meredith's rug.
Season Finale Sneak Peek: Owen Comforts Amelia
01:19 — Owen gives the bride a pep talk.
Alice Tells Margot Everything
01:39 — Margot uncovers what Ben and Alice have been doing.
Meredith Jumps Nathan Riggs
01:46 — Aguing unexpectedly turns into kissing.
Amelia Proposes to Owen
01:23 — "I want a real life, and I want it with you."
Fitz Supports Olivia
03:01 — Olivia visits Fitz in the Oval.
Stephanie Sees Kyle (Guest Star Wilmer Valderrama) Die
01:45 — Edwards is in the gallery when Kyle passes away during surgery.
Jo Won't Marry Alex
01:15 — Alex tells Jo he's ready to get married, but she turns him down.
Cyrus Seeks Help from Olivia Pope
02:15 — Cyrus has a Papa Pope problem.
Is Callie Dumping Penny?
01:30 — Preview Episode 23: Callie thinks a long distance relationship is doomed.
Olivia Gets Jake's Message
00:49 — It's time for the Scandal Season 5 finale!
Sneak Peek: Kyle & Stephanie Get Serious
02:01 — Preview Episode 23: Kyle wants to make plans for the future.
Margot Questions Alice About Ben
01:35 — Margot pretends to be Alice's therapist.
Alice Asks Ben to Pick a Side
01:45 — Alice tells Ben to pick a side because she's working with the FBI.
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