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It Happened in Saint-Tropez (Des gens qui s'embrassent)
Brothers Zef and Roni could not be more different; different career paths, different taste in women, one all religious austerity, the other enjoying t (more…)
Sneak Peek: Trailer
02:20 — The official trailer of the series Soundbreaking: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music.
Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, Vol. 5
The Blood Gulch Chronicles conclude with the usual gang of luckless troops - joined by a mysterious stranger, a half-alien child and a crashed ship. T (more…)
Best Laid Plans
01:53 — Best Laid Plans
Scandal Pops: Season 7, Episode 5 Recap
04:17 — Season 7 Episode 5 Recap: Adventures in Babysitting
“Grey’s Anatomy” Sneak Peek: Grey Sloan Memorial's Computers are Hacked
01:21 — “Grey’s Anatomy” Sneak Peek for Season 14 Episode 8 “Out of Nowhere”
Grey’s Anatomy: 300 Episodes in 300 Minutes
05:15 — Relive the best moments from 300 episodes of Grey's Anatomy in 300 minutes.
Abby Wonders If Quinn Got Cold Feet
00:31 — Did Quinn get cold feet on her wedding day?
Sneak Peek: Who's Calling Laurel?
00:45 — Laurel gets an unexpected...and call.
Sneak Peek: My Sister
01:13 — Jackson and the guys talk about their sisters while relaxing on a boat.
Scandal Pops: "Pressing the Flesh" Recap
03:59 — Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: "Pressing the Flesh"
Flashback - Annalise First Lays Eyes on Bonnie
00:47 — A flashback reveals the long and complicated history of Annalise & Bonnie.
Will Bonnie Fire Laurel?
01:28 — Bonnie is told to fire Laurel. Can she actually go through with it?
Marcus Asks If Olivia Will Get a Wing in Fitz's Presidential Library
01:40 — Marcus asks Fitz how much he wants Olivia to be featured in his Presidential library. Olivia worked in Fitz's White House, advised him and was America (more…)
Fitz and Marcus Get Into a Fight Over Power, Respect and Olivia Pope
04:12 — Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) quits as he feels Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) is treating him like a glorified valet instead of a partner. Marcus says Fitz is th (more…)
Fitz and Marcus Are a Team, As Long As They Don't Discuss Mellie
00:47 — Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) assures Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) that as soon as Mellie's first 100 days as President are done they will get out there and mak (more…)
Take No Prisoners
02:33 — It's a whole new cut-throat world at Michaela's new internship.
The Showdown
01:12 — Annalise and Bonnie have words, and more, until Nate steps in.
Andrew Tells Amelia What She Needs to Hear
01:01 — It's time to stop waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Meredith Tells Megan She and Nathan Are Not Together
01:49 — No more love triangles for Meredith Grey.
Olivia Tells Curtis He Does Not Fit in Her Schedule
01:11 — Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Curtis Pryce (Jay Hernandez) have recently finished a "meeting" at a five star hotel. While still lying in bed Curtis st (more…)
Sneak Peek: Amelia Is Fierce
00:42 — Amelia faces her tumor head on.
Sneak Peek: Annalise's New Client
01:01 — Annalise visits an old friend in prison and makes a surprising statement.
Talk or Get Out
01:06 — Annalise has met her match with her new therapist.
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