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My So-Called Life Cast to Reunite at ATX Television Festival

Wilson Cruz and Claire Danes

Almost 20 years after the show's debut, much of the cast of My So-Called Life will reunite at the second annual ATX Television Festival.

Taking the stage this summer will be Wilson Cruz, Devon Odessa, Bess Armstrong, Devon Gummersall and creator Winnie Holzman. Stars Claire Danes and Jared Leto are unable to attend.

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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good"

After a relatively light-hearted and fun tribute episode last week, Tree Hill came back to its heavier, more dramatic self. Lydia James (Haley's mom) returned with shocking and saddening news. Millicent finally faced her drug problem, and Julian and Alex began making the film that would make, or possibly end, their burgeoning careers.

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One Tree Hill's Shantel VanSanten: Road Bumps Are Ahead for Quinn and Clay

Shantel VanSanten, One Tree Hill

After Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton left One Tree Hill (Mon, 8/7c on CW) last season, the show ushered in a new pair of hotties — Robert Buckley and Shantel VanSanten.  VanSanten plays Quinn, a photographer who ran to Tree Hill as an escape from her declining marriage. Now officially divorced and snuggled up with Clay (Buckley), Quinn got a rude awakening when her ex-husband David and her sister Taylor showed up last week ... as a couple. spoke to VanSanten about joining the series, what's ahead for her and her sisters, and about being a part of Brittany Murphy's final film.

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November 28, 2006: Reefer

So right away I was thinking Its not even December why are we getting a Christmas episode already Then I remembered that we only have two more episodes left for this season the season finale airs as early as December 12 and December begins this Friday Happy holidays Actually this episode was more like Halloween meets Christmas Id like to officially place Jacqueline Bissets James character in the category of TVs all-time creepiest characters As soon as Sean asked Reefer the homeless man Charles Haid to stay the night at McNamaraTroy after Sean stitched up his face I knew that James would make Reefer her next victim But I didnt expect her to kill him by removing just about all of his organs how refreshing Then I thought about it of course she had to kill him and strategically remove his body from the premises without the knowledge of the FBI surveillance guards If she kept him alive with just an organ or two removed it wouldve been too obvious read more

I recorded Nip/Tuck for the ...

Question: I recorded Nip/Tuck for the first time ever to catch Anne Heche in the first episode of her story arc. I noticed that one of the producers was Jennifer Salt. The Jennifer Salt? Eunice Tate from Soap? Just curious.
Answer: Yep, one and the same. She's not the only former performer on Nip/Tuck's talented writing/producing staff. Those with good sitcom memories may remember co-executive producer Lyn Greene (then known as Lynnie) co-starring with Bess Armstrong in the 1977 comedy On Our Own ... read more

If I were to sum it up in one...

If I were to sum it up in one sentence, I would say: "This monkey of an episode was smokin' but extremely disturbing, scars and all — the middle was a drag, and the end was a real p---er!" But let me elaborate. First of all, why did I have to be eating a late dinner while watching the scene with Ava's dead and decomposing son Adrian on the floor right after Matt had his fantasy sex scene? Pretty. Besides that, I never thought I'd see Vanessa Redgrave smoke pot with her real-life daughter Joely Richardson and watch a gorilla get plastic surgery in the same hour. At least there was no Carver this week. Christian said, "For the first time in weeks, I forgot all about the Carver," but you know he's not telling the truth. Last week he told Sean the Carver raped him, but he wouldn't admit it to Kit, so you know there will be repercussions. But back to this week. As soon as angry Matt walked into the drag bar, I knew right away it would end in violence. What I didn't expe read more

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