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The Amazing Race - Double U-Turn Ahead (Preview)
00:20 — One team has hit a rough patch while the others are sailing alone, but a double U-turn could spell disaster on The Amazing Race, airing Thursday at 10 (more…)
The Amazing Race - Stairway To Pit Stop
01:12 — Liz and Michael debate again, to either drive or take the 420 steps to the pit stop, how could this go wrong?!
The Amazing Race - Royal Doors
01:08 — Vanck and Ashton are frustrated with each other. Vanck wants to change detours, but Ashton insists that they stick to knocking and looking for doors.
The Amazing Race - Erasing the Target
02:37 — Matt & Redmond decide to tell other teams where the ferry ticket office is, to try to minimize their chance of being U-Turned again.
The Amazing Race - You're Golden, Ponyboy
01:58 — Michael brings Liz to tears when he says he wouldn't trade her for another partner.
The Amazing Race - Where's All the Dust?
02:48 — Liz & Michael look among rubble, old tires, and even the trees while trying to find the Freddie Mercury house.
The Amazing Race - Whatever Bowels We Spoke Of
04:22 — London & Logan compliment the people of Tanzania, discuss how much more mature Michael, Tara and Joey are, and know they could conquer an eating chall (more…)
The Amazing Race - U-Turning Ourselves
02:38 — London & Logan hurry to the catch ferry, and wonder why they're so bad at choosing Detours.
The Amazing Race - Picking the Detour
03:19 — Vanck and Ashton pick the doors detour. Tara and Joey pick the lock detour. Michael figured out quickly that there is a hidden compartment to the draw (more…)
The Amazing Race - The Cards You're Dealt
05:38 — Vanck & Ashton argue about their performance at the Detour and Vanck's commitment to the Race, and Ashton doesn't mince words when giving her opinion (more…)
The Amazing Race - Shamir & Sara
01:10 — Shamir & Sara are still working on the ladle. Phil comes to them and gives them the bad news that they have been eliminated.
The Amazing Race - Which Way!?
01:32 — North, South, East or West, Liz tries to direct Michael, who is adamant he knows which way is north.
The Amazing Race - Like Magnets
02:42 — London & Logan discuss just making the ferry, believe that Shamir & Sara could catch Brooke & Scott at the Roadblock, and detail which teams aren't ge (more…)
The Amazing Race - Fast Forward Skydive
01:47 — Teammates experience a thrill of a lifetime, jumping out a plane from 10,000ft.
The Amazing Race - I Felt Like a Superhero
04:49 — Becca & Floyd perform their skydive, and are happy to not have to use the Express Pass.
The Amazing Race - The Tara and Joey Race
03:41 — Tara & Joey discuss switching Detours, how well they work together, and how they try to stay out of the drama.
The Amazing Race - A Long Ferry Ride
02:50 — Shamir & Sara are sad that their race has come to an end, and Shamir fears he's let his family down.
The Amazing Race - Slow & Steady Wins The Race?
01:24 — Teammates Vanck and Ashton decide that the faster way will obviously be best, but is it?
The Amazing Race - Lighthouse Salmon
01:08 — Teams must find a lighthouse to taste Norway's specialty salmon.
The Amazing Race - Miss the Boat
03:42 — London & Logan give up on looking for the key and detour to knock. A local told them where the royal doors are. Shamir and Sara are still looking for (more…)
The Amazing Race - That's My Game
03:31 — Matt & Redmond and Brooke & Scott discuss wanting to U-Turn Vanck & Ashton.
The Amazing Race - Tara & Joey are first
02:39 — Tara & Joey finish first, winning $5,000 each. Becca & Floyd arrive second. Michael's ladle passes, and he stops by Brooke's station to send her posit (more…)
The Amazing Race - Serious Brownie Points
03:09 — Becca says she wouldn't have stopped to help Brooke if she'd known they were racing for first place.
The Amazing Race - Key or No Key
01:14 — Brooke and Scott now have two keys because they couldn't get the first one open. After opening a different chest, Scott gives Becca their other scorpi (more…)
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