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Britney Tankard Wants a Baby
Season 3 Preview: Ben Tankard is not on board with Britney's family plan.
Ben Tankard Calls out Cyrene in Front of the Family
Season 3 Preview: When Ben catches his daughter not following her diet, the whole family gangs up on her.
Ben Tankard Proves It's Never Too Late
Season 3 Show Highlight: After dedicating baby Micah, Ben takes the opportunity to dedicate his son, Marcus Tankard.
Ben Doubts Brooklyn Commitment to Music
Season 3 Preview: When Brooklyn asks Ben Tankard for his support, she doubts that he really has her back.
Ben Gets a Closet Makeover
Season 2 Episode 6 Preview: Cyrene Tankard is doing for Ben Tankard what Kanye did for Kim.
Phaedra Parks Has Arrived
Season 2 Episode 5 Preview: RHOA's Phaedra stops by the Destiny Center to give Ben Tankard's congregation a pep talk.
Will Marcus Stay, or Will He Go?
Season 2 Episode 8 Preview: Ben Tankard starts putting more pressure on Marcus and Tish to stay in town.
Tankard Toyland
Season 1 Exclusive: Behold Ben Tankard s yellow motorcycles, monster trucks, airplanes.
Cussin' Like a Tankard
Season 1 Exclusive: Ben Tankard presents the concept of Tankard Curseword Replacement Surgery.
Jewel Has a Sentimental Moment
Season 2 Episode 6 Preview: While preparing to celebrate Ben Tankard's musical success, Jewel gets emotional thinking of how he helped raise Cyrene.
Ben’s Advice for the Atlanta ‘Wives
Season 12 Episode 1 Show Highlight: Ben Tankard from Thicker Than Water shares his advice for the conflicts happening on #RHOA.
Making A Mockery Of Christianity?
Season 10 Episode 91 Show Highlight: Ben Tankard responds to a caller who accuses him of being more interested in making money than spreading the word (more…)
Cakes on A Plane
Season 1 Exclusive: Ben Tankard has a sticky little secret.
After Show: The Tankards on Their New Season
Season 12 Episode 1: Part II: Jewel and Ben Tankard discuss what they re most excited about for the new season of Thicker Than Water.
A Caviar Wedding on a Sardine Budget
Season 1 Episode 6 Show Highlight: Ben Tankard passes the planning to Jewel.
After Show: Why’s Ben So Hard On Brooklyn?
Season 10 Episode 91: Part I: Thicker Than Water star Ben Tankard responds to a caller s question about why he s so hard on Brooklyn. He says he wan (more…)
Is Cyrene Exhibiting Skank Behavior?
Season 2 Episode 5 Preview: Ben Tankard upsets his daughter when he mentions 'the skank scale.'
Take a Tour of the Tankard Palace
Season 2 Exclusive: Jewel and Ben Tankard walk us through their palatial home.


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