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Son of the Mask - Trailer
Mass mischief begins when a dog discovers a mysterious mask in this comedy sequel.
Ben Stein on "How to Really Ruin Your Financial Life"
Actor, economist and author Ben Stein on The News Hub discusses steps you can take to really ruin your financial life. Photo: AP.
Ben Stein On Donald Trump
05:01 — Author, economist, actor, and commentator Ben Stein shares his opinions on Donald Trump, including questioning what his specific plans are for impleme (more…)
Hot Topic: Ben Stein Blasts Obama
02:41 — Ben Stein calls President Obama the most racist President.
Ben Stein On Donald Trump
05:01 — Author, economist, actor, and commentator Ben Stein shares his opinions on Donald Trump, including questioning what his specific plans are for impleme (more…)
Family Goy
After finding a lump on her breast, Lois goes to the doctor to get it tested. Thankfully, the tests come back benign. However, the doctor looks into h (more…)
Ben Stein on who's to blame for stock market woes
02:42 — The "Sunday Morning" commentator says experts and politicians who blame China for the U.S. stock market's recent downturn are missing the point.
Ben Stein: No more voodoo economics
02:25 — Ben Stein comments on the United States' debt crisis claiming Americans have been living in a dream world, and it's time to wake up and live within ou (more…)
Ben Stein: The GOP is down, but not out
02:25 — Commentator Ben Stein opines on the effects of Election 2012 on the Republican Party, and how the GOP can move forward.
Ben Stein's unique Christmas perspective
01:51 — Ben Stein discusses what Christmas means to him.
Ben Stein: "Real wealth"
01:54 — "Sunday Morning" contributor Ben Stein shares his opinion on what "real wealth" means.
Ben Stein on Taxes
02:10 — The debate is heating up over whether the Bush era tax cuts should be continued, but only for individual incomes under $200,00 and family incomes unde (more…)
Ben Stein tells GOP to cool it on budget crisis
02:08 — "Sunday Morning" contributor Ben Stein is "horrified" by the political drama between Congressional Republicans and Democrats and the threat to shut do (more…)
Ben Stein on the ISIS kidnappings
02:09 — Recent brutal acts in the Middle East, and our government's policy for dealing with them, are weighing on the mind of "Sunday Morning" contributor Ben (more…)
Ben Stein doesn't trust the "Arab Spring"
02:17 — Ben Stein thinks the "Arab Spring" may not be something to celebrate. Rather, it's something to worry about.
Ben Stein blames debt crisis on careless people
02:18 — Ben Stein puts the blame of the debt ceiling crisis on "a stupendous pileup of immensely careless people who have been heading for trouble for a decad (more…)
Ben Stein on the gift of gratitude
01:43 — Contributor Ben Stein has some words to say about saying “thank youâ€? to some very important people who deserve it the most.
Opinion: A bad "fiscal cliff" solution
01:57 — Ben Stein expresses his feelings about the suggestion to get rid of the home mortgage interest tax deduction in order to beat the fiscal cliff, and sa (more…)
Ben Stein's Word of Warning
02:15 — Ben Stein comments on the biggest threat to our economic security - traders
Ben Stein Gives the Gift of Forgiveness
02:15 — Christmas is a time for holding on to sweet memories, but Ben Stein suggests it is also a good time for ridding ourselves of bitter ones.
Ben Stein: What would he do?
04:35 — Actor and writer Ben Stein speaks to the "Early Show" anchors about his new book, "What Would Ben Stein Do?" and how his advice relates to some curren (more…)
Ben Stein: “Stop torturing Jonathan Pollard�
02:18 — Contributor Ben Stein offers his thoughts on convicted spy Jonathan Pollard and a proposed Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.
Ben Stein on North Korea, Sony and "The Interview"
01:48 — Ben Stein shares his thoughts on America's response to the hacking of Sony Pictures.
Opinion: Jews of Israel will have to save themselves
02:14 — Ben Stein opines on Passover, its meaning, and the fate of the Jewish people being threatened by Iran.
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  • Birth Name: Benjamin J. Stein
  • Birth Place: Washington, District of Columbia, United States
  • Birthday: November 25, 1944, Sagittarius
  • Profession: Actor, TV host, Writer, Economist

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