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Episodes 6-10
06:50 — What darkness lurks in Ackerman's Field? And from what hell does it come?
Snakes in the Drain
11:08 — Michael Ian Black serves as the guest bailiff while Judge Doug presides over a family dispute regarding a pet snake.
He Took My Money Fast and Now I'm Furious
11:08 — Rory Scovel serves as guest bailiff while Judge Doug presides over a dispute involving undelivered luxury cars.
Channeling Her Anger
11:08 — A young woman inadvertently breaks her friend's TV when she throws a remote at him in anger, but then claims that he is the one at fault. Judge Doug c (more…)
Model Misbehavior
11:08 — A mother sues her son over makeup products that he never paid for. Rory Scovel serves as guest bailiff.
Dude, Where's My Truck?
11:08 — Joey Coco Diaz guest stars as Judge Doug hears a case revolving around a missing truck.
The Great Screwdini
11:08 — Michael Ian Black serves as guest bailiff when Doug settles a case involving two rival magicians.
Last Comic Stealing
11:08 — Jessimae Peluso serves as the guest bailiff while Judge Doug hears a case about comedian-on-comedian joke-stealing.
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
11:08 — Judge Doug must rule on a case involving missing hair extensions. Guest bailiff Brandon Wardell helps him come to a verdict.
Someone Is Paying for This Tow Job
11:08 — Judge Doug settles a heated dispute revolving around a car that got towed after the owner loaned to a friend. Tiffany Haddish serves as the guest bail (more…)
Cast Profiles
14:09 — Meet Renee Fecarotta Russo, Nora Schweighs, Pia Rizza, Christina Scoleri, and Leah DeSimone, the cast of VH1's latest series, Mob Wives Chicago.
Meet the Miami Monkey Ladies
04:50 — Miami versus New York? Get the inside views with the fiery Staten Island ladies and the Miami beauties.
Episode 6
05:37 — As usual, Italy is sobbing and calling Germany for help. What trouble is he in this time?
I Ain't Saying She's A Gold Digger
11:08 — Judge Doug must decide whether an ex-boyfriend is owed money for investing in his ex-girlfriend's music career. Guest bailiff Reggie Watts helps him c (more…)
Bringing Sexy Back to the Blues
11:08 — Todd Glass serves as the guest bailiff while Judge Doug hears a case about a lackluster blues singer who claims he's owed payment for a past performan (more…)
Taken For A Ride
11:08 — Judge Doug hears a case where the plaintiff's mother refuses to pay back rent money, and Tiffany Haddish serves as the guest bailiff.
Dog Gone It
11:08 — The Lucas Brothers help Doug decide a case with a special canine guest star at the center of the dispute.
Radio Hits
11:08 — Judge Doug moderates a dispute between a couple fighting over a broken car radio. Joey Coco Diaz serves as guest bailiff.
Sneak Peek
02:15 — Dog and Beth are back, doing what they love best. Take a sneek peek at their new show coming to CMT.
Driving Miss Johnson
11:08 — Judge Doug presides over a case involving a mother who claims her daughter owes her money that she lent for the purchase of a car, but the daughter cl (more…)
Two's Company, Three's a Crowd
11:08 — Tiffany Haddish guest stars as Doug hears a case between ex-roommates over a disputed security deposit.
14:46 — ZOMBO, a loveable member of the undead, has a strong craving for something other than human flesh. He wants to be a singer in musicals. But when Zombo (more…)
Driving Buds Bad Behavior
11:08 — Slink Johnson guest stars as Judge Doug negotiates a dispute between two friends regarding a $3,000 loan.
Smoked-Out Couch
11:08 — A man claims that a houseguest damaged his couch while smoking weed. The Lucas Brothers serve as guest bailiffs.
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