Sun Aug 30 5:30am
The OfficeCasual Friday(Season 5, Episode 26) TBS

A conflict erupts in the new sales group, with mediator Michael landing square in the middle of the dispute. In other developments, the office drones take a relaxed attitude to new heights during "casual Friday."

Tue Sep 1 12:00am
The OfficeCafe Disco(Season 5, Episode 27) TBS

Michael embraces the idea of a "café disco" by introducing dance fever and coffee to the office, resulting in quite a jolt. Meanwhile, Jim and Pam rev up for a secret trip.

Wed Sep 2 12:00am
The OfficeCompany Picnic(Season 5, Episode 28) TBS

Season 5 closes with the staffers attending the annual Dunder Mifflin company picnic, where Michael and ex-flame Holly (Amy Ryan) reunite. Elsewhere, the Scranton branch tries to outwit, outplay and outlast the competition in a volleyball tournament. Idris (more…)

Thu Sep 3 12:00am
The OfficeGossip(Season 6, Episode 1) TBS

In the mock-doc's Season 6 opener, the Dunder-Mifflin staffers share gossip about the summer interns. Michael, feeling left out of the fun chatter, desperately goes hunting for the next big rumor to spread. Meanwhile, sexual-identity issues rattle Andy.

Fri Sep 4 12:00am
The OfficeThe Meeting(Season 6, Episode 2) TBS

It's an undercover mission at the office when Toby and Dwight lurk in the shadows to investigate a workers'-compensation claim filed by warehouse denizen Darryl. Meanwhile, Pam gets busy on a guest list for the wedding; and Michael feels defensive followin (more…)

Tue Sep 8 12:00am
The OfficeThe Promotion(Season 6, Episode 3) TBS

Corporate honcho David Wallace (Andy Buckley) floors the staffers with news that not all will receive raises for the year. Elsewhere, Jim pushes Dwight too far, so Dwight sets out to form office alliances. And Pam focuses on her wedding-gift wish list.

Wed Sep 9 12:00am
The OfficeNiagara(Season 6, Episode 4) TBS

Part 1 of 2. The staffers travel to Niagara Falls to celebrate Jim and Pam's nuptials---but no one must mention Pam's pregnancy. Meanwhile, Michael, Dwight and Andy seek lusty liaisons with wedding guests.

Thu Sep 10 12:00am
The OfficeNiagara(Season 6, Episode 6) TBS

Conclusion. The staffers celebrate Jim and Pam's nuptials in Niagara Falls, but a cascade of twists, turns and complications ensues.

Thu Sep 10 8:10am
Head over Heels HBOSGe

An unlucky-in-love art restorer (Monica Potter) discovers that her new dreamboat (Freddie Prinze Jr.) may have committed murder. Shalom Harlow, Ivana Milicevic, Sarah O'Hare. Directed by Mark S. Waters.

Fri Sep 11 12:00am
The OfficeMafia(Season 6, Episode 5) TBS

When an insurance salesman visits the office, Dwight and Andy believe he's a Mafia man and set out to convince Michael of their suspicions.