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Mon Feb 8 11:00am
Last Man StandingBaxter & Sons ABCFAM

Mike's father and brother arrive in town and want to bid on constructing a new Outdoor Man store, reigniting a sibling rivalry between the brothers. Meanwhile, the girls help their grandfather enter the world of online dating.

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Mon Feb 8 11:30am
Last Man StandingDing Dong Ditch ABCFAM

A teenage prankster gets hurt on the Baxter's property, and the Baxters get a bill for his injuries. Meanwhile, Kristin's busy schedule gets more challenging when she begins taking college courses.

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Mon Feb 8 12:00pm
Last Man StandingAnimal Wrongs ABCFAM

Mandy dates an animal-rights supporter, who doesn't see eye to eye with hunting enthusiast Mike. Elsewhere, Kyle and Ed bond over their newly discovered shared heritage.

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Mon Feb 8 12:30pm
Last Man StandingWherefore Art Thou, Mike Baxter ABCFAM

Outdoor Man hosts its annual employee sports contest, and Mike and Ed reconsider including Kyle on their team, fearing he'll hurt their chances of winning. Elsewhere, Vanessa attempts to clarify her unenthusiastic comments about her daughters' hobbies.

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Mon Feb 8 1:00pm
Last Man StandingThis Bud's for You ABCFAM

Mike's dad moves to town to begin building the new store, and Vanessa worries about Mike's health, fearing his father may unintentionally raise Mike's already-elevated blood pressure.

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Mon Feb 8 1:30pm
Last Man StandingThe Spotlight ABCFAM

Vanessa is acknowledged for her volunteer efforts, but her good news is overshadowed by Mike, who then tries to remedy the situation. Meanwhile, Eve becomes apprehensive about starting high school; and Ed wants to use Mike as a model for an Outdoor Man fig (more…)

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Mon Feb 8 6:00pm
Last Man StandingBuffalo Bill Day CMT

Outdoor Man celebrates Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show with a skit directed by Mike, featuring Ed and Eve in starring roles. Meanwhile, Mandy flirts with Kyle, who remains unaware of her interest in him.

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Mon Feb 8 6:00pm
Last Man StandingHaunted House HALMRK

Vanessa runs a haunted-house fund-raiser for Boyd's school, but her spooky concepts frighten Boyd. A concerned Mike then tries to get his grandson to overcome his fears.

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Mon Feb 8 6:30pm
Last Man StandingBreaking Curfew CMT

Mike plays mind games with Mandy after he sees her sneaking into the house following a late night out with Kyle. Elsewhere, Kristin doesn't want her son to know that she's dating his dad again.

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Mon Feb 8 6:30pm
Last Man StandingLarabee for School Board HALMRK

Mike doesn't support his neighbor's bid for election to the school board, which makes him a likely suspect in the mystery of her missing campaign signs. Elsewhere, Eve's sisters give her contradictory advice on romance; and Kyle gets jealous of Ryan.

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Mon Feb 8 7:00pm
Last Man StandingPrivate Coach CMT

Mike gets Eve a private soccer coach, whom all the Baxter women find handsome and charming.

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Mon Feb 8 7:00pm
Last Man StandingShoveling Snow HALMRK

Eve is eager to resume her snow-shoveling business when a snowstorm hits town. However, she soon discovers that her financially-strapped neighbor has beaten her to the punch, so Mike counsels her on capitalism.

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Mon Feb 8 7:30pm
Last Man StandingThe Fight CMT

Bill McKendree taunts Mike and his family at a baseball game, and Ryan impresses Mike with how he handles the situation. Elsewhere, Mandy is deprived of modern technology, so she resorts to using an old ham radio and makes some faraway friends.

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Mon Feb 8 7:30pm
Last Man StandingVanessa Fixes Kyle HALMRK

Vanessa persuades Mandy to dump Kyle, but then she regrets meddling and tries to repair things, doing even more harm in the process.

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Mon Feb 8 8:00pm
Last Man StandingCollege Girl CMT

In the second-season finale, Mandy gets into two colleges and selects a party school. Meanwhile, Kristin takes stock of her life and runs into an old coworker who's found success; and Eve's neighbor assists her with her junior ROTC contest.

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Mon Feb 8 8:30pm
Last Man StandingTasers CMT

Roses arrive anonymously at the Baxter home on Valentine's Day, and there are several suspects. However, Mike is not among them, because he gifts Vanessa with a Taser.

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Tue Feb 9 5:00pm
Last Man StandingStud Muffin CMT

Chuck's dog gets pregnant by the Baxters' canine, and Chuck is displeased about his purebred German shepherd delivering a litter of mutts. Meanwhile, Mandy hits a parked car, and Eve feels compelled to leave a note.

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Tue Feb 9 5:30pm
Last Man StandingHere's the Kicker CMT

In the fourth-season opener, Eve becomes the first female kicker on her school's football team, which elates Mike and worries Vanessa. Meanwhile, Eve is unsure of how to read Justin's reaction regarding her role on the team.

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Tue Feb 9 6:00pm
Last Man StandingWhat's in a Name? CMT

Mike discovers that Boyd's last name has been changed and is no longer Baxter. Meanwhile, the Baxter gals revive their old singing group and make a Valentine's Day music video, which they hope will go viral.

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Tue Feb 9 6:00pm
Last Man StandingThanksgiving HALMRK

On Thanksgiving, Mike's dad shares news about his new business venture involving a recreational marijuana store. While Mike's not pleased with the idea, he also doesn't want to seem unsupportive.

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Tue Feb 9 6:30pm
Last Man StandingBack to School CMT

In the third-season opener, Mike assists two loyal customers who need to gear up for their annual moose hunt. Meanwhile, Mike tries to convince Kristin and Ryan to transfer Boyd out of a bilingual school.

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Tue Feb 9 6:30pm
Last Man StandingSpanking HALMRK

Bud's harsh method of disciplining Boyd doesn't sit well with Kristin, Ryan and—to Bud's surprise—Mike. Elsewhere, Mandy buys a new hat for Kyle, and he's confused by the meaning behind this gift.

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Tue Feb 9 7:00pm
Last Man StandingDriving Lessons CMT

Mike encourages Vanessa to bond with Eve by teaching Eve how to drive. Elsewhere, Mandy wants Mike to stop giving Kyle projects to work on around the house.

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Tue Feb 9 7:00pm
Last Man StandingElfie HALMRK

A Christmas surprise awaits the family's housekeeper, and Mandy's the one who's secretly behind it. Elsewhere, Ryan wants to inform Boyd that his new elf doll isn't really magical, but Mike wants Ryan to see the benefits of believing in Christmas magic.

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