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Barney Frank On Trump's Treasury Pick
07:47 — Former Rep. Barney Frank, D - Massachusetts, talks to Kate Snow about Donald Trump's Treasury Secretary pick, Steven Mnuchin, and discusses his though (more…)
Fred Talks: Long-Lost Twins
01:57 — Fred found his long-lost twin! (This sort of thing happens a couple times a year.)
2016 Shakeup! Jeb Bush Isn't the Frontrunner
08:32 — Two new polls show Jeb Bush is no longer the frontrunner in the GOP 2016 race. With two months to go before the first of the debates, Lawrence talks w (more…)
Seth's Story: Amy Poehler Credit Cardgate Update
01:28 — Amy is still going on a spending rampage with Seth's credit card.
Tony Bennett Performs On 'The View'
04:25 — Tony Bennett Performs The Way You Look Tonight.
Sanders Calls for Ousting of DNC Rules Committee Chairs
06:26 — Over the weekend, Bernie Sanders called for the resignation of two of the top Democrats - Gov. Dannel Malloy and former Sen. Barney Frank, at the con (more…)
Seth's Hype Man Scoot
03:48 — Seth gets an anecdote assist from his new hype man.
Woman Claims Brother Was Abused by Hastert
07:11 — Andrea Mitchell talks to Barney Frank about new allegations against former House Speaker Dennis Hastert after a woman told news outlets that her broth (more…)
Barney Frank: Joe Biden, Talented But Undisciplined; Can't Keep His Mouth Shut or Hands to Himself.
00:55 — Outspoken Former U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, the first openly gay member of Congress, tells Larry King that Vice Pres. Joe Biden is "his own worst enemy," (more…)
Sen. Graham to Introduce 20-week Abortion Ban
09:52 — GOP presidential candidate Lindsey Graham will introduce a 20-week abortion ban in the Senate. He told Politico that ban is a reasonable position to t (more…)
Ratcheting up the Rhetoric
04:46 — Chris Hayes talks to former Congressman Barney Frank about the increasingly heated rhetoric towards Muslims in the wake of the Paris attacks.
Barney Frank: 'Vigorous Primary Challenge' for Clinton Doesn't Help
00:41 — The outspoken congressman recalls being part of the Clinton investigations of the late 1990s.
Barney Frank On Mitch McConnell's Defeat
10:29 — Sen. McConnell loses a major vote in the Senate: the NSA's bulk data collection of phone records, exposed by Edward Snowden, is no more. Lawrence talk (more…)
Are Republicans Building up Bernie Sanders?
06:36 — Many on the right are trying to build up Bernie Sanders to help take down Hillary Clinton. Former Congressman Barney Frank, D-Ma., joins Chris Matthew (more…)
Kristol: I Will Bet Anyone Trump Won't Be Nominee
08:58 — The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol guarantees Donald Trump won't be the GOP nominee, and he's willing to make a bet on it. Barney Frank also discusses (more…)
Barney Frank: Reality Is LGBT People 'Beat the Prejudice'
01:21 — The former Democratic Congressman from Massachusetts says same-sex marriage has advanced because people stopped hiding.
Barney Frank On 'The View':  Subject of New Documentary ‘Compared to What’
04:55 — Barney Frank is the subject of the new documentary film Compared to What.
Outrage - Trailer 1
01:55 — Filmmaker Kirby Dick examines the hypocrisy of certain closeted politicians who actively campaign against the LGBT community to which they secretly be (more…)
Cobie Smulders' Husband Taran Killam Is an Avengers Superfan
02:45 — Cobie Smulders has the biggest Avengers fan ever living in her house.
Clinton, Sanders Neck and Neck in Iowa
07:13 — Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in Iowa by only three points in the latest poll, so every caucus-goer really does count. Former Rep. Barney Frank (more…)
Should We Break up the Big Banks?
07:37 — Chris Hayes discusses whether or not breaking up the big banks is feasible, and wise with former Congressman Barney Frank and Wall Street reform advoc (more…)
Sanders Ratchets up Attacks On Democrats
11:34 — Bernie Sanders is at war with some of the biggest liberal icons of the Democratic party, including former U.S. Congressman Barney Frank. Frank faces o (more…)
Poll: Sanders and Clinton Tied Nationally
07:15 — A new Bloomberg Politics national poll shows Sanders and Clinton in a statistical tie. Sanders supporter Nina Turner and Clinton supporter Barney Fran (more…)
Barney Frank: Bernie Sanders' Claims 'Bogus'
07:51 — The DNC rejected Bernie Sanders' call to remove former Rep. Barney Frank from the rules committee and Gov. Dan Malloy as co-chair of the platform comm (more…)
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