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Frank on partisan differences and banking reform
04:23 — Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), the top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, talks to Charlie Rose about the partisan showdown over the na (more…)
Sanders Ratchets up Attacks On Democrats
11:34 — Bernie Sanders is at war with some of the biggest liberal icons of the Democratic party, including former U.S. Congressman Barney Frank. Frank faces o (more…)
Barney Frank: Bernie Sanders' Claims 'Bogus'
07:51 — The DNC rejected Bernie Sanders' call to remove former Rep. Barney Frank from the rules committee and Gov. Dan Malloy as co-chair of the platform comm (more…)
Sanders Calls for Ousting of DNC Rules Committee Chairs
06:26 — Over the weekend, Bernie Sanders called for the resignation of two of the top Democrats - Gov. Dannel Malloy and former Sen. Barney Frank, at the con (more…)
Can Sanders' Plan to Break up the Banks Work?
11:41 — Chris Hayes debates Sanders' statements on too-big-to-fail with former Congressman Barney Frank and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich.
Poll: Sanders and Clinton Tied Nationally
07:15 — A new Bloomberg Politics national poll shows Sanders and Clinton in a statistical tie. Sanders supporter Nina Turner and Clinton supporter Barney Fran (more…)
Frontline: The Released Trailer
01:00 — This year, hundreds of thousands of prisoners with serious mental illnesses will be released into communities across America, the largest exodus in th (more…)
Clinton, Sanders Neck and Neck in Iowa
07:13 — Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in Iowa by only three points in the latest poll, so every caucus-goer really does count. Former Rep. Barney Frank (more…)
Barney Frank Talks Bill O'Reilly
02:55 — Former Congressman Barney Frank talks about his appearance on Bill O'Reilly's show.
Should We Break up the Big Banks?
07:37 — Chris Hayes discusses whether or not breaking up the big banks is feasible, and wise with former Congressman Barney Frank and Wall Street reform advoc (more…)
Barney Frank Refuses to Talk to a Dining Room Table
Barney Frank has no interest in arguing with a dining room table, but he can't stifle the voice of American furniture on Stephen's watch.
Consumer Protection Agency - Barney Frank
Barney Frank wants Elizabeth Warren to head the consumer protection agency because she's an extraordinarily zealous pragmatist.
Barney Frank Is Not a Great Outdoorsman
Just because Barney Frank authored a bill to legalize medical marijuana doesn't mean he could recognize a pot plant.
Intro - 7/14/09
Stephen suggests looking for change in the folds of Barney Frank, and asks Leymah Gbowee where Liberia is.
Better Know a District - Massachusetts' 4th - Barney Frank
Stephen sits down with Congressman Barney Frank to discus life as part of a highly discriminated minority group: lefties.
Apology Box
Stephen apologizes to the New Jersey State Police and Barney Frank without anyone seeing him do it.
No Good Deed
Representative Barney Frank throws his free face time on The Colbert Report back in Stephen's face.
Better Know a District - Massachusetts' 4th - Barney Frank Update
Stephen honors Barney Frank's retirement from Congress with an encore presentation of his second ever Better Know a District.
Barney Frank's Retirement
The Tennessee Tea Party says goodbye to Barney Frank with a derogatory tweet.
Congressman Barney Frank
Season 1 Episode 7:
Barney Frank Plays Plead the Fifth!
Season 12 Episode 77 Show Highlight: Will former Congressman Barney Frank tell Andy Cohen who he thinks is the biggest idiot in Washington D.C. during (more…)
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