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Details for Perry Mason — 50th Anniversary Edition DVDs

Perry Mason courtesy CBS DVD and Paramount Home Entertainment

Earlier this week CBS DVD and Paramount Home Entertainment announced the Perry Mason - 50th Anniversary Edition 4-disc set, coming out on April 8th.We've got the scoop now on just what episodes and extras you'll find in this great upcoming DVD package!The studio describes The 50th Anniversary Edition as a compilation of "12 of the most gripping, thrilling, and shocking episodes of the show's incredible 9 seasons". The episodes selected to celebrate Perry's golden anniversary are: "The Case of the Wary Wildcatter" (with Barbara Bain), "The Case of the Treacherous Toupee" (with Robert Redford), "The Case of the Envious Editor" (with James Coburn), "The Case of the Barefaced Witness" (with Adam West), "The Case of the Counterfeit Crank" (with Burt Reynolds), "The Case of the Shoplifter's Shoe" (with Leonard Nimoy), "The Case of Constant Doyle" (with Bette Davis), "The Case of the Deadly Verdict" (Mason loses a case), "The Case of the Bountiful Beauty" (with Ryan O'Neal), "The Case of t... read more

Just wondering. Did William ...

Cape fear: Hero's Katt

Question: Just wondering. Did William Katt star in anything before The Greatest American Hero

Answer: His big break in the pre-Hero years was as doomed prom king Tommy in 1976's Carrie, Kyle. His first true starring role was as the young Sundance Kid, playing opposite Tom Berenger's Butch Cassidy, in 1979's Butch and Sundance: The Early Days. I'm betting, however, that you missed that one since most people did.

Like it or not, Katt, the son of actors Bill Williams and Barbara Hale (Perry Mason) is best remembered for his work on the ABC series, which ran from March 1981 to February 1983. And to hear him talk at the time, he didn't like the idea of that — and quite rightly feared it w read more

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