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Tue Dec 19 6:30am
Barney MillerThe Counterfeiter(Season 5, Episode 19) SUND

Harris is after a counterfeiter; Luger seeks advice from Barney. Hathaway: J. Pat O'Malley. Lavelle: Jack Riley. Dr. Bordeau: George Pentecost. Lisa Lavelle: Susan Davis. Sidney Becker: Al Ruscio. Harris: Ron Glass. Luger: James Gregory.

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Tue Dec 19 7:00am
Barney MillerOpen House(Season 5, Episode 20) SUND

Only derelicts come to the precinct's open house; a psychiatrist debates revealing an arson suspect's name. Fabiani: Carmen Filpi. Starkwell: David Fresco. Brickman: Allan Miller. Brewer: John Dullaghan. Carew: Christopher Lloyd. Barney: Hal Linden.

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Tue Dec 19 7:30am
Barney MillerIdentity(Season 5, Episode 21) SUND

An air-traffic controller is hauled in for trying to kill Harris, and a robber pleads not to be jailed. Kendall: Don Calfa. Baskin: Kip King. Harris: Ron Glass. Monahan: David Clennon. Kotterman: Jack Somack.

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Tue Dec 19 8:00am
Barney MillerComputer Crime(Season 5, Episode 22) SUND

A citizen fears a "witch" has put a curse on him. Hal Linden, Ron Glass, Steve Landesberg.

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Tue Dec 19 8:30am
Barney MillerGraveyard Shift(Season 5, Episode 23) SUND

The graveyard shift is plagued by bomb threats and by Harris, who tapes conversations to use in his book. Harris: Ron Glass. Barney: Hal Linden.

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Tue Dec 19 9:00am
Barney MillerA Jack Soo Retrospective(Season 5, Episode 24) SUND

A tribute to the late Jack Soo and his portrayal of detective Nick Yemana. Highlights include Yemana's inability to stop singing after eating hashish brownies; his attraction to a woman who turns out to be a hooker; and his response to an ink-blot test.

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Tue Dec 19 9:30am
Barney MillerInquisition(Season 6, Episode 1) SUND

Internal Affairs comes looking for the anonymous letter writer who claims to be gay. Hal Linden. Zitelli: Dino Natali. Corwin: Norman Bartold. Alsop: Peter Jurasik. Litke: David Darlow. Scanlon: George Murdock.

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Sat Dec 23 8:55am
Barney MillerChristmas Story(Season 3, Episode 10) SUND

Fish goes after a mugger of store Santas. Hal Linden, Abe Vigoda. Murakami: Nobu McCarthy. Craig: Jay Gerber. Conti: John Morgan Evans.

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Sat Dec 23 9:25am
Barney MillerToys(Season 5, Episode 12) SUND

Barney's yuletide vexations include feuding toy sellers, a claustrophobic thief---and separation from his wife (Barbara Barrie). Berman: Zachary Berger. Metterling: Walter Janowitz. Cummings: Sydney Lassick.

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Sat Dec 23 9:55am
Barney MillerHomeless(Season 8, Episode 7) SUND

Homeless souls overrun the precinct during the holidays; a merchant assaults a vagrant with a cattle prod. Bruno: Stanley Brock. Eddie: Don Calfa. Minch: Ben Piazza. Weckler: David Clennon. Kellog: Paul Stolarsky. Barney: Hal Linden.

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