Barbara Barrie




Interesting episode title and interesting episode. And by interesting I mean excellent, as usual.I like that we spent some serious time with Olive this week. I know many of you love her, and tonight we got a little glimpse into Olive’s past. Since she’s so short — 4' 11" to be exact — it would make sense that she was a jockey in a former life. She’s one of the sport’s best and brightest until a tragic accident brings her career to an end. When Olive’s jockey friends start going to that big racetrack in the sky, Olive knows she needs Emerson’s help to discover what’s really going on. She’s afraid the ghost of John Joseph Jacobs (Hamish Linklater) is returning to kill every jockey who crossed the finish line in the race that cost him his life. Turns out his witchy (with a b) mother (Barbara Barrie) has been impersonating him — on a horse that breathes fire, no less — to revenge the earnings and glory her son lost in that race... read more

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