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Top Moments: Nancy Grace Dances with the Devil, a Little White Wedding and Lots of Sex Talk

Nancy Grace

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13. The Show Must Go On Award:
There's no such thing as an injured reserve list on America's Got Talent. After Lucia of LD Dance performs with a sprained ankle, hip-hop troupe Fatally Unique's status is put into question when one of its dancers is forebodingly taken to the hospital on a stretcher following a collapsing pyramid during rehearsals. (Let's not forget the small pool of blood on the stage either.) She returns with a busted lip and a fractured nose and powers through the routine — and the pyramid trick — earning the group a trip to... read more

Sean Young, Michael Lohan and Bai Ling Check In to Celebrity Rehab

Sean Young, Michael Lohan and Bai Ling

Actress Sean Young, Hollywood dad Michael Lohan, and baseball star Dwight "Doc" Gooden are among the famous patients who will join Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew for Season 5, VH1 announced Tuesday.

The new season, which premieres Sunday, June 26 at 9/8c, also features Miss Long Island Lolita herself Amy Fisher, Guns 'N' Roses drummer Steven Adler (his second time on the show), actress Bai Ling, Baywatch actor Jeremy Jackson and Survivor castaway Jessica "Sugar" Kiper.

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Sean Young Joins Celebrity Rehab

Sean Young

Sean Young will appear in the fifth season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, has confirmed. 

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The 51-year-old actress, who starred in... read more

Michael Lohan, Amy Fisher Join Celebrity Rehab

Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan, Amy Fisher and Bai Ling are among the celebrities appearing in the fifth season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, has confirmed. 

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The father of Lindsay Lohan, who has been the topic of recent headlines after she allegedly stole a $2,500 necklace, will also be joined by... read more

Grab Some Caffeine: Crank 2 Is Gearing Up for a Reprise

Amy Smart and Jason Statham in Crank courtesy Lionsgate Films

We couldnt believe it either The cast of Crank is gearing up for a reprise of their action-packed film frenzy with Crank 2 In the sequel to the story of a hit man with a the minutes ticking down on his life Jason Stathams back as Chev Chelios with Amy Smart joining him again as his girlfriend and Clifton Collins Jr as the bad guy Dwight Yoakam and Efren Ramirez are also back says Variety and Bai Ling has signed on tooIn the second Crank movie Chev goes after an evil mobster whos stolen his tough-as-nails heart and swapped in one that needs electricity jolts to keep beating clearly an inferior model that deserves a movies worth of chases and cliff-hangers While the first Crank was quite enough for many critics such as TV Guides Ken Fox who reviewed it here it did a respectable 42 million in worldwide ticket sales tempting enough it seems for a second round Will Crank 2 tempt you Anna Dimond read more

Bai Ling Blames Shoplifting Arrest on Valentine's Woes

Bai Ling by Amy Graves/

Blame it on the man, sure! Bai Ling says an "emotionally crazy" day fueled by romantic woes culminated in her unsuccessfully pinching $16 worth of celebrity glossies (and batteries, hmmm...) from an LAX gift shop. "[That's the] huge problem of breaking up [before] Valentine's Day," Ling told E! News on Thursday, the day after her arrest. "Wrong boyfriend." A friend of the actress (whose recent TV credits include Lost and Entourage) adds, "She was in... a mentally unstable state of mind.... She was distracted."Ling is due in court March 5 to face charges. (Can we double security on the courthouse newsstand?) read more

More Fashion-Confused Than Ever

Huh? What is this? Will someone please ask Bai Ling who she thinks she is? (OK, so she landed a guest spot on Lost. I'm ignoring that for the moment.) Forget it, I'll do it. Bai, what's going on here? Did you steal that "shirt/coat" from The Matrix costume closet? And are we at the beach or preparing for snowy weather? I'm confused. Really, really, really confused. But maybe I'm just not fashionably aware or knowledgeable at all. Which is fine. I'm still not taking any tips from this outfit. read more

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