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Entourage Gets a Little Bigger: Jami Gertz, Autumn Reeser Added

Autumn Reeser, Jami Gertz

The offices at Miller/Gold are going to get a little bit sexier.

Jami Gertz (Ally McBeal, Still Standing) and Autumn Reeser (The O.C.­, Valentine) will join HBO's Entourage as recurring characters next season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Gertz will play Marlo Klein, the wife of recently added agent Andrew, played by Gary Cole. Reeser will join Miller/Gold as a new junior agent named Lizzy.

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MTV Plans a High School Mall-sical

In late January at a shoppingplex in Provo, Spain Utah, MTV will begin filming The American Mall, an original musical from High School Musical producers Bill Borden and Barry Rosenbush, says the Hollywood Reporter. Eyed for a summer premiere, the song-and-dancer stars Bulgarian actress Nina Dobrev as a singing/songwriting high school graduate desperate to save her mother's music store and hold onto the musically gifted young janitor she loves (played by Rob Mayes). Now for a name you recognize: The O.C.'s Autumn Reeser will play Dobrev's rich-bitch adversary whose folks are trying to shutter the mall.The American Mall pitch actually predates HSM, and was originally (and amazingly, considering what I detailed above) envisioned as a feature film. read more

"Don't Try This at Home"

Bloody Mary [Spin], bloody Mary [Spin], bloody Mary [Spin]. Did you ever play that game? I did several times at grade-school slumber parties, and here's the secret: the reason "Bloody Mary" pops out at you in the mirror is... you're so dizzy after spinning around three times, you wind up seeing your reflection "behind" you. But do not try this at home!Actually, at the start of the episode, when the first "victim" landed herself in the hospital, I thought, "It's kind of what's supposed to happen when you play that Bloody Mary game in the mirror!" Was I right, or was I right? After a pretty eventful season premiere, I don't have much to say about this episode, and not because it was bad. It just didn't really connect any dots about the big "Grandview secret" or all of the other unanswered questions. But that's OK, I'm sure we'll get a few episodes of the "semi-serialized" variety for a few weeks, and then the dots will start lining up during November sweeps. It just seems to work that... read more

The Philadelphia Story

OK, again, digging ya’ll who checked in last week. The fun we had, huh? And what better way to recover from the lost joys of The Land of the Lost than with some love for the City of Brotherly Love. As bhm1304 guessed last week, the best FX sitcom you’re not watching is…It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.Granted, while it’s not really always sunny here, as a right proud Philly boy who just spent Labor Day wandering Center City, reading in Rittenhouse Square and chowing down on The Continental’s insane crab Pad Thai, I have to say that this town does indeed rock.Much like this dirty little gem. Centered on foul-mouthed pub owners Mac, Charlie and Dennis, his barmaid sister Sweet Dee and a still unnamed coffee-shop waitress who could teach Friends Gunther a thing or two about stealing scenes, Sunny is best compared to Seinfeld…if Jerry’s posse had less morals and raging drinking problems. Once Danny DeVito joins in for season 2 as Dee and Dennis&#... read more

Bells Rings for Andrea Martin, O.C. Cutie

TV Guide has learned exclusively that Andrea Martin (SCTV, My Big Fat Greek Wedding) will guest-star on the April 20 episode of Fox's The Wedding Bells, playing no less than the titular trio's mama. Also on board for that outing is Autumn Reeser (The O.C.'s Taylor) as a blonde pop singer bride-to-be with a Sound of Music fetish. read more

December 14, 2006: It's a Wonderful Chrismukkah

‘Twas the night before Chrismukkah,when people worried through The O.C.Because Ryan wasn’t stirring,stuck in a coma was he.Chrismukkah is always very special on The O.C., and this installment didn’t disappoint. This year they borrowed a popular page from the TV Christmas Handbook and did their own “alt-universe” spin on It’s a Wonderful Life. George Bailey stand-in Ryan was able to see what life in Newport would have been like if he never arrived there, and it wasn’t pretty. But it was funny. Funniest of all had to be Summer, Chester’s “mindless bimbo” of a bride-to-be. Every time the clueless, bling-loving junior Newpsie was on screen I cracked up. And although the save-the-earth Summer that we have come to know the past few months can be a bit of a downer, this episode showed how things would have been much worse if Summer had gone in the opposite direction.Likewise, it showed Sandy going in a direction that strayed far from the et... read more

December 7, 2006: Blog Smog

So it’s really no surprise that Taylor keeps a blog, one that no less details “the erotic memoirs of a soulful college girl” (even though technically she’s not in college at the moment). What is surprising is how this show manages to keep Taylor and Ryan’s budding relationship so refreshingly adorable. I love how Taylor doesn’t even realize that Ryan’s asking her out at first, and gets all apologetic about their kiss (“I’m a lip-biter... sometimes I draw blood”). She’s self-deprecating, while he’s inadvertently insulting, calling her “weird” and “strange.” She stages elaborate soap-opera schemes (“What if I did rent a homosexual for the evening, and pay him with rare collectibles from Asian cinema?”), while he has fantasies involving roller skates and soapy window-washing that Seth deems “pedestrian” and “average.” This opposites-attract plotline isn’t an original conce... read more

November 30, 2006: Not the Most Obvious Couple

Sure, Taylor was enamored with Ryan for rescuing her from her loveless marriage. And she appreciated the beauty of the sight of a shirtless Ryan. But what was the telltale sign that she had truly fallen for the guy? She actually thought the king of brooding was funny. And while Ryan’s far from Seth when it comes to witty retorts, Taylor has no problems in the humor department. Becoming someone’s uncertified sleep therapist is definitely a novel way to go about seducing someone. And she gets bonus points for the elaborateness of her approach: 50 candles, flannel pajamas and an offer to be a warm body. Her false denial when Ryan finally asked her whether she liked him was priceless, as well as somewhat believable. I can’t say that I fault him for not picking up on things initially — Taylor is a little bit kooky, and she’s always jumped into projects (like high school committees) with tremendous gusto, so attacking his insomnia with such tenacity wasn’t ou... read more

The O.C. Preview: How Marissa's Death Has Rocked Newport!

Ben McKenzie and Rachel Bilson, The O.C.

With Mischa Barton's Marissa gone, graduation over, and Kaitlin Cooper back in Newport for good, can The O.C. remain as juicy and scandalous as ever? You bet it can. With Marissa's death and everyone dealing with it in their own way, there's plenty of room for relationship turmoil, new story lines, and guest stars to stir the pot. When Season 4 premieres (Thursday, Nov. 2, at 9 pm/ET, on Fox; now streaming at, the twisted O.C. family is displaced and obviously changed five months after the season finale's fatal accident. With the very first glimpses of Ryan, it's hard not to think back to his Chino days, and with Summer starting her first semester at Brown University, things for the fake-tan-loving freshman have cl read more

I heard a rumor that The O.C. ...

Question: I heard a rumor that The O.C. is ending this season. Is this true?

Answer: If so, it's news to Josh Schwartz, who told my colleague, Ileane Rudolph, that he's planning a major "reinvention" of the show next season. For starters, Kaitlin (Willa Holland) will move back to town full-time, sparking a "repopulation of the high-school universe," Schwartz says. "You will see a whole new generation through Kaitlin's eyes." The "older" set, meanwhile, will segue into a "twentysomething world beyond just the bait shop. There's a whole young-adult world in Newport for our kids to get in trouble in." Schwartz won't guarantee that the core four — Seth, Summer, Ryan and Marissa — will all be back, but he did share this most welcome scoopbit: Autumn Reeser (Taylor) will be made a series read more

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