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Something's Gotta Give
Harry Sanborn (Jack Nicholson) is a perennial playboy with a libido much younger than his years. During what was to have been a romantic weekend with (more…)
Year of the Dog
Molly Shannon plays Peggy, a happy-go-lucky secretary who is a great friend, employee, and sister living alone with her beloved dog Pencil. But when P (more…)
Three Sundays
Three Sundays
The New Girl
The New Girl
Amy Santiago's Workplace Tips Pt. 2
00:59 — Catch some more of Amy's most hilarious moments on season 4 of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Chasing Amy Trailer
00:56 — Amy disappears just before the Sergeant exam.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Cop-Con Trailer
00:30 — Holt tells the squad to be on their best behavior at Cop-Con.
Jake Is Searching For Amy from "Chasing Amy"
00:31 — Jake did not think Amy would fail the practice test and now she is missing.
Crush At First Sight For Scully from "Cop Con"
00:34 — Scully bumps into a woman and they both seem to be interested in each other.
Holt Questions Terry's Model World from "Chasing Amy"
00:52 — Terry built a model world and Holt has a lot of questions for him.
Amy Thinks Practice Tests Are Worthless from "Chasing Amy"
00:51 — Jake tries to convince Amy to take a practice test.
A Party Behind Holt's Back from "Cop Con"
00:45 — Jack and the team can't wait for Holt to leave so they can continue their hotel party.
Holt Runs Into An Annoying Person from "Cop Con"
00:40 — Holt is not happy to see Jefferey.
Gina Will Not Accept Charles' Money from "Chasing Amy"
00:55 — Charles is willing to pay a lot for the family heirloom but Gina already broke it.
Amy And Gina Give Scully Advice from "Cop Con"
00:34 — Scully is very nervous that his crush is at the same party so Gina and Amy coach him.
Jake Has A Plan For The Secret Party from "Cop Con"
01:01 — Jake comes up with all the details on how to throw a party without Holt finding out.
Jake Lost Holt's Laptop from "Cop Con"
00:30 — The team tries to figure out what happened to Holt's laptop.
The Party Needs To Be Quiet Now from "Cop Con"
00:27 — Holt is on his way to Jake's room while the team struggles to get the party to be quiet.
Amy Loses Her Cool from "Chasing Amy"
01:04 — Amy is very stressed out about her test which makes her go a little too crazy.
Jake Thinks Like Amy from "Chasing Amy"
00:46 — Jake tries to see the world through Amy's eyes.
The Team Wants To Party At The Convention from "Cop Con"
00:55 — Holt is putting a halt to the team's idea for a party.
Gina Gets A Cool Surprise from "Chasing Amy"
00:46 — Great Nana Boyle leaves Gina something in her will.
Jake Knows Amy Really Well from "Chasing Amy"
00:37 — Where would Amy go if she was stressed out? Jake knows it all too well.
The Good, The Bad And The Punked
00:30 — Jake plays a prank that goes a little too far.
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