Aubrey Plaza



  • Saturday Night Live "It doesn't matter what cast is currently on this show or who is hosting or anything - I always watch it. Even if it's not the best episode, I still love it. It holds a special place in my heart. And this year has been great! Anything Fred Armisen does I rewind and watch over and over until he makes my brain explode."
  • Top Chef "I am addicted to Bravo. The casting on their reality shows is always genius. And Top Chef is just the perfect show to watch at 3 in the morning when you have no actual food to eat."
  • California's Gold "Huell Howser is the best host on television. I could watch him interview old women at pear fairs until the day I die."
  • Bad Girls Club "I'm sorry, but if there's a show where the only rule is "don't punch someone in the face," I'm going to watch that show regularly and love it. It's action-packed and never disappoints."
  • Childrens Hospital "This show is hilarious. Everyone on it kills me and the writing is ridiculous. I am happy this is a show on television!"

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