Ashton Kutcher

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Christopher Ashton Kutcher
  • Birth Place: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Producer, Model
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Colbert Report
Colbert Report
Keep Your Hands off Sam Heughan's Pouch & Luke Bryan's Butt
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Trump Really Puts The 'Fraud' In Voter Fraud Commission
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Two and a Half Men - Social Sweep Week: Angus Takes Over
00:24 — Angus takes over Twitter and Facebook with the cast of Two and a Half Men during CBS Social Takeover Week
05:23 — Watch as the cast and crew of TWO AND A HALF MEN celebrate the taping of the show's 100th episode.
Ashton Kutcher Punk'd Drake & Reveals What Didn't Air
01:58 — Ashton Kutcher says the prank on Drake is his favorite and explains the footage they had to cut.
Stephen Gives Russians A Taste Of American Culture
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Cara Delevigne Is In A Movie About A Thousand Planets
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Two and a Half Men - Social Sweep Week: Angus Trailer Tour
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Honky Tonk in the UK w/ Luke Bryan & Dierks Bentley
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Ashton Kutcher Examines President Trump's Tweeting Style
12:52 — 'The Ranch' star Ashton Kutcher has a theory that unbaked tweets already had their moment in the sun.
Celebrity Instagram: Ashton Kutcher, Anna Kendrick
02:12 — James uses a special Instagram feature to figure out what was cropped out of Instagram photos on celebrity accounts.
James Introduces New Skype Emoticons
03:49 — After learning about Skype's library of emoticons, James felt like a few were missing and commissioned a set of new ones you can find in your Skype ap (more…)
Danny Masterson Has Nude Pics Of Ashton Kutcher
01:10 — Before smartphones and social media, celebrities got away with a lot more public nudity.
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  • Birth Name: Christopher Ashton Kutcher
  • Birth Place: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Producer, Model