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Raquel Pennington vs. Ashlee Evans-Smith
13:58 — After a lengthy amateur career that saw her defeat the likes of Jessamyn Duke, Ashlee Evans-Smith turned pro in 2013 and quickly rang up a perfect 3-0 (more…)
Makeup Magic: Beauty Tips to Make You Look Years Younger
03:28 — Celebrity makeup artist Ashlee Glazer demonstrates how women in their 30s, 50s and even their 70s can look younger with a few simple makeup techniques (more…)
Actress Tracee Ellis Ross Is Black-ish and Jew-ish
01:43 — And did you know her brother is Ashlee Simpson's husband Evan Ross? The TMZ Newsroom breakdown the Ross family tree.
EXCLUSIVE: Ashlee Simpson Celebrates Birthday With Diana Ross, But Where Was Jessica?
01:00 — Simpson and her hubby Evan Ross celebrated her birthday along with her family and his mom, Diana Ross - but where was Ashlee's sister, Jessica?!
Revealing new biography of Space-X and Tesla founder
03:28 — Elon Musk sold his company, Paypal, for $200 million in 2002 to start Space-X, the only private rocket company to launch a spacecraft into orbit and b (more…)
Waterproof Makeup: When to Wear It, How to Apply It
03:56 — Makeup artist Ashlee Glazer fills Kathie Lee and Hoda in on everything anybody needs to know about waterproof makeup for the summer. She shows how to (more…)
"RHONJ" Star Jacqueline Laurita Talks Being a "Glamma"
01:37 — Will "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star really have her first grandchild call her "Glamma"? Hear what Jacqueline says about daughter Ashlee's pr (more…)
When Will We Hear New Jessica Simpson Music?!
02:03 — The singer's father Joe Simpson reveals when new music will be released. Plus, what makes him proud of daughters Jessica and Ashlee Simpson Ross? Find (more…)
Moms' Take: Can Brynn Act?
Jill, Jess, and Ashlee talk about the pressure put on Brynn to make the most of a solo some feel should have gone to JoJo in this web exclusive from S (more…)
Bonus Scene: International Tour
The other moms think it's short-sighted of Ashlee and Brynn to tour internationally with Abby during the season break in this bonus scene from Season (more…)
Ashlee Simpson Wentz Moves Into Melrose
07:54 — Ashlee Simpson Wentz talks guilty food favs, geeking out on Disney with hubbie Pete and baby Bronx, and moving into Melrose Place as 'good girl' Viole (more…)
Everyone's Cuckoo For Gaga
00:43 — Perez Hilton, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and others are firmly in Lady Gaga's corner. (9.10.09)
Moms' Take: Problems with Ashlee
The moms are exasperated by the way Ashlee behaves toward the girls in this web exclusive from Season 6 Episode 13, "ALDC Does Vegas."
Ashlee Slap
00:05 — Ashlee slapping
Ashlee Holmes Dishes on Her Pregnancy!
Season 6 Exclusive: Ashlee and her fiance have a special message for
Ashlee the Suck-Up
The moms think Ashlee sucking up to Abby is helping Brynn's status on the team in this scene from Season 6 Episode 9, "Nia Saves the Day."
Ashlee Wants Abby's Advice
Ashlee asks Abby for advice to better deal with the other moms' complaints in this scene from Season 6 Episode 9, "Nia Saves the Day."
Moms' Take: Ashlee the Office Assistant
The moms discuss Ashlee filling in for the newly vacant position of ALDC office manager in this web exclusive from Season 6 Episode 9, "Nia Saves the (more…)
Jade's Bridal Brunch
02:02 — A look inside Jade's bridal brunch.
Jade's Champagne Toast
01:47 — Cheers to Tanner and Jade!
Deleted Scene: Carly Waddell Sings at Tanner and Jade's Wedding
02:52 — Carly Waddell serenades the couple.
Deleted Scene: JJ Lane's Best Man Speech
00:36 — JJ Lane shouts out to former Bachelors in best man speech.
Watch the Bachelor Weddings
02:00 — In the spirit of Jade and Tanner's wedding, watch a compilation of other touching Bachelor weddings. From The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration of Love.
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