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Boomer and Carton: Artie Lange on Kaepernick's protest
00:56 — Artie Lange talks about Colin Kaepernick's protest with Boomer and Carton.
"Back to School" by Tux
03:21 — Tux (Jimmy Fallon and Jason Schwartzman) reunites to perform their classic back-to-school anthem about class picture day.
Backstage Magic Trick: Dan White and the Roots
03:37 — The Roots completely lose it during a backstage visit from magician Dan White.
Catchphrase With Artie Lange and Giada De Laurentiis
04:09 — Jimmy and Giada De Laurentiis team up against Steve Higgins and Artie Lange in a game of Catchphrase.
Local Promos With Robert Downey Jr.
01:48 — Robert Downey Jr. and Jimmy goof around while filming The Tonight Show promos.
Magician Dan White Plays Hand Pocket With Jimmy Fallon
06:12 — Dan White tries to guess if Jimmy is holding a coin in his hand or pocket by making him think of random objects, colors and people.
Hashtags: #MyRoommateIsWeird
02:20 — Since many college students are headed back to school, Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #MyRoommateIsWeird.
Tales from Tour: Big & Rich
03:16 — Big & Rich hung out backstage to tell us some of their crazy stories from tour.
Tales from Set: Tatiana Maslany
01:39 — Tatiana Maslany discovered the downside to wearing glitter in a twerk scene the hard way while filming Orphan Black.
Unqualified Advice: Artie Lange
02:18 — Artie Lange answers some questions from our Tumblr followers about cat poop and dating.
Food Fails: Giada De Laurentiis
01:32 — Giada De Laurentiis tells us about her first time on live TV!
Intense Staredown With Robert Downey Jr.
02:51 — Jimmy and Robert Downey Jr. ponder the mysteries of the universe while sitting on a mountaintop.
Backstage: Timberlake Show
02:23 — Peek backstage during the Timberlake for a 'sweet web exclusive'.
The Worst I Ever Bombed: Artie Lange
01:56 — Artie Lange shares the story about a stand up set gone wrong at the Playboy Mansion.
Facebook Headlines: Lonely Stay-At-Home Mom
01:23 — Since most people get their news from Facebook, Jimmy reads the latest edition of the social network's headlines including, "Nobody Knows When To Unfr (more…)
Artie Lange Slams the Philadelphia Eagles!
01:05 — Our photog asked Artie Lange his thoughts on the Philadelphia Eagles signing Tim Tebow and after watching this video we can say Artie isn’t too fond o (more…)
Radio Tales: Ira Glass
01:53 — Ira Glass recounts a time that bleeping a swear word on Minnesota Public Radio went horribly wrong.
Scott Seymour the Falsetto Conspiracy Theorist
02:06 — Scott Seymour, the Falsetto Conspiracy Theorist, tries explaining the conspiracy behind airlines reducing seats, but Jimmy gets distracted by Scott's (more…)
Tales from Tour: Tux
03:07 — Half of Tux explains how brotherhood and wild nights define their experience on the road.
Artie Lange Lets Twitter Get to Him
04:38 — Artie explains the inspiration for his Twitter handle, @ArtieQuitter, and shares some of the venom he gets on social media.
Jason Schwartzman's Dog Sorta Directed 7 Chinese Brothers
03:19 — Jason Schwartzman chats with Jimmy about how his furry 7 Chinese Brothers costar's sleeping habits affected filming.
Hair and Makeup Helps Tatiana Maslany Keep Her Orphan Black Clones Straight
02:43 — Tatiana Maslany chats with Jimmy about switching back and forth between playing about a dozen characters for her Emmy-nominated role in Orphan Black.
Robert Downey Jr. Wants Jimmy in His Supergroup
02:32 — Jimmy talks to Robert Downey Jr. about Gwenyth Paltrow and The Goops and his time as a Saturday Night Live cast member.
Tiffani Thiessen's Saved by the Bell Reunion Baby Bump Was Real
02:11 — Tiffani Thiessen talks to Jimmy about the weird name her daughter wants to give her unborn son, and how accurate The Tonight Show's Saved by the Bell (more…)
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