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Nordstrom Picks up Fred Armisen's Ivanka Line
01:46 — Fred talks to Seth about Nordstrom picking up his mummy clothing brand.
Viet Thanh Nguyen Still Remembers His Traumatic Refugee Experience
03:04 — The Refugees' Pulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen shares memories of being a refugee from South Vietnam.
Drew Barrymore's Daughter Had a Disney World Meltdown
03:04 — Drew Barrymore had a wonderful time with her kids at Disney World until the tantrums started.
Drew Barrymore Got a Bad Concussion Filming Santa Clarita Diet
03:32 — Drew Barrymore took a six foot fall performing a stunt for her Netflix series, Santa Clarita Diet, and flipped out at a rude EMT.
Viet Thanh Nguyen Explains Why Refugees Are Important for America
02:55 — Pulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen explains the difference between refugees and immigrants and the fears Americans have of them.
Jeff Sessions Confirmed As Attorney General, Free Wi-Fi Zones at Mount Everest
03:12 — Seth Meyers' monologue from Thursday, February 9.
Artie Lange Went Golfing With Donald Trump and Eli Manning
03:45 — Artie Lange runs through his long history with Donald Trump before he was president, like the time they bullied Eli Manning on a golf course.
Artie Lange Was an Accessory to Canoe Theft
02:14 — Artie Lange tells Seth about growing up in New Jersey and stealing random things with his friends from their local department store.
Trump Abuses His Presidential Power: A Closer Look
10:28 — Seth takes a closer look at how Donald Trump uses his status as president to slam private companies and threaten lawmakers.
Episode 4
08:00 — Dave Attell hosts a night of uncensored stand-up featuring Russ Meneve, April Macie, Ralphie May, and special guest Artie Lange.
The Gavin family AA group's first meeting doesn't go exactly as planned. Tommy (Denis Leary) bribes Colleen (Natalie Distler) for information on Janet (more…)
Women Aren't Funny
Comedian Bonnie McFarlane dons her investigative journalist’s hat to find out once and for all if women are funny and report her unbiased findings in (more…)
Comics: Anthony Jeselnik, Whitney Cummings, Jim Florentine, Artie Lange. Stand-up superstar Jim Norton welcomes the country's top comics to perform th (more…)
Artie Lange, Randall Park and Steve Simeone get nostalgic when they take the stage to tell stories from their pasts.
Artie Lange Shares a Hilarious Encounter He Had With Tom Cruise
01:22 — Comedian Artie Lange tells us what it's really like to work with Tom Cruise on a movie and it involves yelling and some jumping.
Boomer and Carton: Artie Lange on Kaepernick's protest
00:56 — Artie Lange talks about Colin Kaepernick's protest with Boomer and Carton.
"Back to School" by Tux
03:21 — Tux (Jimmy Fallon and Jason Schwartzman) reunites to perform their classic back-to-school anthem about class picture day.
Backstage Magic Trick: Dan White and the Roots
03:37 — The Roots completely lose it during a backstage visit from magician Dan White.
Local Promos With Robert Downey Jr.
01:48 — Robert Downey Jr. and Jimmy goof around while filming The Tonight Show promos.
Magician Dan White Plays Hand Pocket With Jimmy Fallon
06:12 — Dan White tries to guess if Jimmy is holding a coin in his hand or pocket by making him think of random objects, colors and people.
Tales from Tour: Big & Rich
03:16 — Big & Rich hung out backstage to tell us some of their crazy stories from tour.
Tales from Set: Tatiana Maslany
01:39 — Tatiana Maslany discovered the downside to wearing glitter in a twerk scene the hard way while filming Orphan Black.
Unqualified Advice: Artie Lange
02:18 — Artie Lange answers some questions from our Tumblr followers about cat poop and dating.
Food Fails: Giada De Laurentiis
01:32 — Giada De Laurentiis tells us about her first time on live TV!
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