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Birth Name: Ariana Grande-Butera

Birth Place: Boca Raton, Florida, United States

Birthday: June 26, 1993, Cancer

Profession: Singer, Actor

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Fri Mar 6 6:00pm
Sam & Cat#YayDay(Season 1, Episode 25) NIK

Cat creates a holiday in order to buy gifts for everyone, and then she peeks at the gifts and is displeased with her present from Sam.

Mon Mar 9 6:00pm
Sam & Cat#KnockOut(Season 1, Episode 34) NIK

Sam and Cat deal with a bully, leading to Sam's involvement in the world of professional fighting.

Tue Mar 10 6:00pm
Sam & Cat#MommaGoomer(Season 1, Episode 9) NIK

Goomer's mom visits her son and is unaware of his true profession, and Dice wants to keep it that way, so he asks Sam and Cat to help him deceive her into thinking that Goomer is a high-school teacher.

Wed Mar 11 6:00pm
Sam & Cat#MagicATM(Season 1, Episode 21) NIK

Sam inquires about Cat's spending spree, so Cat takes her to an ATM that's giving out free cash, leading Sam to question the legality of the scenario.

Thu Mar 12 6:00pm
Sam & Cat#FirstClassProblems(Season 1, Episode 33) NIK

The girls must accompany two kids on an airplane after they survive the challenges of the airport.

Fri Mar 13 6:00pm
Sam & Cat#TheBritBrats(Season 1, Episode 3) NIK

The gals babysit two refined British tykes who turn out to be little con artists; Sam visits a retirement home to fulfill a community-service obligation.

Sun Mar 15 3:30pm
Sam & Cat#MyPoober(Season 1, Episode 19) NIK

A tyke refuses to part with her old stuffed toy, but the gals try to persuade her to change her mind.

Mon Mar 16 6:00pm
Sam & Cat#SuperPsycho(Season 1, Episode 31) NIK

Nora seeks vengeance and goes after Dice, prompting Sam and Cat to ask Nevel for help.

Tue Mar 17 6:00pm
Sam & Cat#StuckInABox(Season 1, Episode 30) NIK

Cat gets trapped inside of Dice's magic trick, derailing her plans to go to a theme park with Sam.

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