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Scorpion - Don't Be Afraid To Love
04:58 — Megan leaves behind a message for Walter.
Scorpion - Holding Down The Fort
04:26 — Happy risks her life to rescue everyone at the hospital.
Scorpion - Last Goodbyes
03:17 — As the Scorpion team works together to save everyone in the hospital, Megan has her last breaths.
Scorpion - Ari Stidham's Worst Idea
01:03 — In this edition of "One Minute With Ari," the Scorpion star shares some bad ideas, career goals, and much more.
Scorpion - Ari Stidham: Super Fun Performer
01:11 — In this edition of "One Minute With Ari," the Scorpion star tells us about his band (DRTV), acting highlights, and even shows off some dance moves.
Scorpion - All An Acting Job
05:01 — The Scorpion team is able to reveal the truth and arrest the ambassador all in one day.
Scorpion - A Married Scorpion
02:42 — Sylvester marries Megan in order to take full control over her medical condition.
Scorpion - It's About To Get Crazy!
04:54 — Walter comes up with a plan to secure the job they were paid to do.
Scorpion - Override A Dangerous Mission
04:06 — Walter and Cabe are in a lot of trouble and its up to Happy, Toby, and Paige to help them.
Scorpion - Close Call
02:23 — The CIA comes close to killing the Scorpion team for knowing to much information.
Scorpion - A Bumpy Land
04:05 — Walter attempts to land a plane with Happy's help.
Scorpion - Knock! Knock!
03:24 — Happy tries to do comedy.
Scorpion - You're Important To Me
02:04 — Paige explains to Walter why she slapped him.
Scorpion - Emergency On The Train
04:41 — Paige and Ralph are in trouble and it's up to the Scorpion team to rescue them.
Scorpion - Don't Do It Walter!
04:07 — Walter risks his life in order to save Paige and Ralph.
Scorpion - The Air Is Running Out
02:18 — Happy and Walter have only a few minutes before Toby suffocates.
The Talk - Which 'Scorpion' Star Is The Biggest Fan Of 'The Talk’?
01:21 — The cast of "Scorpion" visits "The Talk" and Ari Stidham admits that he is a longtime fan of the show, saying, "I just love the show because it makes (more…)
Scorpion - Kill That Chip
04:53 — The Scorpion team has to work together in order to rescue all the people in the burning building.
The Talk - Tuesday's Preview, October 27th
00:20 — Tuesday's special guest is Dick Van Dyke.
Scorpion - A Warm Against Walter
04:50 — Walter runs into some problems while trying to fix a glitch on his project.
The Talk - 'Scorpion' Stars Share Very Revealing Social Media Photo
01:21 — The men of CBS hit series "Scorpion" visit THE TALK and the hosts ask Eddie Kaye Thomas about his lack of social media presence. He responds, "I don’t (more…)
Scorpion - A Heroic Gesture
03:41 — Walter and Sylvester risk their own lives to save the kids from the building.
Scorpion - Lois And Clark
02:27 — Paige acknowledges Walter changing and becoming more human.
Scorpion - Being A Hero
04:47 — Walter is able to get rid of the nuclear bomb with the help of his team.
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