April Bowlby

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: April Michelle Bowlby
  • Birth Place: Vallejo, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Fri Apr 27 1:00am
Two and a Half MenThe War Against Gingivitis(Season 9, Episode 18) NIK

Walden is taken aback when he gets a surprise visit from his bitter former business partner, who's looking to mend their differences.

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Fri Apr 27 1:35am
Two and a Half MenPalmdale, Ech(Season 9, Episode 19) NIK

Alan and Lyndsey's mothers meet for the first time; Jake and Eldridge want Walden to drive them to a party.

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Fri Apr 27 2:09am
Two and a Half MenGrandma's Pie(Season 9, Episode 20) NIK

Walden tells Zoey his new business partner is his ex-wife, Bridget; Alan and Lyndsey struggle to get used to their mothers' relationship.

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Fri Apr 27 2:44am
Two and a Half MenMr. Hose Says "Yes"(Season 9, Episode 21) NIK

Walden's relationship is put to the test when Zoey and her daughter become his new housemates. Meanwhile, Alan moves in with Lyndsey.

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Fri Apr 27 2:30pm
Two and a Half MenPie Hole, Herb(Season 6, Episode 2) SPK

Alan loans Charlie money, but takes things a step too far when he tries to get the cash back. Herb: Ryan Stiles. Ginger: Lisa Jay.

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Fri Apr 27 3:00pm
Two and a Half MenDamn You, Eggs Benedict(Season 6, Episode 3) SPK

It's a series of firsts for the guys as Charlie attempts cooking, Alan tries dating two women at the same time, and Jake takes a swig of beer. Katie: Bridget Flanery. Angela: Helena Mattsson. Stephanie: Nikita Ager.

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Fri Apr 27 3:30pm
Two and a Half MenThe Flavin' and the Mavin'(Season 6, Episode 4) SPK

Charlie romances Alan's receptionist, and Alan has a bad feeling about the outcome. Melissa: Kelly Stables.

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Fri Apr 27 4:00pm
Two and a Half MenThat Special Tug(Season 3, Episode 12) IFC

Charlie goes to a psychiatrist (Jane Lynch) to try and learn how to deal with Alan's emotional problems. Terry: Andrea Bendewald. Beth: Valerie Azlynn.

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Fri Apr 27 4:30pm
Two and a Half MenHumiliation Is a Visual Medium(Season 3, Episode 13) IFC

Charley uncharacteristically finds himself in a relationship that isn't based on sex.

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Fri Apr 27 5:00pm
Two and a Half MenLove Isn't Blind, It's Retarded(Season 3, Episode 14) IFC

Charlie and Mia (Emmanuelle Vaugier) decide to make love, but after the long wait, he's worried that he won't live up to her expectations. Meanwhile, Alan has his hands full with one of Charlie's former lovers. Kandi: April Bowlby. Alan: Jon Cryer.

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Fri Apr 27 5:30pm
Two and a Half MenMy Tongue Is Meat(Season 3, Episode 15) IFC

Mia (Emmanuelle Vaugier) and Charlie clash over his lifestyle.

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Fri Apr 27 6:00pm
Two and a Half MenErgo, the Booty Call(Season 3, Episode 16) IFC

Alan does his best to avoid the awkwardness of having his 22-year-old girlfriend attend Jake's birthday party.

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Fri Apr 27 6:30pm
Two and a Half MenThe Unfortunate Little Schnauzer(Season 3, Episode 17) IFC

Charlie is tricked by his mom and Alan into attending a jingle writers awards dinner, a prize he's never won, where he has to endure comments from a pompous multiple winner (Jon Lovitz). Gordon: J.D. Walsh.

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Fri Apr 27 7:00pm
Two and a Half MenThe Spit-Covered Cobbler(Season 3, Episode 18) IFC

Alan starts paying his girlfriend's bills and runs into financial problems.

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Fri Apr 27 7:30pm
Two and a Half MenGolly Moses, She's a Muffin(Season 3, Episode 19) IFC

Alan's girlfriend (April Bowlby) moves in with him, and the new situation creates tension in the house.

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Fri Apr 27 8:00pm
Two and a Half MenAlways a Bridesmaid, Never a Burro(Season 3, Episode 20) IFC

While Alan rushes to Kandi, who's living with Judith, to try and win his girlfriend back, Charlie sleeps with Kandi's mother (Gail O'Grady). Meanwhile, Kandi sets Judith up on a date with her dad (Kevin Sorbo). Kandi: April Bowlby.

I’ll Watch141 Watching
Fri Apr 27 8:30pm
Two and a Half MenAnd the Plot Moistens(Season 3, Episode 21) IFC

Alan falls for Jake's teacher (Julia Campbell), whose intelligence is a refreshing change from Kandi's flakiness. Meanwhile, Charlie helps Jake with his audition for the school musical.

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Fri Apr 27 9:00pm
Two and a Half MenJust Once With Aunt Sophie(Season 3, Episode 22) IFC

When a girl (Stephanie Brown) invites Jake to his first boy-girl party, Charlie robs Alan of the chance to offer his son advice on women by beating him to the task. Alan also feels slighted that Charlie never gave him that much-needed advice in their youth (more…)

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Fri Apr 27 9:30pm
Two and a Half MenArguments for the Quickie(Season 3, Episode 23) IFC

Part 1 of two. Mia's dance troupe is in town and she reserves four ballet tickets for the Harpers, but Charlie is suspicious of her motives for seeing him again. Jennifer: Cheyenne Casebier. Theresa: Maria Tornberg. Mia: Emmanuelle Vaugier.

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Fri Apr 27 10:00pm
Two and a Half MenThat Pistol-packin' Hermaphrodite(Season 3, Episode 24) IFC

Conclusion. As Charlie and Mia make wedding plans, Alan and Jake are concerned about where they will live. And Rose doesn't take the wedding news well. Leon: John Vance. Rev. Yarnell: Steven Shaw.

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Sat Apr 28 1:00am
Two and a Half MenWhy We Gave Up Women(Season 9, Episode 22) NIK

Kathy Bates guest stars as Charlie's ghost when Alan is hospitalized following a minor heart attack.

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Sat Apr 28 1:35am
Two and a Half MenThe Straw in My Donut Hole(Season 9, Episode 23) NIK

Alan gets out of the hospital and is greeted warmly by his loved ones, but Zoey wonders what the fuss is about.

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Sat Apr 28 2:09am
Two and a Half MenOh Look! Al-Qaeda!(Season 9, Episode 24) NIK

In the ninth-season finale, Jake makes an important decision about his future after graduating from high school.

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Sat Apr 28 2:44am
Two and a Half MenI Changed My Mind About the Milk(Season 10, Episode 1) NIK

Walden gets a hand from singer Michael Bolton in the Season 10 premiere when he makes big plans to surprise Zoey on her birthday.

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  • Birth Name: April Michelle Bowlby
  • Birth Place: Vallejo, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor