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Living On Soul - Official Trailer
02:39 — Filmed during their three-night, sold-out residency at the historic Apollo Theater, this hybrid docu-concert film features the late great Sharon Jones (more…)
Cape Canaveral Countdown Clock to Be Replaced
00:41 — NASA no longer has the parts to sustain the "T-Minus" clock that saw off every mission since Apollo 12, including 135-shuttle launches.
Welcome Home
04:23 — Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness
Apollo Theater Salutes MJ
01:53 — Al Sharpton talks about Michael Jackson's influence on the black community and his relationship with the Apollo theater.
Michael Jackson's Influence Takes Over Harlem's Apollo Theater
00:55 — Crowds sang MJ's songs in the streets. (6.25.09)
Let's Play Together / Mountains of Messiness
LET'S PLAY TOGETHER: Sweet Pea Sue and Apollo want to play a new game they learned at school called “Steps and Stairs.” Since it’s a big kid game, the (more…)
The Wonderfully Different Squacky / A Laugh a Minute
THE WONDERFULLY DIFFERENT SQUACKY: The Pajanimals are each naming something about themselves that is different, such as Apollo’s green fur or Cowbella (more…)
Share Day / The Rocket Ride
Share Day: As the Pajanimals are planning what they are going to bring to “Share Day” tomorrow at preschool, Sweet Pea gets nervous when she realizes (more…)
A Present for Mom
It’s Mom’s birthday and Apollo thinks the picture he painted as a present for Mom just isn’t good enough. When the Pajanimals travel to Birthday Land, (more…)
Denying the Moon Landings
The 1960s were a turbulent decade full of civil unrest and political backlash. The Apollo Moon landing galvanized most of our polarized nation, but to (more…)
Ouch! / Off to My School Adventure
OUCH!: Apollo scrapes his knee while riding his scooter, which leads him to proclaim that he’ll never ride his scooter again! Concerned, the Pajanimal (more…)
Try It Again / House of Pancakes
TRY IT AGAIN: The Pajanimals are excited to have their first baseball practice tomorrow morning, but Apollo is nervous because he isn’t sure if he’ll (more…)
I Was a Baby? / We're Going Camping!
I WAS A BABY?: Squacky feels like he can’t do anything because his older brother Apollo is better at many things than he is. To help Squacky feel bett (more…)
Oops! / Sing a Pajanimal Song
OOPS!: Squacky is excited because he doesn’t have to wear a pull up to bed for the first time ever! But that night, Squacky gets sad because he had a (more…)
Apollo Gauntlet: Pilot
11:18 — An earth man named Paul Cassidy is transported to another dimension by an evil scientist named Dr. Benign. Once there, Paul discovers a magic red and (more…)
Apollo's Special Day
Tomorrow is Apollo’s birthday and Cowbella wishes it was her birthday so she could get all the cake and presents. In fact, she doesn’t even want to go (more…)
11:14 — Paul Cassidy, a cop from Earth, is transported to another world by an evil scientist named Dr. Benign. But when he discovers a magical suit and talkin (more…)
Bellenus Blade
11:15 — Apollo finally has the opportunity to return to Earth. But before leaving, he risks everything by visiting Daphne to convince her to follow her true d (more…)
N.A.S.A.: The Spirit of Apollo
Los Angeles based producer Squeak E. Clean and the Brazilian DJ Zegon formed North America/South America (N.A.S.A.) born out their friendship, shared (more…)
Spooky Costumes / No More Bullies
SPOOKY COSTUMES: After going to a Halloween party, Cowbella reveals that she is nervous about trick or treating tomorrow because she didn’t like all t (more…)
Winning Isn't Everything / An Octopus Hug
WINNING ISN'T EVERYTHING: Apollo gets upset because he never wins any of the games the Pajanimals are playing, so they travel to The Land of Play, whe (more…)
A Colorful Problem
While the Pajanimals name their favorite color, Cowbella and Apollo are shocked to learn that they both love purple. Since they can’t both love purple (more…)
Sneak Peek
01:03 — Check out a sneak peek of Apollo Gauntlet.
10:59 — When Corporal Vile creates anarchy in the kingdom with a frozen eclipse, Apollo and his nemesis - Dr. Benign - must work together to stop it.
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