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Mon Sep 26 10:00am
Brain GamesLaws of Attraction(Season 3, Episode 3) NGC

The science of attraction is explored.

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Mon Sep 26 10:30am
Brain GamesTrust Me(Season 3, Episode 4) NGC

The concept of trust is explored.

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Mon Sep 26 11:00am
Brain GamesAddiction(Season 4, Episode 2) NGC

Exploring addiction and how it affects people.

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Mon Sep 26 11:30am
Brain GamesYou Decide(Season 2, Episode 9) NGC

Illusionist Apollo Robbins demonstrates choice blindness.

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Tue Sep 27 10:00am
Brain GamesCompassion(Season 4, Episode 1) NGC

Examining whether behaviors are inborn or learned.

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Tue Sep 27 10:30am
Brain GamesLogic(Season 5, Episode 10) NGC

Problem-solving skills are tested through a series of interactive games and experiments.

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Tue Sep 27 11:00am
Brain GamesAnger(Season 4, Episode 8) NGC

Anger is the topic.

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Tue Sep 27 11:30am
Brain GamesBattle of the Sexes(Season 2, Episode 7) NGC

Male and female brains are compared.

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Wed Sep 28 10:00am
Brain GamesPower of Persuasion(Season 2, Episode 5) NGC

Persuasive tactics employed by advertisers, marketing executives and con artists are explored.

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Wed Sep 28 10:30am
Brain GamesImagination(Season 6, Episode 6) NGC

Season Finale. How imagination affects daily brain functionality is tested with a series of interactive games and experiments.

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Wed Sep 28 11:00am
Brain GamesCommon Sense(Season 5, Episode 1) NGC

Illusionist Eric Leclerc, comedian Ben Baile, and kinetic artist Joseph Herscher conduct experiments testing people's basic beliefs and common sense in the Season 5 premiere.

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Wed Sep 28 11:30am
Brain GamesSuperstitions(Season 4, Episode 6) NGC

A series of interactive games are used to determine whether or not superstitious beliefs are inborn in nature.

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Thu Sep 29 10:00am
Brain GamesFocus Pocus(Season 2, Episode 1) NGC

Host Jason Silva and psychologist Brian Scholl conduct experiments on concentration and peripheral vision in the Season 2 premiere.

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Thu Sep 29 10:30am
Brain GamesRetrain Your Brain(Season 3, Episode 7) NGC

A look at exercises for strengthening brain functionality.

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Thu Sep 29 11:00am
Brain GamesPositive Thinking(Season 6, Episode 1) NGC

A look at positive thinking and how that impacts a person's life on a day-to-day basis.

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Thu Sep 29 11:30am
Brain GamesScams(Season 6, Episode 2) NGC

How scams work and the effects they have on people are examined.

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Fri Sep 30 10:00am
Brain GamesIn Living Color(Season 3, Episode 2) NGC

Color is the topic.

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Fri Sep 30 10:30am
Brain GamesMoney(Season 5, Episode 5) NGC

Money is the topic of this episode. Included: money saving tips; brain reaction studies.

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Fri Sep 30 11:00am
Brain GamesBattle of the Sexes(Season 2, Episode 7) NGC

Male and female brains are compared.

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Fri Sep 30 11:30am
Brain GamesWhat's Going On?(Season 3, Episode 6) NGC

An exploration of how the brain perceives location.

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Mon Oct 3 10:00am
Brain GamesRemember This!(Season 1, Episode 3) NGC

A look at how the memory works. Included: moving things from short-term to long-term storage.

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Mon Oct 3 11:00am
Brain GamesWhat You Don't Know(Season 2, Episode 6) NGC

The illusion of knowledge is examined.

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Mon Oct 3 11:30am
Brain GamesMind Your Body(Season 3, Episode 8) NGC

The relationship between the brain and the body is explored.

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Tue Oct 4 10:00am
Brain GamesIt's About Time(Season 2, Episode 2) NGC

Time is the topic.

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