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Sun Feb 5 6:00pm
Brain GamesImagination(Season 6, Episode 6) NGC

Season Finale. How imagination affects daily brain functionality is tested with a series of interactive games and experiments.

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Sun Feb 5 6:30pm
Brain GamesFocus Pocus(Season 2, Episode 1) NGC

Host Jason Silva and psychologist Brian Scholl conduct experiments on concentration and peripheral vision in the Season 2 premiere.

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Sun Feb 5 7:00pm
Brain GamesWhat You Don't Know(Season 2, Episode 6) NGC

The illusion of knowledge is examined.

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Sun Feb 5 7:30pm
Brain GamesIntuition(Season 4, Episode 10) NGC

Understanding and examining intuition through the use of experiments and interactive games.

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Sun Feb 5 8:00pm
Brain GamesPower of Persuasion(Season 2, Episode 5) NGC

Persuasive tactics employed by advertisers, marketing executives and con artists are explored.

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Sun Feb 5 8:30pm
Brain GamesBattle of the Sexes(Season 2, Episode 7) NGC

Male and female brains are compared.

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Sun Feb 5 9:00pm
Brain GamesCommon Sense(Season 5, Episode 1) NGC

Illusionist Eric Leclerc, comedian Ben Baile, and kinetic artist Joseph Herscher conduct experiments testing people's basic beliefs and common sense in the Season 5 premiere.

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Sun Feb 5 9:30pm
Brain GamesDon't Be Afraid(Season 2, Episode 4) NGC

The relationship between fear and rationalization is examined.

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Sun Feb 5 10:00pm
Brain GamesWhat's Going On?(Season 3, Episode 6) NGC

An exploration of how the brain perceives location.

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Sun Feb 5 10:30pm
Brain GamesUse It or Lose It(Season 2, Episode 10) NGC

Workouts designed to boost brain flexibility are presented.

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Sun Feb 5 11:00pm
Brain GamesYou Decide(Season 2, Episode 9) NGC

Illusionist Apollo Robbins demonstrates choice blindness.

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Sun Feb 5 11:30pm
Brain GamesIn It to Win It(Season 3, Episode 9) NGC

Competition is the focus.

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Mon Feb 6 6:00pm
Brain GamesRemember This!(Season 1, Episode 3) NGC

A look at how the memory works. Included: moving things from short-term to long-term storage.

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Mon Feb 6 7:00pm
Brain GamesPay Attention!(Season 1, Episode 2) NGC

Magician David Copperfield and a team of experts demonstrate attention control.

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