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Idol Chatter: Antonella Feels "Exploited," and More

During a press conference call that was moderated with an iron fist, Antonella Barba was presented with little opportunity to comment on the photo scandal that was brewing while she competed on American Idol, but at the very least said, "The [pictures] that actually are me... are a part of my life that was exploited unintentionally and against my consent." That said, she admitted that because of it all, "My name is, I guess, more well known," albeit not in a manner she plans to capitalize on further. "I'd rather promote myself in a more classy way," she said, echoing previous talk that she would not pose for Playboy. "I want to look at all the offers... and sort out what's best for me."In other Idol news, Diana Ross is working with this week with the top 12, each of whom will perform a selection from the Diana Ross and the Supremes songbook. read more

Idol Exec Refutes Rosie's "Racist, Weightist" View

This just came in from American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, regarding statements Rosie O'Donnell made on Tuesday's The View about Idol's seeming double standard vis-à-vis Frenchie vs Antonella:"Without wishing to add to the obvious self-promotion of Ms. O'Donnell, I feel as though I must refute her absurd and ridiculous claims that American Idol is racist and/or weightist. Ms. O'Donnell has, once again, spoken without thought or knowledge. Viewers need only look at the show tonight to realize that American Idol constantly confirms to America that talent has nothing to do with weight or color."UPDATE: is now reporting that Idol is further retaliating against Rosie and The View by forbidding the ABC talker from showing clips from television's highest-rated series.UPDATE: On Wednesday's Idol, Simon Cowell gave Antonella Barba props for her fortitude in the midst of the media circus, if not for her singing. "I feel for you because you've taken a lot of stick in ... read more

Idol Castoff: "Antonella's Strong.... She'll Pull Through"

In a Friday-afternoon conference call with reporters, Alaina Alexander — one of the two females voted off American Idol this week — said that Antonella Barba is holding steady as she continues on in the competition, all the while an online photo scandal percolating in the outside world. "You know, Antonella's a trouper," Alaina told "She's strong, and she's going to be just fine. Everything that's going on... she'll pull through."As for breaking down in tears during her Thursday-night swan song, to the point that the other gals had to chime in on the lyrics, Alaina told us, "I was OK until the music started, but that triggered something and I had to let it go. But that's just me. I tried my best!" read more

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