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Captain America: The Winter Soldier
00:54 — The second installment will pick-up where Marvel's The Avengers leaves off, as Steve Rogers continues his affiliation with Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D a (more…)
Maui Wowi
00:57 — Jane is worried that the waiter will spit in her food!
Happy Rides
02:03 — Penny announces to the group that her mom is getting rid of her first car.
Happy Rides: Episode 6
02:14 — Part 6 of 6 in a weekly exclusive web series.
Mens Style Preview
02:05 — Go behind the scenes with Happy Endings costume designer Keri Smith!
Foul Play Sneak Peek
01:19 — Penny and Brad try to cover up their parrot's death!
Just the Jokes
02:51 — Max and Alex get scammed, and Penny writes a play in "The Storm Before the Calm."
Happy Rides: Behind the Scenes
03:01 — Go behind the scenes, of the hilarious webisode series Happy Rides!
It's Go Time
01:19 — The gang attends a Bar Mitvah.
Liars Liars Sneak
01:03 — Check out this sneak of Happy Endings!
Penny Falls
01:12 — Penny falls while giving a drunken speech at an old friend's wedding!
Megan Mullally Sneak Peek
01:58 — Don't miss the hilarious Megan Mullally on this all-new Happy Endings!
Happy Endings Press Tour
02:32 — Elisha Cuthbert and Zachary Knighton talk about their show, Happy Endings.
Just the Jokes: Apr 19, 2013
02:30 — Jane gives Max a makeover.
00:52 — Brad and Penny get overly-excited, at her new apartment!
Nickel Penny Sneak Peek
01:37 — Max tries to make Penny jealous with a new best friend.
02:05 — Max looks for a new stand in girlfriend when Penny bails on dinner!
Jerks and Bacos Sneak Peek
00:56 — Brad and Jane gloat about their tropical Christmas vacation!
Jane Attack Sneak Peek
01:10 — Jane and Penny take a self-defense class.
Happy Rides: Episode 3
01:46 — Part 3 of 6 in a weekly exclusive web series!
Game Changer Sneak
02:01 — Alex and Dave's wedding is interrupted with an unwelcomed guest.
01:02 — Penny shows off the pext that she got from her new boy toy!
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