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GH Spoiler: The Man in the Park
00:42 — Confronted with a difficult truth, Elizabeth must decide what to believe.
GH Spoiler: Carly and Sonny Honor Morgan
01:12 — “You’re still with us, Morgan.”
GH Spoiler: Has Alexis Met Her Match?
01:19 — Alexis’s Past doesn’t scare Dr. Bensch.
GH Spoiler: Whose Number Did Patient Six Give Ava?
01:15 — Dr. Klein does some investigating.
Will Spinelli Leave Port Charles?
01:13 — Nathan finds Spinelli at the gym and tells him to pack up and leave town.
Nathan & Spinelli's Boxing Match
01:10 — Spinelli will leave Port Charles on one condition: Nathan fights him in a boxing match, and the winner gets Maxie.
Hayden Kisses Jake
00:26 — Hayden kisses Jake..just as Carly and Liz open the door.
Rebecca Budig Comes to Port Charles
00:49 — Jake gets the surprise of his life.
Jake & Liz Kiss
01:00 — Liz admits her feelings for Jake.
Bonus Scene: Liz's Sexy Dessert
00:41 — Liz offers Jake the finest in lunch box delectables.
Tracy & Lulu Find Valerie
00:50 — Searching for answers, Tracy & Lulu find Valerie, Patricia's daughter.
My Jake
01:08 — Jake is shocked by the appearance of his wife, Hayden Barnes. Hayden explains how she found him.
Something Doesn't Add up
01:52 — When Hayden shows up claiming to be Jake's wife, Liz isn't convinced and asks questions. Realizing how bad it looks, Hayden explains how Jake disappea (more…)
Sneak Peek: Rebecca Budig Arrives in Port Charles
00:36 — Jake is shocked when his wife Hayden (Rebecca Budig) arrives.
GH Spoiler: Franco's Past With Jason Morgan Revealed
00:38 — Betsy has answers for Franco.
GH Spoiler: Is Nina Having Second Thoughts About Valentin?
01:18 — Nina questions Valentin about the recovered necklace.
GH Spoiler: Will Sonny Really Walk Away from the Mob?
00:45 — Sonny shares his master plan with Jason.
GH Spoiler: Alexis and Carly Bond Over Teen Angst
01:12 — Carly and Alexis open up about the struggles of raising teens.
GH Spoiler: Olivia Makes Her Mark in the Quartermaine House
00:35 — Too many cooks in the kitchen.
GH Spoiler: Carly Demands Answers from Garvey
01:02 — Carly means business.
Is Valentin Behind Spencer’s Disappearance?
00:49 — Jason grills Valentin about Spencer.
GH Spoiler: What Is Sam Hiding from Jason?
00:53 — Jason confronts Sam about her medical lie.
Who Will Catch Olivia’s Bouquet?
00:37 — All the single ladies!
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