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Dead Zone Preview: The End Is Near... Really!

Anthony Michael Hall, The Dead Zone

Armageddon is so last week. USA Network’s The Dead Zone (Sundays at 10 pm/ET) ended its first season in 2002 with a hook as fresh as it was horrifying: Psychic Johnny Smith (Anthony Michael Hall) had a vision of Washington, D.C., in nuclear ruin. The man responsible? Ambitious politico Greg Stillson (Sean Patrick Flanery). Five years later that plot’s still playing out, but now many shows spin on the fear of an apocalypse (Heroes, Sleeper Cell) or have nukes that actually do detonate (Jericho, 24). What was once unfathomable is now almost ho-hum. So how will The Dead Zone — back for its sixth season — keep us hooked on its doomsday scenario? By twisting it, turning it and sending it in read more

Anthony Michael Hall Is Back in the Zone

Anthony Michael Hall, The Dead Zone

As USA Network's The Dead Zone returns for a new season (premiering Sunday at 10 pm/ET), series star and former Brat Packer Anthony Michael Hall ponders what's in his future.

TV Guide: You filmed the past two seasons of Dead Zone in Vancouver a year ago. Any hints about what's in store for your character, Johnny, this season?
Anthony Michael Hall:
He's just finished tracking down Sean Patrick Flanery [who plays corrupt congressman Greg Stillson] for four years.... I can't rememb read more

Got any scoopage for The Dead ...

Question: Got any scoopage for The Dead Zone?

Answer: Anthony Michael Hall is our special guest in this week's podcast. Lots of stuff on whether this will be the show's final season. (Hint: Sounds like it won't be.)

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The Dead Zone: canceled or on ...

Question: The Dead Zone: canceled or on hiatus? I had read somewhere that they were supposed to have a split season, but I never saw any new episodes in 2006.
Answer: USA Network will launch the fifth season of Dead Zone on June 11, with a full season of 11 episodes. There has been much speculation that the show won't be renewed beyond that, but USA tells me that they still have a "holding deal" (I never understand these terms) with Anthony Michael Hall continuing through August, which is also when the network's deal with the show's production company expires. So it's possible that during the summer, USA could decide to continue the show beyond this next season. But it still sounds more dead than alive to me ... read more

I haven't heard any news ...

Question: I haven't heard any news about The Dead Zone. I'm patiently waiting for scoop.

Answer: The fifth season kicks off June 11 and, barring a major ratings upswing, there probably won't be a sixth. Unless, of course, USA Network — in an effort to trim costs — decides to bring the show back without any of Anthony Michael Hall's costars, as last week's TV Guide speculated.

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It seems like every other ...

Question: It seems like every other movie I see advertised is based on a TV show, like The Dukes of Hazzard. But what about the other way around? I know there was a series based on My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but what other TV series have been based on a movie, and were any of them good?

Answer: There have been a handful of top-notch TV shows based on movies. The flop Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) was revived as Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003); Robert Altman's acerbic M*A*S*H* (1970) became the long-running M*A*S*H (1972-1983); Neil Simon read more

Terror Among Us
A realistic thriller of homeland insecurity

With Prison Break on hiatus and 24 still a month away, those who like to watch TV on the edge of their seats can fill the void with Showtime's 10-hour Sleeper Cell (premiering Sunday, Dec. 4 at 10 pm/ET). This engrossing and unnerving nail-biter is a rare treat: a thriller with a brain and a soul. Airing in a concentrated pattern over two weeks (through Dec. 18) for maximum impact, Sleeper Cell plunges us into a dark underworld of corruption and religious zealotry. "This isn't just a war on terror. It's a war within Islam," says undercover FBI agent Darwyn (the charismatic Michael Ealy), who has infiltrated a small band of sociopathic Muslim extremists living behind a facade of normalcy in Los Angeles. Darwyn is a devout Muslim whose own faith is tested by the actions he must perform in order not to blow his cover as an ex-con. read more

I was just reading your ...

Question: I was just reading your opinion of Wanted because I was curious to see what you thought. You see, I am a Dead Zone fan — it's on my "can't miss" list, and I think Anthony Michael Hall gives a great performance as John Smith. Since it is on at the same time as Wanted, I haven't been able to see an episode, despite TNT's reairings. While I realize the season finale of The Dead Zone just aired this past week, I was wondering: Since I never see anything in your column about this show, which would you rather watch Sundays at 10: The Dead Zone or Wanted? Answer: Sadly, neither. The reason you don't see much about Dead Zone in the column should be pretty obvious. It just doesn't work for me on a weekly basis, though it's doing just fine for USA, so it doesn't really matter what I think. The cast, with the possible exception of Hall, is so bland, and they've dragged out the Stillson/apocalypse story line so slowly that I've simply lost interest. But to be generous, it seems to me that ... read more

Breakfast Clubber's Dead Again

On Sunday at 10 pm/ET, USA's The Dead Zone returns for its much anticipated fourth season. Producer and star Anthony Michael Hall (previously best known for '80s flicks like The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles) is ecstatic that his spooky show is at the forefront of the current trend of psychic-themed dramas, like Medium and Jennifer Love Hewitt's upcoming Ghost Whisperer.

"I feel in my heart that The Dead Zone is one of the best shows out there," the 37-year-old original Brat Packer says, "and there is a lot of stiff competition. I'm proud that it has inspired a few other television shows. It is ultimately flattering — that's how I look at it."

Since Hall's character, Johnny Smith, can see into the future, he's more than happy to foretell some major happenings. Spoiler alert! Read no further if you don't wish to know anything about the upcoming season.... read more

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