Anthony Mackie

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  • Birth Place: New Orleans, Louisana, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Bryan Cranston Becoming LBJ
01:55 — Join Bryan Cranston for this look at how the makeup, hair and costume designers for 'All the Way' transformed the actor into LBJ.
Academy Award Winner Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Mackie (The Avengers) star in a riveting story of survival. Two strangers will find each other and (more…)
All the Way: Trailer
02:01 — Bryan Cranston reprises his Tony-winning role as Lyndon B. Johnson in this presentation about LBJ's first year in office.
Anthony Mackie Teaches 'The Night Before' Stars How to Cook a Raccoon
02:15 — 'The Night Before' star teaches us something we're not sure we wanted to learn.
The Fifth Estate
01:00 — Triggering our age of high-stakes secrecy, explosive news leaks and the trafficking of classified information, WikiLeaks forever changed the game. Now (more…)
Triple 9
00:33 — TRIPLE 9 is an action-packed thriller starring Oscar®-nominees Woody Harrelson, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kate Winslet and Casey Affleck, along with Aaron Pau (more…)
What Constitutes a Christmas Movie?
01:33 — James learns Rainn Wilson is a sucker for a particular Nicolas Cage Christmas movie while Anthony Mackie has loose criteria for what he defines as a h (more…)
Why Would God Let Trump Happen?
06:07 — Donald Trump is now the presumptive nominee of the Republican party. Uh, are you there, God?
Anthony Mackie Can't Look Cool (Neither Can Stephen)
01:53 — Falcon is a cool character, but that's all thanks to movie magic. If Anthony Mackie tried to look cool on his own, it wouldn't happen.
Scarlet Witch Choreography w/ Elizabeth Olsen & Anthony Mackie
01:49 — James asks Elizabeth Olsen and Anthony Mackie about stunts in Captain America: Civil War, and learns how Elizabeth works her character's powerful hand (more…)
Anthony Mackie Teaches 'The Night Before' Stars How to Cook a Raccoon
02:16 — 'The Night Before' star teaches us something we're not sure we wanted to learn.
Anthony Mackie Loves New Orleans
03:07 — Anthony Mackie went to the same New Orleans schools as Jon Batiste. Also, he's got a new nickname for Stephen.
Rob Reiner's New Film Is Very Personal
04:05 — Rob Reiner wrote his latest film "Being Charlie" with his son, Nick, who came up with the original story while going through rehab.
Elizabeth Olsen's In a Healthy Relationship (with Her Roommate)
03:08 — After learning how Anthony Mackie wooed the ladies in high school, James asks Elizabeth Olsen about the bond with her roommate, who is her ideal partn (more…)
Emoji News with James Corden's Sister
07:51 — James quizzes his audience, including his sister Ruth, on current events by only showing headlines in emoji form and makes them guess the story's deta (more…)
Falcon calls out 'Captain America: Civil War' rivals
00:49 — Team Captain America heads to Southeast Asia for the "Captain America: Civil War" premiere in Singapore and Anthony Mackie, who plays the Falcon, tell (more…)
Jet Lag? Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie Get in Insane Giggle Fit
00:43 — Were the actors jet-lagged? They totally broke down at D23!
Anthony Mackie Met His Wife When He Was 7
01:30 — After James asks Anthony Mackie and Rainn Wilson about owning log cabins, James learns Anthony uses his time in the wilderness to make raccoon spaghet (more…)
Why Anthony Mackie Stopped Playing Football
01:30 — When James asks Anthony Mackie about a promising football career, Anthony explains the moment that ended the dream of playing professionally.
Free Style Tips From Jeezy
00:57 — We asked Jeezy for freestyle tips, to improve our rap game, instead he gave us style tips for free.
Girls Just Want Equal Funds w/ Cyndi Lauper
02:43 — James invites Cyndi Lauper to duet a parody of "Girls I Just Want to Have Fun" with lyrics about equal pay for women in the workplace.
A Monologue for Single Women
02:53 — James looks at a recent study citing which cities have the most cat ladies before diving into a story about a sex toy attachment for a phone.
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  • Birth Place: New Orleans, Louisana, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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