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Pilot Season: Lost's Emilie de Ravin Moves to Americana

Emilie de Ravin

Emilie de Ravin has signed on with an ABC drama pilot, but it's not Beauty and the Beast.

The former Lost star has joined the cast of Americana, has confirmed. Deadline first reported the news

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Pilot Season: Brothers & Sisters' Ken Olin to Star in ABC's Americana

Ken Olin

Brothers & Sisters alum Ken Olin has landed a co-starring role in ABC's drama pilot Americana, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
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Pilot Season: Anthony LaPaglia, John Leguizamo Join ABC Pilots

Anthony LaPaglia, John Leguizamo

Without a Trace star Anthony LaPaglia has landed the lead in ABC's Americana drama pilot.

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Ask Matt: The Good Wife, The Killing, and More!

Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles

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Question: I have watched All My Children and One Life to Live for 40 years. I watch GMA and stay with ABC just waiting for them to come on to see what has happened. They are an escape from reality with spice, and ABC wants to give us more reality? There are mannnnny other stations for that. If ABC cancels my soaps, I will not watch them ever again any time of the day or night. AMC and OLTL are icons. Regis retires in November and Kelly understands. AMC and OLTL are a part of our lives and our friends. This is a wrong choice that ABC needs to reconsider or I'll be watching The Early Show, Matlock, In the Heat of the Night, Gunsmoke and Walker Texas Ranger, not reality. Oprah's leaving. Put the new shows there, or move the soaps around, just do not cancel them. 40 years of loyalty cuts deep and never heals. Why did they move AMC to LA and hire the veteran head writer just to cancel? Someone's thinking is screwed up. — Mary Alice

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Christina Hendricks Takes Flight in All-Star Superman

Christina Hendricks, Lois Lane

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... Joan Holloway? Best known as the hottest secretary known to man (and Mad Men), Christina Hendricks is busting out some new skills as the voice of a very different kind of Lois Lane in the gorgeous DVD movie All-Star Superman (in stores today). Hendricks, who stars in the movie with Desperate Housewives' James Denton as Clark Kent and Anthony LaPaglia as Lex Luthor, is as excited to be playing the iconic role as we are to talk to her about it. Because honestly, she's pretty damn super, too.

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My guess for your "Hit Show's ...

Question: My guess for your "Hit Show's Star Wants Deal of the Century" blind item is Anthony LaPaglia.

Answer: Nope, but you're driving in the right neighborhood.

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Exclusive! Anthony LaPaglia Reveals His Own Take on Trace

Anthony LaPaglia in Without a Trace's "Deep Water."

For the last five years, Aussie-born Anthony LaPaglia's life has been intertwined with that of his Without a Trace character, FBI missing-persons agent Jack Malone. On the CBS series' March 11 episode, "Deep Water," LaPaglia will be credited not only as the popular procedural's lead, but also as that episode's writer. "I never really had a burning desire to write or direct or any of that," LaPaglia tells TV Guide during a quick on-set lunch break. "It's the fifth year of the show and while I like the acting part of it, I was starting to get a bit itchy. I was sitting around one day with the guy who does my make up, Mike Mills, and we were talking about different stories that were out there." Without a Trace often focuses on stories based on real-life incidents, and it read more

Without a Trace's Anthony LaPaglia Sizes Up His Edgy Indie

Anthony LaPaglia in The Architect

In October, CBS' Without a Trace (Sundays at 10 pm/ET) notched its 100th episode. Though not as high-profile as the Law & Orders and CSIs of the world, the FBI procedural has earned a loyal audience with solid writing and an engaging ensemble. Leading that cast is veteran actor Anthony LaPaglia. touched base with LaPaglia as he wrapped up on shooting the series' fifth season and was out promoting The Architect, a gritty indie currently in theaters and on DVD that follows a community activist's struggles to get a dangerous subsidized housing project demolished. The Architect tackles some pretty weighty issues, from class struggle to family dysfunction. Did t read more

I read your short iwrite-up ...

Question: I read your short iwrite-up of the Without a Trace finale in one of your Dispatches and was surprised that you didn't have more of a reaction. What has happened to this show? The writing has been so poor this season that it's almost criminal that their writers get paid. In my opinion, their writers had two approaches in Season 4: crib from old ER story lines or just toe the line by writing boring, exploitative cases that are comparable to the mess that is CSI: Miami. I don't see the writing getting any better since Hank Steinberg's pilot has been picked up and looks promising. I almost hope this show fails on Sundays — just to show CBS how far it has fallen. Trace used to be such a quality show, with subtle personal storylines and gripping cases. Now it is just plain bad — the agents never interact, the good story lines (Danny's PTSD, the Jack/Sam history) have been dropped, and boring, clichéd story lines have been bungled. If they continue with the Jack-Anne pregnancy story ... read more

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