Anne Ramsay



April 3, 2007: Fetal Position

It is often the scenario on House that there is no middle ground for doctors between complete objectivity and total emotionalism, though in real life I think such a place exists. When celebrity photographer Emma Sloan (Anne Ramsay), self-diagnoses a stroke and ends up in Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital under House's care, you immediately notice a spark between doctor and patient and just as quickly House finds himself struggling to stay unmoved by his patient and her unborn child.Emma, 42 years old, is single, pregnant and suffering from Mirror syndrome. She would rather risk death than terminate the long-sought-after pregnancy that endangers her life. House falls back on reason, insisting that Emma abort "it" and that Cuddy support his stance on the fetus' fate, but Cuddy, seeing herself in Emma, leaps squarely into the other camp and throws herself headlong into the quest to save the baby and the mother's life. We end up with one doctor trying desperately not to care and th... read more

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