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Everything You Need to Know About the Grey's Anatomy Musical Episode

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SPOILER ALERT: This article contains key plot details from Thursday's musical episode of Grey's Anatomy.

The cast of Grey's Anatomy is wearing Seattle Grace scrubs and small, unseen earbuds. There's blood, there's medical jargon and everyone is ... singing Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars"? While this may sound like a bad Saturday Night Live skit, it's not. Thursday's episode, in which we learn what happened to girlfriends Callie and Arizona after that ominous fade-to-white, is a full-scale musical event, in which cast members sing many of the songs the show has made famous.

"I have been wanting to do it since we made the pilot basically," creator Shonda Rhimes says. "We needed it to make sense for our show. Plus, I had to convince the network, which took me seven years."

Exclusive: Shonda Rhimes reveals Grey's Anatomy musical details

Having a Tony-winning singer-actress in the cast — Sara Ramirez, who won for Spamalot — certainly helped matters. At the close of the March 24 episode, Ramirez's character Callie, who is pregnant, was — spoiler alert! — moments away from... read more

Keck's Exclusives: Grey's Musical Goes Back to Its Roots

Sara Ramirez

Gotta admit, when I first heard ABC's Grey's Anatomy was staging a musical episode, I had serious doubts about what Patrick Dempsey (Derek) jokingly refers to as "Glee M.D." And I wasn't the only one.

"Ellen Pompeo [Meredith] was very much like, 'Tell me we're not going to sing and dance in the hall. This is crazy!'" recalls creator Shonda Rhimes, who dreamed up the risky concept as a love letter to fans. But after the cast's first script read-through, Rhimes says Ellen "came up to me and said, 'I never say I'm wrong, but I was wrong and I want to sing more!' She's having so much fun with it."

I'm sold, too... read more

Grey's Anatomy Let me get this...

Grey's Anatomy Let me get this out of the way. Best line of 2006 so far, of any show I watch, was definitely Bailey to George while he was helping her give birth: "Stop looking at my va-jay-jay!!" My roommate Jason and I screamed so loud with laughter that we had to rewind the TiVo immediately. What an unbelievable hour. And I thought last week was out of control! I've said several times before how much the music enhances this show. Utilizing Anna Nalick's "Breathe (2 am)" during the three simultaneous climactic scenes was brilliant: Bailey's labor (Shut up about the baby's middle name being George!), her husband's surgery and Meredith removing the bomb from a man's body. And then we got good news and bad news at the same time: Bailey's husba read more

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